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  1. I heard yesterday that Livi FC refused to accept the fan who won the Petrofac trophy presentation comp & a new winner had to be drawn. The guy had been informed that he had won then was later informed that the club weren't happy with the result so another winner has been drawn. I'm disgusted & I'm sick to death with the shitty treatment of our fans.
  2. Trot? Good God no! That's such a cheap & common way to travel! I travel by limo, billed to LFC, then bumped, of course.
  3. Well, I've never given him that much thought, I'd have to think about that & get back to you. He supports Airdrie, although maybe he's ditched them now in favour of Sevco, I doubt Ballantyne would be happy with him if that was the case though & cannae upset his big pal.
  4. Aye, so much for the governing bodies safeguarding Scottish football. Not a feckin word from the SFL chief about this situation, it's not been kept quiet, the club have been leading the fans a merry dance with frequent begging bowl requests & it's been dragging on for months! What has Longmuir been doing? Imagining future games with his precious wee colt teams like a wee boy with his Subbuteo set. Wtf does he get paid for? As far as I can see he has completely neglected his duties, AGAIN, & doesn't even pretend to care. He is killing Scottish football with his incompetence, he hasn't a clue about any problems the member clubs (except for his own team Airdrie obviously) have been, or could be facing. It is totally unacceptable. If I was a Pars fan I'd be at Hampden the morn demanding to know what the hell he is playing at. Too many clubs have went through this in the last few years & he has turned a blind eye every time. It's long past time to get him out of that job, I cannot think of anything positive he has done for the sfl clubs, not one tiny thing & I'm sickened by it, I don't think we should just sit quietly & accept this anymore as we can't afford to let chancers kill any more clubs or there will be no Scottish football in the future. I'd drag him out that quick that I wouldn't let his feet touch the ground. Get him out!
  5. "So some little horrible Deans high school punter thinks he can walk onto my property and knock my 6yr olds Snowmans head off well don't think so just cause u were with a wee lassie did u think u impressed her truly NOT ur just a wee looser rant over ah do I feel better I sure do hate wee losers" That Facebook post had 41 outraged posters comments, here are a few; "I'm bringing my dugs round right now, he'll no be a wee hardman after I've set the dugs on him!" "Scum like that should be locked up, they are a danger to society!" "What time does he go past your house after school? I'll bring a few mates over & we can give him a few good slaps, he'll no do shit like that again when we've finished with him" "It sickens me that we live beside such horrible & evil people babes ." Christ on a bike! Those posts are by adults in their 30's & 40's !
  6. Was it you? I couldn't remember who shouted it, he was willing to be a Livi fan (due to my lies) so I was gutted to lose him. He is in photos that were taken at that station but I can't remember who's camera they were taken on can you remember? Mind you I had wild banshee hair by then due to the wind & rain so maybe they are best left in the camera.
  7. I'll leather their arses when I see them next, we were worried sick in the second last pub when we all met up again & discovered we had lost all 3 youngsters, the thought of them wandering around lost in Glasgow on their own & what could happen to them then we find out they fecked of home & didn't let us know. Mind L4L's neat but feckin massive pile of sick outside one pub? Jeez how much had he eaten? Supposedly he then drunk muddy water from the road & that made someone else almost leave a pile too!
  8. Good brand name, we could get them embossed with 'Glasgow Subcrawl Fleshlights' & make some money. I thought mine wasn't working but Tryfield explained that you need to w**k them hard to turn them on (much to the disgust of the normal passengers) I forgot about that man too Smurph. We found that Asian man outside the chippy, he said his name was Davie ( ) he was waiting on a friend but I convinced him to come with us. He was right up for it until we were on the subway & everyone launched into the usual surfing, jumping about & screaming "Beast" until the next stop, I thought he was going to pass out with fear then someone started shouting "Osama" at him & he shuffled away & hid behind a lassie until we got off, I wonder if it was her having coffee with him? Ooooh smooth Davie - one stop on the subcrawl & he pulled!
  9. Are they bruised? Wrap something round your ribcage for heat & support & see if that helps. Or I can send Big Aggie round to look after you that'll take your mind off the pain. I wonder what that woman is like today, she tripped over my bag & skelped face first on the floor in Dows, she got a sair mouth. I felt guilty so took her to the loo to clean her up, she was off her nut on something judging by the eyes & I had to stand her against the sink to keep her upright, those young guys she was with picked her up to be their milf, I don't think they understand what milf stands for so think any auld bird will do! She was more grab a granny, Yuck! If a man in his fifties was traipsing round pubs with an 18 yo girl saying he was going home to hump her & teach her a few lessons folk would knock the crap out of him or get him reported for being a pervert so why do they think its acceptable for women to do it? That pisses me off. It was a crazy day yesterday, totally out of control, I think we were in the twilight zone, I loved it. I seem to have come home with 3 rape torches though & I've nae idea who 2 of them belong to!?!?
  10. I'm in a cafe in Glasgow I cannae be ersed getting the 2 hour bus home yet. My thighs are black & blue from Tryfield throwing himself on to my knee in the subway, feck he landed with that much force I thought he'd snapped my legs! He did look out for me all day so thanks & also to Derek who stayed behind with me when my ticket didn't work & the others had buggered off. Pete done well in the Daddy role. Some guy asked if I was the young ones teacher because I kept checking they were behaving LOL, they were hard work at times & looking after Sammy was almost a full time job, I was feckin shattered by the time it was finished. I will post more later & any photos when/if I get home.
  11. I'll be stuck to you like glue, Big Aggie on one side & Big Geoff on the other, we are going to have a mighty fine day Pete, I'm fair looking forward to it.
  12. Folk have been feart to come near me in real life incase I launch myself at them & eat them alive. It's great. Nae messing with Big Geoff.
  13. Why have you put the sad face on? I don't think it was you being cynical but I'm not going to get into a pointless debate about it. Barry wasn't bothered at all by it but it bothered me because he never has a bad word to say to anyone, he doesn't have a bad bone in his body so he is the last person I would expect anyone to sneer or snipe at. The thing is it made you look like shit (In my opinion) so karma kicked in quickly. If you wish to be involved ( or controlling) everything on here why not go to the days out or arrange one in your area? Folk don't mind travelling to different areas so that would not be a problem at least you'd be making an effort rather than being negative about everything.
  14. Someone will have to bring my drink outside to me if it's all down to looks, I'll have to keep my head down & face the wall until it's dark or the beer goggles appear. If I remember rightly my initial reaction to the photo of the Subcrawlers was a bit of shock & not very positive. So I should have a few companions to keep me company. I'll buddy up with one of the Dundee boys, they'll be straight to the head of the queue, they were certainly at the front when the good looks were handed out, even Granny & Broon-Loon are good looking, I was pretty shocked by that tbh especially Broon-Loon. Going to a Forfar game was like entering the set of Thriller it was quite disturbing how bad they all looked so he must be a freak accident. Will you be wearing a jacket? Has everyone who is staying booked their hotel yet? The travelodge at the airport is £36 for a family room that sleeps 3, a wee lounge with a sofa bed & a bedroom with twin beds which is the same price as the normal room so I put 3 adults on the booking incase anyone wants to share it would be £12 each if there are 3 of us so give me a shout. Btw I'll not go to bed because I'm a terrible insomniac & those beds are brick hard so I'll be in the bar area eating & on the internet all night, I done the same in Dundee incase anyone gets worried about the safety of anyone.
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