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  1. I've had more e-mails from Saints in the past week than I've had in the past 3 seasons. Good to see they are making use of their new toys and actively promoting some events/offers/competitions. Now all they need to do is send an e-mail to May with a decent contract offer.
  2. How long before we see the Tommy Wright article bigging up Chris Kane, all his attributes and his scoring potential? When we see that article that's when I'll give up all hope of a first choice striker joining the club.
  3. Who cares. Today is TUESDAY so we could see some signing action today. Big bulletproof Broon is in da hoose!
  4. No words. Absolutely no words for how much of a brass neck this summer has been.
  5. Hibs fans predicting they will lose at home to St Johnstone clearly have not seen any of our games this season against Forfar, Montrose, Ross County, Celtic and 60 mins against Livi. I'm holding out the tiniest hope that we will have a new midfielder and striker in place for Saturday - otherwise I'll be praying for a Vihmann shaped miracle.
  6. Admittedly Drey Wright was good to watch but there were only 3 or 4 dominant performances last season. There was a spell where Watt and Kennedy up top worked but it was only a spell. There was 4 or 5 late late goals in games that changed the whole reflection of the season though which glossed over some terrible games. I think its justified to say I've not really enjoyed watching Saints as much since the old guard moved on, particularly Mackay and Millar. They improved the standard of football considerably. I don't doubt this Saints team have potential but until we improve the central midfield and striking options we're going to be long ball merchants.
  7. Have to say, Motherwell and Dundee aside I thought we played brutal football last season.
  8. Tommy loves to bring an ex player back for another spell....John Inglis?
  9. Cue Tommy sending him out on loan and using Kane as his impact sub. I feel for Kane at times but he's had enough opportunities at this level. Hendry has done really well off the bench and when paired with another attacker. One of the biggest failures yesterday was to play with 1 striker isolated and no support from Swanson. We've tried countless times to get a midfielder to play off the striker in a no 10 e.g Scougall, Swanson, Spoony with little or no success purely because we aren't comfortable playing through the middle to feet.
  10. I booed after we conceded the second. Why? Because the players deserved it. They were absolutely shocking today. Second to every ball. You ask why we continually go long to Kane despite him having a 0.000004% chance of winning the ball? Its simple. Imagine you are Vihmann (who I'm trying to forget) and you have the ball in defence. You look up and what do you see? McCann and Davidson standing in the middle, still, with a player up their arse. Full backs are marked with Livi sitting high enough to press them if they are passed to. Two wingers again not moving or trying to run their players away to make space. Swanson absolutely nowhere, again not moving. So you wait, and wait and then you get pressed - bang, long you go. Every single time. No movement and no striker next to Kane if we go go long to keep it. So what changed? Livi fecked it up. Bad bank pass and bang, Mikey and Kennedy did well. Then the key thing for me was taking Swanson off and getting Hendry up next to Kane. Finally, movement and options and another poachers goal for Hendry. So it's simple, until we get better midfielders get two up top so we can actually go long. And sort the defence. Tommy should know this but he's clearly struggling still trying to fit in the misfits into his team. Still enjoyed the excitement in the second half though.
  11. In light of the fact we are now about to be linked to every failed/shite striker in the UK who is out of favour or can't find a club I think we should just fire big Vihmann up top and be done with it. Swanson, Kennedy, O'Halloran, Wright and Spoony firing balls into the box from all angles and big Vihmann getting on the end of it. No need for a central midfield creativity, go long or go home.
  12. I wonder if the 7-0 tanking and poor start to the season has made Tommy and SB realise they need to strengthen the team in more areas than just up front? With that in mind maybe what we could afford to offer Stevie last week is now less? Reeks of a mismanaged budget and an unbalanced squad. Nobodies coming out of this shambles looking good.
  13. So now we're hearing that Saints agreed a deal with May. May then asked for more money, Saints told him to bolt. May came back and asked for the original deal and Saints came back with even LESS. Now May's told us to bolt. Fucking hell- if any of what I wrote is true then Steve Brown and May need to grow up FFS. Absolute embarrassment, acting like a couple of bairns. Brown cutting his nose off to spite his face. Saints need May. May needs Saints. Get it done and stop pissing around
  14. Time will tell. If we can get the old Stevie May back then I'd say no. If we get the Aberdeen version then you're probably right.
  15. Sounds like Saints are going after Stevie May as our primary target and expecting that deal to be done. We can't afford to sign both him and Hemmings so Hemmings has to play second fiddle and gets offered a loan deal instead. Hemmings obviously will pick a permanent deal over a loan deal and picks Dundee. Stevie May talks then fall through again and Saints are left with nothing. Nobody. Nada. Proud to be a Saintee. Great days.
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