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  1. That’s up there with Eilidh Barbers ‘a hat trick for Edsonne Odouard”,
  2. Not been a great week for Jordan , fined in court for dangerous driving then this, gotta feel for him.
  3. Jinky meeting inter LB Fachetti the day before the European Cup Final. Doubt the big man had any idea what was coming.
  4. Probably not, not if he wants 1st team football.
  5. Pretty sure he picked up a 2nd knee injury that night and then another as he was getting ready to start playing again. He’s in the team for the game today so not quite out the door yet.
  6. I’ll miss him, much in the same way I’ll miss Trump when he goes.
  7. The abuse that started on his debut here was because of things that were gonna happen in the coming years!! Great post mate.
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