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  1. Obviously the game was a shocker. However, we've got to be delighted with how well our defence played. Particularly McCart. That was a 90 minute aerial assault. Other than the 3 central defenders and Clark, not many pass marks. Thought Holt was the best of the midfield 3. Hendry had a few nice touches and flicks. Game seemed to change when Spoony came on and what a goal he nearly scored. Hendrys goal deserved to win the game though. Great cross, even better finish. You've got to love Callum Hendry. Top player, looked knackered after 60 mins but kept going. He's such a natural finisher.
  2. That was an awful game of football. St Mirren are a poor side but well organized and Obika always looks capable. We were dreadful though. We looked very leggy and without wanting to make excuses for them Sunday would have taken its toll. McCann had his poorest game all season, the other 3 were wasteful in midfield and up top Kane was woeful. Absolutely honking. Thought May buzzed about ok but service was poor. Defence were fine though, nice and solid. Wasn't sure why Tommy kept Craig on so long. He was on a booking and looked a tad slow so that red was on the cards. Anyway, decent point given the circumstances and hopefully a return of Hendry and Butcher on Sat.
  3. I didn't think I'd say this but I've quite enjoyed my wee ventures into the Main Stand. A massive success given the crowds and performances. Having all the Saints fans in one stand makes a significantly better atmosphere and in no way is handing the old firm an advantage. The extra leg room and hot water are just a bonus
  4. Sensing you're not a fan? He undoubtedly has talent. I'm not exactly clambering like the rest of the fans for a contract renewal yet though. His crossing is poor and often doesn't get past the first man. Defensively he's good. I think he'd be more successful with Hendry in the team than Kane or May though. With Kane and particularly May I'd be inclined to play O'Halloran who more often than not goes for a low cut back then swinging it into the box.
  5. Watching back the highlights it's even worse - Zander should be nowhere near this team. What a shambles he's been this season.
  6. Two in our last 4 league games. We're playing much better but there is always a reluctance under Tommy to go out and add to a lead. Very rare we win by more than 1 goal. The result of that is you are always bricking it for the last 10 mins. On a positive note at least we are getting in the position to throw points away. Earlier in the season the game was dead after 15 mins.
  7. Saints sitting back and trying to eek out a 1-0 win. Shock horror another late goal conceded. Deserved for sitting back.
  8. Before the Hamilton game I said that at least we'd hold onto McCann for a decent amount of time because nobody outside Perth would notice a defensive midfielder who does the less glamorous side of the game. 5 weeks later and he's bagged 4 goals and 2 assists. He's going to Milan.
  9. You have to keep it in the context of the era though. Pre-bosman transfer fees were the norm. We would have received significantly more fees than we do now, hence we spent more. Would be interesting to see the reciprocal figures that @Radford produced for player sales.
  10. Watched back the full 90 and that was a brilliant game of football. Didn't appreciate at the time how important Liam Craig was - some terrific first time balls over the top. That's the service Stevie May needs. Sickener at the end given the obvious foul but was a wonderful finish. Our second goal was a beauty too though, a great flowing move. If Stevie May scored that 40 yarder that would have been it - football completed.
  11. Brutal first 45 despite us playing ok when we had the ball. The biggest issue was when we didn't. Far far too passive, standing off and giving Celtic time to pass it through us. We didn't defend the wide areas either. Holt lacked discipline to keep goal side and he let us get overrun constantly. Second half - big improvement. Craig sat in nicely and tidied up the space in front of the defence and filled the hole Holt should have. Kerr much much more aggressive, closing out the wide men. McCann and particularly Spoony took the game to Celtic. I thought Spoony had a fine game. This formation really suits his game. Up top nothing really worked. Mikey was offside too much. Hendry never got into the game and Kane was Kane - won a few free kicks. We should have scored though, 4 or 5 good chances. Enough positives to take into Saturday. Celtic were good first 45 - you can't deny them that. Ntcham's goal was a great move.
