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  1. The guy asked if he could pay extra to 'upgrade' a concession ticket now and then. The answer is no. Of course he could just chance it, but that is not what he asked as he didn't want to deprive SMFC of income. Try reading before commenting.
  2. Unless there has been a very recent change then season tickets are non transferrable. The only person entitled to use a ticket is the name on the card.
  3. You got the ratings for Hodson and Waters the wrong way round. Imho Hodson has been poor. Waters had a very poor start but has substantially improved as the season went on. This improvement also benefited Ilkay as he got a lot more of the ball and some decent support.
  4. Aye, that'll be an interesting conversation with their QC 'you voted to relegate yourselves now claim its unfair????'
  5. Has anyone checked on Tom English? He must be devastated.
  6. It's the fuckin hypocrisy that galls.. If they don't have reconstruction they'll take you to court. Do Partick and Stranraer no longer matter? And they don't have money to pay wages but they have money for QCs to sue the SPFL which includes all the diddy clubs that are on the verge of going under even though they are the 3rd richest club (copyright L Deans) in the League. So Hearts who are getting their just rewards for 4 wins all season are taking money from all the Clubs who are also losing out on the season finishing early.
  7. I hope she has it right and they have been expelled. I am sure there is a local League they could apply for.
  8. Has she no self respect? 4 wins all season and bottom of the table on merit. Yet trying to squirm out of their just deserts on the back of a pandemic. It is a sport. Some win some lose. And the Jambos lost more than anyone. Just shut up and stop greetin' for a change.
  9. Justice at last. The shittiest team in the League gets what it deserves - relegation.
  10. Well that took long enough but justice prevails. The shittiest team in the League finally gets what they deserve - relegation.
  11. They are just humouring Budge. She would have been greetin throughout yesterday's meeting and threatening legal action. Offer her reconstruction, call the League then reconstruction will get voted down.
  12. Really, really gone down in my opinion. Up until this debacle I rated him as the best journo and the most impartial in a country where allegiances always come to the fore on national radio in particular. However not seeing Ann Budge's only interest is in saving Hearts and trying to make out she is doing it for the good of Scottish football. And supporting Sevco's dossier when there was no evidence produced whatsoever and ignoring a rebuke by Brechin on comments purported to be made by them. And backing ICT to the hilt when all other Championship clubs have effectively called them out have demonstrated one of the most one-sided pieces of journalism in this country and that is saying something.
  13. Half way through the season Leagues 1 & 2 would then change into an 8-8-8. Ludicrous idea. You are not doing too well here.
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