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  1. St Mirren Academy is at Elite level. You cannot go higher than that. The Fakes are the same level as Ayr Utd and Morton
  2. Can't tell you anything other than our Academy is one of the best so anyone going on loan should be half decent. Wouldn't mind your opinion as the season progresses.
  3. Doubt Ronan will be back playing in Scotland anytime soon.
  4. According to the OS the regular Away adult price is £22. Looks like we have a £10 sectarian surcharge only for a few matches.
  5. Can't really say as they are on the fringes of the first team squad and have only make a brief token appearance. However our Academy is one of the best so anyone coming through it should do a good job in the Lowland League. Best of luck for the season.
  6. No worries about McGinn. Tomorrow morning Hibs will realise Paul had triggered an auto 3 year contract. Disappointed we didn't re-sign him.
  7. You couldn't pay me to go to that cesspit in Govan.
  8. Hibs announced Lee Johnson's appointment less than two weeks before Paul signed his extension. Not clear if he started on that date but nonetheless Paul's extension was automatically triggered before the new manager had any chance to assess his playing staff. However Hibs seemed to have fucked up with another contract and have signed Bushiri whom they didn't want but a contract was automatically triggered due to appearances. Think they need a new contracts manager.
  9. Paul can play centre back, right back, wing back and scores the odd goal. Would be a great addition to the squad.
  10. Congratulations to Ukraine who were by far the better side. Men against boys. We were shit all over the park. Too much fear with too many pass backs and side passes. They always tried to play the ball forward and looked comfortable. If we had to lose to someone I am glad it was them.
  11. St Mirren have just signed Jonah Ayunga from Morecambe.
  12. Although I have highlighted his poor record over the last 4 years Isma was excellent for us during his time and he done well at Hearts. However his career seems to have nosedived since then. I saw a photo of him when playing 3rd div Japan and he had put on weight. There is a player in there but averaging only 10 games a year for the last four years would indicate a fitness or attitude issue. At 31 I'd expect him to be trying his best to keep his career going but it looks like he has been coasting. Hope it works out for him.
  13. 40 appearances and 8 goals in the last 4 years. The Japanese 3rd div / Bangdaglesh leagues must be better than I would have thought.
  14. Kenny McIntyre sounds like one of these angry guys in the pub wanting to fight someone. Eilidh Barbour would be my choice. Not only is she professional but it would piss off Cowan and all the other misogynists.
  15. On a Sunday they should dump Cowan and just have a Northern Soul show. KTF
  16. Not a generational thing. Carl Cox is 6 years older than Cowan. More the result of a very deprived childhood being forced to listen to and watch shite. Stockholm syndrome.
  17. I stopped going to Away OF matches many years ago due to sectarianism, scummy behaviour and threats of violence. However I always attended the Home games except the last one against Newco. The previous game against them the announcer stated over the tannoy that religious and racial misbehaviour would not be tolerated. 15 mins in and we were treated with a chorus of up to our knees in ****** blood with no further comments from the announcer. The Club, like every other Club, have policies stating sectarianism won't be tolerated then they do nothing when it happens. I wrote to the SLO to ask why no further announcements were made condemning the sectarian singing and no action taken. The reply was they would take it up with the Club. No further response came. Until Clubs enforce their own policies and actually do something then the problem continues. If fans had been chanting about race or sexuality there would have been an uproar from Clubs, players and media. Sectarianism and there is silence. Get it sorted.
  18. We charged £22 for a ticket last season. The OF £30. So bump up to their prices against them to £30 and we pull in approx £40k (1600 * 8 * 3) per stand. This should be done regardless of the outcome of the vote. So that leaves a £60k shortfall if we only give them one stand. (We gain an extra £80k if we give them 2 stands). Some of any loss will be offset by - slightly increasing Family Stand season ticket prices to reflect validity for all games. - maybe slightly increased number of Buds returning if only one stand allocated to the OF. - some OF infiltrators into the Home Stands. So the loss would be closer to £50k than £100k. Not great but we can live with that.
  19. I thought Power started the season well and looked like a good signing. Broke up play well and won loads of tackles even though his distribution wasn't great. However as the season went on he seemed to slow down and tackling came into the late tackle category along with a booking. His distribution deteriorated. Still had a couple of decent spells in a game but they were becoming fewer and fewer. Would maybe at a push have kept him as a squad player only but as we have some good youngsters coming through then the right decision to let him go. Surprised Killie signing him. Think he'll be mostly on the bench.
  20. Always enjoy the close season. Long days that aren't wasted by having to follow my team. Walking, cycling, photography, going away in my wee converted campervan mostly to the islands. Stuff yer summer football. It'a a winter pastime when the weather is too shit to do much else. And a summer break restores blind hope that next season will be better.
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