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  1. For the four games so far we have only played with one striker who had little support. We looked a lot better when we played two up front in the second half against Livi. The manager is still trying to work out his best starting 11 but for me playing Andreu behind the lone striker is not working too well. I would prefer Magennis there or else play with two strikers.
  2. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-transfer-news/kirk-broadfoot-set-st-mirren-19171497?2
  3. I'll grant you there still are a few good posters but the numbers are not high. It's the same posters who are always on-line and going off topic and slagging everyone off.
  4. On here generally the talk is about football. On B&W army there are many who seem to spend all day using the quote function. They wait for someone to post anything then slag off what that person commented on. Dire, repetitive, juvenile and pointless. They rarely discuss football in a football forum. Time Div closed it down or put the lunatics back in the asylum.
  5. Saturday's first half performance was by far the worst we have played in the League this season. In fact it was a shock that we were so bad after good displays against Hibs , Aberdeen and Newco. No-one should judge us (yet) on that performance. If we started the game as we started the second half the outcome may have been pretty different.
  6. Aye. And I think Livi may also avoid the play-offs.
  7. Same team as last week I suspect but with a far more attacking attitude. Still play deep to allow space in opposition half but getting up the park quicker and in numbers. Ilkay isn't the greatest at defending but great attacking so expect more from him today. McAllister is either great or poor so will be on the bench until he gets some consistency. Chance for Obika/Morais to step up as both are now a bit fitter and know their team mates a bit more. Away win.
  8. Telling your players that they are all shite then that is demolishing a squad. Yea, a couple of players had left but he also told Baird, Smith, Eck, Bank to find new clubs. He told the Board to get rid of Stephen McGinn. He also told Reilly who was ready to resign to f**k off. All were regulars in that Championship winning team. And he sold Ross Stewart after telling the lad he would not feature. Hardly a management style to gel a squad together.
  9. This time last year we had an equally appalling League Cup shitstorm and followed that up by watching Stubbs' diddies continue it into the League. I expected relegation after only a few weeks such was the shocking ability of the players he signed, no apparent team plan and player unrest. The complete opposite now 12 months later from those dark days. Not saying we will do too much this season but at least we can now go into games with hope and get some enjoyment. And well done the Dons for bringing such a good crowd on a miserable Sunday. I would not be too hard on your team. They are physically big and strong and full of running which will get you points. Just need a couple of creative players further up the pitch. And your left back looked ok to me for all the stick he was getting. Got a lot more space to attack when McAllister came on and ignored Leighs forward runs.
  10. FFS we have been through this shite several times. Can we get back to beating the Dons on Sunday whether it is dry or wet (and that is not a reference to any WeatherPerson)
  11. Vaclav Hladky at number 1 . Best keeper in the League.
  12. I know a Dandy who moved to Paisley about 15 years ago and now takes his son to every St Mirren game Home and Away as he did not want him to follow any of the Bigots. He enjoys the games against the Dons as both him and his son can support their teams at the same time but I suppose the guy is more a Buddie these days. Good luck in Europe and hope ye get pumped on Sunday.
  13. In an interview after the AR game he said himself he was a centre half and had never played full back in his life . But the boy done ok.
  14. How was (the other) McAllister? Thought he did well at Coatbridge.
  15. I too rate Breadner highly. Always looks direct, quick and confident. Think he will an important part of the squad this season. Nice to see a forward coming through the Academy (besides Lewis).
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