  12. That Hearts win could he a triple blow when you think about it. 1, they pull 3 pts closer. 2, gives even more incentive to Celtic to beat us on wed to pile the pressure on Rangers. 3, more pressure on Rangers to win their game in hand against us. Who knows maybe it will all work in our favour, still a bad sign for the bottom six if Hearts get their house in order though. Funny that £150k can buy you safety if it goes on the right player. Brown et al take note.
  13. I didn't see what he did wrong to he honest? Would like to see it again.
  14. I think a few on here are forgetting we're all Saints fans. There's not that many of us and I'm sure we all overreact at times when the club are struggling. Not enough reason to abuse another Saints fan online if you ask me. And folk say WAP is bad? There is a PM function on the forum if you REALLY want raise something with someone. Posting abuse is just encouraging others to jump on it too. Let's get back to just being Saints fans and celebrate a good win. COYS.
  15. 3 years after the summer. Could be some piece of business by the club. However, will be interesting to see if other clubs see what he brings. He does the quiet side of the game - non glamorous. Interceptions, tackles, moving the ball in deep areas, starting attacks. Never wastes a ball. It's easy not to notice these players as they are not getting direct goals or assists. More games like today though and it will be hard for teams to overlook him, affecting the game at both ends. Happy for him to fly under the radar for as long as though...
  16. Always feel he's been hard done by last 3 seasons. Whenever he plays regularly he contributes goals and assists. Tends to get dropped for the 'bigger' names but goal for goal and assist for assist i doubt any of them matched him.
  17. Plays with his head up. Good first touch. Very neat and tidy. Rarely let's people in behind. I like him.
  18. That was a MASSIVE 3 points. Loved Tommy's reaction at the end - a man under pressure and to his credit that was a bold change of shape today. I thought Ali McCann put in his best performance for Saints. Absolutely dominated one of the best central pairings in the country and never missed a pass all day. Outstanding. The defence was excellent throughout and the wingback position suits Tanser. Two lovely crosses for the goals. Kane put a shift in but he's incredibly limited and is a major part of the issue with our lack of creativity. He doesn't turn defences, it's all physical with back to goal. When Hendry came on he showed how a Striker can win headers, take a good first touch, link with the midfield and bring others into play and cause absolute havoc. No coincidence the Killie defence started picking up bookings when he came on - they were rattled. Well done to the players, most I've enjoyed a game for a while.
  19. The biggest irony of all this is we have a top 6 budget this year and no money left, an unbalanced squad which is now thin again and the manager desperately trying to punt players here there and everywhere. Just shows how much that budgets been mismanaged.
  20. It's an interesting point. For as much as Tommy has been very successful the football since the about 2016 has been absolutely woeful. We've struggled for goals and our style of football has not been remotely entertaining. I also travel up from Glasgow and you are right it's your whole day. I think I only go out of habit these days. I'm even becoming numb to defeats which is the most worrying thing. I used to be gutted for days. You can feel the apathy in the stands.
  21. 3 good quality goals but not a lot of quality elsewhere. The odd flash from an improving Wright, nice interplay on the left from Spoony but these moments all too rare. As often the case when we go 4-4-2 we skip the midfielders and batter it long. Unfortunately neither May and particularly the very very poor Kane have great link play. I'm amazed that we continue with Kane as our number 9. Particularly with a better quality striker warming the bench. Anyway, was worth it for the 3 goals and a wins a win in the cup!
  22. His Agent will have known his stock was high. The best price he'll get for himself and Matty will be in the window. Well worth waiting. I don't begrudge him it. Only Tommy will know what his character's like if he can trust him to perform for the next 4 months.
  23. Who's to say his agent wouldn't talk to us until then? The Agents have as much control as anyone. Until Tommy comes out and says the club didn't bother I'm not going to lose sleep over it. Too many players claim they want to stay then within weeks are away. It's all talk.
  24. If you forget the fact it's Berra for a second. Consider this. The team massively adrift at the bottom of the league are desperately trying to offload an error prone centre half on considerable wages. Concerns are being raised about his age, pace and injuries. Remind me again why we are interested?
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