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  1. I don’t care for your tone and no longer wish to interact with you.
  2. Great argument, I believe no one but you really gives a f**k. I could also argue that you use way too many full stops.
  3. Follow Follow - Rangers 2018-19 Season

    A simple yes or no would’ve done.
  4. Follow Follow - Rangers 2018-19 Season

    You turn a blind eye to the fact he was convicted for domestic abuse , has a conviction for racism , has a restraining order against him , is currently awaiting trial on an alleged sexual assualt on a woman on a train at the end of August and if found guilty will be on the sex offenders list but hate the fact he lives in his own little fantasy land? Thought better of you than that.
  5. Follow Follow - Rangers 2018-19 Season

    Sorry my mistake, his mate isn’t pope any more.
  6. Follow Follow - Rangers 2018-19 Season

    Probably phoned the pope again and asked him to do it for him
  7. Lets All Laugh At Rangers Thread

    Worst wedding speeches ever.
  8. The Celtic 2018/19 thread

    More bad games than good imo
  9. 1 - 9/11 2 - Iraq Sunni insurgant bombing 2007 3 - glasgow airport attack. 4 - Iran cinema attack 1978 5 - massacre of Trujillo, Columbia 6 - Warrington bombing 7 - Beslan school hostage crisis 8 - Jarrada bombing 2016 9 - Gsmboru Ngsla attack 2014 10 - Air India attack. I’m am outta here.
  10. Follow Follow - Rangers 2018-19 Season

    Cheers mate, going to LSU V Georgia on sat. 103,000 sell out. Need to try and start some Rebs at that.
  11. Follow Follow - Rangers 2018-19 Season

    FL today, then AL, MS and into LA on Thursday. Michael fucked yo my plans for a day or 2 in destin but it’s cool, thanks for asking. And a friend posted that in FB the other day so had already seen it. Always nice to get recognition.
  12. Did f**k all in the 2nd half Should’ve went for a bath Dirty wee clown
  13. Life’s too short, make sure you spend as much time as possible on the internet arguing with strangers about politics and religion.