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  1. I thought Power started the season well and looked like a good signing. Broke up play well and won loads of tackles even though his distribution wasn't great. However as the season went on he seemed to slow down and tackling came into the late tackle category along with a booking. His distribution deteriorated. Still had a couple of decent spells in a game but they were becoming fewer and fewer. Would maybe at a push have kept him as a squad player only but as we have some good youngsters coming through then the right decision to let him go. Surprised Killie signing him. Think he'll be mostly on the bench.
  2. Always enjoy the close season. Long days that aren't wasted by having to follow my team. Walking, cycling, photography, going away in my wee converted campervan mostly to the islands. Stuff yer summer football. It'a a winter pastime when the weather is too shit to do much else. And a summer break restores blind hope that next season will be better.
  3. What is the point of Paddy Bonnar? At the end of today's game he stated he had no idea how long Rogic and Bitton had been at Celtic nor how many appearances either had made. Before the game even I knew how many years as them leaving has being spouted across the media for days. Does he not even do any basic research on the only team he even has the faintest knowledge of? Embarassing.
  4. True. But it is a shocking state of affairs in Scottish football. Do clubs not want fans and their cash? An event that isn't sold out yet you cannot purchase a ticket on the day. Fans need to put pressure on their clubs to change this.
  5. Absolutely dire. Should be a stroll in the park for the Fakes else they deserve to go down.
  6. Typical game tonight between those two sides. Thought Joe was excellent. We played some nice stuff and had some good moves but with a piss poor final ball. Livi battled away and had far better chances. Was hoping for a win just to confirm us above Aberdeen. But there is always Sunday.
  7. You have a better grasp of our tactics than many that post on blackandwhitearmy.
  8. And number four is ... https://www.scottishdailyexpress.co.uk/sport/football/jonah-ayunga-join-st-mirren-26929324
  9. Marcus Fraser scored that goal against Aberdeen. Goodwin only gave it to Main to boost his confidence. Fraser on Twitter was claiming the goal and trolling Main for trying to say he got a touch which he didn't.
  10. Goodwin took our excellent physio to Aberdeen and Hearts poached our excellent fitness coach. Hope the new guys are half as good.
  11. Obviously we don't like Caucasians either as Main gets more stick than anyone.
  12. Nothing to do with colour. Ethan has a good left foot. Full stop. He doesn't track runners, close players down or mark anyone to nam some of his main faults. When he doesn't have the ball he looks like a wee lost boy having no sense of the play around him. And since no player has much of the ball his contribution to the team's efforts is miniscule. Ethan has very poor game awareness. Fans just seem to notice him when he has the ball but never seem to notice him when he hasn't. Either he is not being coached or he isn't taking it in. Either way there has been little development in the 5 years he has been in the first team squad.
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