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  1. What’s that got to do with my relief that they lost and reasons why?? Also we lost 3-2 in extra time and had a man sent off, doesn’t sound like a comfortable win for Porto.
  2. Nope, still comes across as utter nonsense. The opinion you’ve expressed here has nothing to do with the post you quoted.
  3. That reply would only make sense if I wasn’t a Celtic fan.
  4. We’re not ashamed or embarrassed, every one of us would’ve done the same. That defeat was huge, a sliding doors moment that had it gone the other way - would’ve seen them get automatic qualification into CL group stages, in pot 1 and a Min £10m from the super cup, both these along with the Europa cup run wouldve seen their entire debt wiped clean and prob a better bank balance than us, plus all the merchandise sales. A win would have got them close to £70m Prob ditched those meaningless 5 stars and changed it to 2 big stars on their shirts, which would eclipse Aberdeen’s 2 stars. An open too bus through the city with a city chambers event and all the players passing around the trophy to a packed George sq. Years of boring claims about the Seville result being better than Lisbon. Aaron Ramsay walking away as a good signing. Kris Boyd's smug b*****d face. Guys like Arfield, Golson, Kent etc being called European champions at every opportunity by Scottish media. **** repeating the league didn’t matter over and over. Congrats from Johnston, Lorraine Kelly, Belinda Carlisle etc etc as well as every shitty club down south from Carlisle to Portsmouth. Billboards all over Glasgow and beyond, Tav on the Graham Norton show. No1 single in the charts. Appearance in the sports personality of the year show. A summer of speculation of which stars would be jetting in to sign on to boost their champions league push. All speculation of course but thank f**k for Frankfurt, now my favourite German team by a country mile.
  5. A defeat for the Sons of Drouth would finish it off nicely.
  6. Define celebrations, just do I can get my head around wtf you’re talking about.
  7. Isn’t there championship forum for him to piss off too?
  8. You got all that from a 20 sec clip of a game that lasted over 2 hrs! Did they abuse him when the **** scored??? I think it’s you that’s being the c**t here tbh.
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