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  1. Boyd-Munce has signed for next season. Considering that was his first competitive game this year on Saturdy he showed up well. Good bit of business.
  2. I accept that there have been more red cards this season than probably any other and that we have had advantages as well as disadvantages. You won both games against us when we had 10 men and likewise us against you. However our disciplinary record is poor and hopefully there is improvement next season. Scrapping var should improve every teams' disciplinary record.
  3. Hope our disciplinery record improves next season. 10 red cards, 8 in the League. In only 1 of the League games did we win (Greive last minute v Livi). So we played around 1 in 5 games with 10 men losing 19 points in the process (2 draws, 1 win). Obviously we may not have won any of those games with 11 players on the park but it is quite a handicap playing 20% of games a man short.
  4. Because the guy is nowhere near match fit. Hasn't played since January.
  5. Watt has confirmed he is out for the rest of the season.
  6. Think we should wait until kick off then both sets of fans can all join in on the appreciation.
  7. Baccus was dropped for the Buns game due to a persistent injury he picked up at the World Cup. Maybe a close season rest/treatment/operation will see him in fine fettle for next season. Am hoping Dundee Utd go down and we could sign Behich although that is unlikely on both counts. He would be a great asset as LWB. But we really need someone decent there. Don't think we have a hope in hell in keeping Small. Watt has been a disappointment for me - Brophy's only appearance for half a game at Livi was better than anything Watt has produced for us. Not fussed about Dunne and I reckon Ayunga can be a replacement for Main - big, physical, can hold the ball up and doesn't score many. Really hope Joe gets a new deal - he hasn't let us down in the limited game time he has been given. We will have the bulk of the current squad for next seasons and hopefully new additions will be a step up from those that leave.
  8. I wouldn't assume Killie as safe just yet. They are all excited about winning on Sat but that was St Mirren's worst home display of the season by some distance. And they played against 10 men for most of the second half. Their confidence is up but they haven"t suddenly changed into a good team. They may stay up but I wouldn't assume so.
  9. Bar Sevco, who we have drawn with, we have beat all the others this season. All to play for. 5 Cup finals. Hibs then Hearts give us a good starting point. Sent from my SM-G980F using Tapatalk
  10. This season we have defeated Hibs, Aberdeen, Hearts and Celtic so I am not writing us off on anything. Will be extremely difficult to get 3rd but 4th and 5th is achievable. Yesterday was horrendous as the occasion got to the team but if we play like we did against Hearts at Tynecastle the other week we can still get results. Now the pressure is off and no-one expects anything from us we can relax and play our normal game.
  11. I just don't see Henderson developing into a wing back any time soon. Defensively he is very poor as was shown when he came on at Perth earlier in the season. Could see him in a front three or playing behind a striker.
  12. You need a Gogic like player to win the ball and dominate your midfield.
  13. RC have a strike force, D Utd are looking a lot better with many players to return from injury. I reckon Killie for the drop.
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