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  1. Ffs, the guy said ‘up the celts’ hardly provocation to call them a pack of ****** b*****ds.
  2. Either that or if I hadn’t washed my lucky pants for the 1st time in a year.
  3. Ye, cause not giving a f**k that the queen died is exclusive to Celtic fans.
  4. Congrats to St Mirren, deserved win. No complaints at all. just need the real Saints to win tonight to salvage my Sunday.
  5. I think we have the last laugh here, we lost a football game, she’s dead.
  6. Just noticed this, that’s brilliant but gotta be a wind up. But very true.
  7. Yip, unless I’m reading it wrong. Going into last game we’d be on 7. Shatker on 4 and RB on 3 (assuming we get nothing in Germany) We’d have a 3 pt lead over shatker with a better head to head.
  8. Madrid win their next 3 games and we win our home games then 2nd is ours, Glasshalffull.
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