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  1. Franco Miranda. Hair, looks, and talent. Good name and Argentinian.
  2. Ireland Player ratings from last night ... Jamie McGrath – 9 What a classy performance from the St. Mirren man. He gave a really good account of himself and should definitely be starting in Ireland’s next games. St. Mirren will be doing well to hang on to him for too long. Jamie McGrath 8 Was outstanding having impressed as a second-half sub against Azerbaijan, the former Dundalk winger got the nod ahead of Daryl Horgan who he replaced in Baku. Brought down for the penalty after being tripped by Boudiaf. Effective at either end as he tracked back well. Surely a big move in January beckons. Jamie McGrath 8 - Outstanding display. Clever on the ball, tenacious off it and won the penalty before tiring late on. Jamie McGrath 8 The St Mirren player deserves immense credit for how he has adjusted to this level and his intelligent, movement and technical ability came to the fore in this game. Jamie McGrath. He may not have got his goal, but it was a night to remember for Jamie McGrath in Stephen Kenny’s side as the former Dundalk midfielder ran rings around the Qataris. McGrath almost made a move to the Championship during the summer from St Mirren, but that fell through at the last minute. While that may have been disappointing for him at the time, he may end up elsewhere if he continues to play like he did.
  3. Scott Allan reminds me of Kyle McAllister. If he was fit and could consistently last 90 mins he would be a standout player. However serious health issues have restricted both of their careers. I'd pick McGrath every time.
  4. The Livi fans are pretty doom and gloom however they had more and the better chances yesterday although we bossed the game. They also have a lot of injuries. Difficult to call this season who'll go down as it is very fine margins. The Arabs have only scored 5 goals yet have 4 points more than us and we have scored 9 goals. 1 goal wins can get you quickly up the league.
  5. Not exactly entertaining today but then again I really didn't expect it to be. Our back 3 mopped up everything but MoM by a mile was Power. He has been a bit inconsistent this season but playing ok however today he was immense. Won every tackle and played some great wee passes. Hopefully he has now found his feet and can play like that most weeks. Well done lad.
  6. We drew 1-1 at Livi recently while playing Jim's hoof ball (which that pitch is maybe better suited for). But since then he has seen the error of his ways and now uses a midfield and we have looked a lot better and what's on offer is far more enjoyable for the spectator. But please Jim, just one sitting midfielder as we are still shite with two. Tight game but I think we will improve on that last performance so Away win.
  7. Last week was chaotic due to new season ticket cards being issued and barcodes having to line up exactly to get through the turnstiles. However I would imagine the Away end will be OK as those with paper tickets seemed to get in ok last week. I think you'll be fine on the 11:37 but don't blame me if you end up in a queue due to yet another f**k up with our ticketing system.
  8. The adverts during live play were annoying - could they not wait until half-time?
  9. There are legitimate times to moan like 3 goals chopped off in the previous 3 games but it was a penalty yesterday. Porteous played for it but Miller was stupid putting both arms round him right in front of the ref. Good game, fair result.
  10. John Potter, and Craig Samson, and recently Stephen McGinn and John McGinn. Also took our kitman!
  11. Reckon you have pinched ours which we have had for a few seasons but its contract was up. Fair play to the St Mirren B team - you are doing quite well.
  12. I think Brophy needs more space to work in. Play him off Main between the opposition defence and midfield. Playing him alongside Main where he is tightly marked ain't working.
  13. While we were doing the pre-match warm up I noticed Junior Mendes our Sports Scientist give our new jet-lagged Aussie a pill. I had hoped it was some speed to keep him going but as he was on his knees after 30 mins maybe it was a tranquilliser (not Millar's fault as he hadn't played in months and was jet-lagged only arriving a week ago).
  14. Millar only arrived last week and is suffering bad jetlag and hasn't trained with a team for months (watch his interview on SMTV). Thought in the circumstances it was ludicrous to start him and wait until 65 mins to sub him.
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