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  1. Scottish 'Sportswriters' nominating a guy who has only started four games this season for Young Player of the Year shows their total ignorance of Scottish Football
  2. For years we have been hosting the Scotland U21s in UEFA competitions earning us a nice wee bonus. Forgetting about us qualifying for Europe, taking away a status we have had for years impacts on our income.
  3. Ethan Erhahon at 19 has played 30 games in the Premiership as a sitting midfielder, scoring 2 goals and helped his team to 2 Cup semis. Yet Patterson with 3 starts gets a nomination????????
  4. There was a Twitter hint from him earlier in the season, when Magennis went to Hibs, that Ethan was hoping for a move down South. Doubt he'll sign an extension beyond 2023. Clubs have already been monitoring him which is no surprise. Can see him leave in the next 12 months so we get something for him and it wouldn't be a shock if it was this summer.
  5. I hope so too. He certainly has the potential. Think he regularly needs a kick to push him on as he becomes complacent.
  6. For St Mirren the POTY will be between Alnwick, Fraser and McGrath. Alnwick has been a rock. A very pleasant surprise considering we were sure we could not find a better replacement for Hladky. Fraser has been Mr Consistency. 7/10 every game. McGrath is Mr Cool. Slots away penalties but there is much more to his game than that. As a creative midfielder he has suffered playing with some dumplings in front of him who do not know what running off the ball means. Not much between them. YPOTY will be Ethan because there is no-one else. While he started the season well he has gone down hill since then and not pushed on as much as I had hoped. He is young and still has loads of areas of his game to improve on. Hope he does.
  7. Aberdeen just now would be a poor move for McGrath. They are a shambles of a club at the moment, leaking millions with many of the squad out of contract. Their inexperienced manager has a major rebuilding job for next season. Hardly a place to push on from. Jamie should sign an extension with us with a buy out clause and wait for a Championship club to come calling offering him and us megabucks.
  8. Ethan's inclusion allowed JDH to play further forward where he was significant. Remember it was JDH who was pulled down for the penalty. I would play JDH further forward in every game as his talent is wasted to some extent playing so deep.
  9. When we press and attack from the start we usually do well. When we sit back at the start we never get going until maybe the second half which can often be too late. Hope Jim is positive from kick-off tonight.
  10. Jim hoping to have one or two fit again for this one. If JDH is one of them then we play with a back 3 if not we play with a back 4. Hope Connelly is fit although young Henderson did well in midweek. Don't think Quaner will start but should come on at some point. We have a poor record at Rugby Park but that is usually because I am there. That could change tonight as I watch the telly from home with some cold Guinness. Away win.
  11. Hopefully it is out of joint. He's playing for his future, that's if his fate hasn't already been decided. He has only lasted 90 mins twice in the last 2 years. Talented but unfit.
  12. Great stuff. I've only seen him play once in a League Cup game away to Albion Rovers and he didn't look out of place in the admittedly poor squad then.
  13. Options are limited. I thought Ilky looked very good on Sat coming inside from the right and maybe would be successful playing more through the middle than out wide. And I know you are having a dig at Erwin but he hasn't been all bad in his last couple of games. And we have little choice about team selection. It's a case of where do we play the players we have available.
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