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  1. The Aussies have to make a go of it now. Taking off a sitting midfielder for an attacking one. Argentina will probably now score a couple more.
  2. Celtic are signing a 24yo Canadian for nearly £3.5m. Hopefully another club somewhere will look at our 24yo Australian and make a similar offer (not that I want Keanu to leave).
  3. Well done Keanu! First St Mirren player to play in a world cup.
  4. Price difference is about £30. If you are a bevvy merchant probably a good deal. Cannot remember exactly the bar prices but think they were pretty decent - more towards 'Spoons level than some posh pub.
  5. St Mirren offer 2 hospitality prices. One for a 'free' bar and one where you pay for drinks for those driving on only having one or two. I took the cheaper option once as I thought I'd be driving but that changed on the day. But the lovely waitress decided she couldn't be bothered taking my money as everyone else on the table was the higher price free bar option. Good day out
  6. I certainly won't disagree about our ability to stop crosses (mainly from our left IMHO). However the marking in the box has been terrible Dunne being the biggest culprit. Ball watches and loses his man constantly. Directly responsible for many goals this season. Crosses and marking are both things we have to work on.
  7. I hope Tanser is fit for tomorrow. I'd take Gogic and Dunne out of defence. Both have been poor for weeks. Marcus and Joe to replace them. Gogic in for Ethan and Greive for Ayunga. Really feel sorry for Greive - top scorer, closes down, chases everying in sight, knows when to pass and looks up for team mates before doing so. He may be lightweight but his other attributes should give him a chance of a starting slot considering how poor Ayunga has been recently.
  8. Delighted for Baccus but gutted for Strain. Thought Strain has been our most consistent player this season doing a great job at rwb. Possibly his long layoff from not playing in Israel went against him.
  9. We play a 3-5-2 every game. We have an excellent right WB but on the left we only have Tanser who is injured more often than not and his replacements are not up to the job and he is average anyway. Our left side is so weak and cannot stop crosses. At home the back 3 generally play through the midfield but Away its just a barrage of high balls to 2 forwards who cannot hold the ball up (although they seem to do that better at home). And both forwards have poor scoring records so we are generally toothless. If we win its usually by one goal. And Away from home we generally lose by 3 goals or more which is horrendous but at Home we hardly concede. Our home form with this formation is excellent and Away we are garbage. I feel Away we start every game sitting far too deep and standing off the opposition whereas at home we work really hard at closing down from the forwards backwards through the lines - win the ball and break in numbers at speed. Home we are pro-active and Away we are re-active allowing the opposition to dictate play. Something has to change. Some players are getting picked every week even when very poor and we have good options on the bench. The formation or instructions aren't working at Away games and it's an easy 3 points for the opposition.
  10. Ethan has a great left foot. I doubt any Buddie would disagree on that. However defensively he lacks so much. He doesn't track runners, mark, or close the opposition down. And is easy to get past on his right side as he has to turn his whole body round. He is also reactive and rarely pro-active. His attitude and workrate have improved no end this season but he has to improve his game awareness when we don't have the ball.
  11. My biggest concern at Away games is we stand off the opposition and don't close them down giving them all the time they want to control the ball, look up and spot a pass. And when it was obvious on Saturday we were getting roasted down the left we didn't change tactics nor personnel but stuck with something that blatently wasn't working.
  12. I have had some concerns over SG in the past however I also recognise the good that he has done. I am led to believe there has been a big problem with the SMiSA Board not standing up to the Kibble and letting them dictate policy in a Board imbalance. I am also led to believe that there is a financial situation that must be addressed (from a very reliable source). The Club has improved no end over the last few years and that has to be applauded for the turnaround and upward growth at all levels. And while I wholeheartedly applaud the Kibble's input I am concerned about the balance of power on the Board and the spending issues. I believe we need a strong SMiSA representation on the Board or else give us our money back and let Kibble take over completely (which is a valid option). If they are doing a great job let them continue but then it is not a fans' run club. For a fans' run Club we need SMiSA to be able to challenge and significantly contribute the the running of the Club and not just bask in being a Board member. SG ticks a lot of boxes for me - short term involvement; help address the finances and help balance the Board. And he is only one member and not the Chairman. SG will get my vote. I do get that there is probably not enough information out in the public domain for everyone to make their best judgement but from the information I have that is a route I am going down. To each his own.
  13. While our back 3 has been excellent overall this season Dunne has had 2 games where he made several crucial mistakes. I would have dropped him for the next game for two reasons 1 to let him know simple stupid errors won't be tolerated and 2 let those on the bench know they can get in the team. We should use some squad rotation to try and keep everyone hungry. Joe is a good centre half and I wouldn't like to lose him nor some of the others on the bench because they aren't getting a sniff of playing.
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