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  1. Truth seems to hurt royalist benny. 😂😂 just go with the news and change racism for ‘gaffes, controversial wit, a bit outspoken, off-colour comments or politically incorrect remarks’. Whatever helps you cope.
  2. The guy did play in 2 charity games at Celtic park, one for Stan Petrovs leukaemia charity, the same disease that killed his mother at 43 yrs of age, but hey, as G51 said, passing on sympathy is an all time classic.
  3. Celtic fans at Ibrox, in the days before bald heads were invented.
  4. That was all in your head wasn’t it, you can’t hear someone cringe and you most certainly can’t ‘almost’ hear them cringe.
  5. Think he’s already admitted a lesser charge which carries a 1 game ban, so at the least he’ll be missing the arsenal game.
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