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  1. It just feels brilliant- only bad thing is that we need play against the Bigot Brothers again
  2. Ahhhhh staying up and annoying everyone else ....... very pleasing
  3. Dundee Vs Hamilton

    I hate to see teams relegated but got to be honest - not this time - revenge is very very sweet
  4. Dundee Vs Hamilton

    Accies to win and then all those match fixing comments about the 10-2 Morton game plus all the Twitter shite from Paul Hartley et al when Dundee beat us for the title will finally be exorcised
  5. Last Lanarkshire Derby? Accies v ‘Well

    Let’s start the betting pool - who gets sent off first - Dougie or the Dazzler ????
  6. That McLean celebration [emoji15][emoji15][emoji15][emoji15][emoji15][emoji15]
  7. Next Scotland Manager

    Ian Holloway - we may still be shite but the interviews will be mental
  8. Monday Night Raw Live

    As long as you don’t do a sly wee lick while you’re there
  9. Monday Night Raw Live

    Not seen it so i wonder how Triple H and Steph reacted to Vince slapping down the suspension- maybe the start of a new angle ? Vince v Triple H and Steph ?
  10. The director of football set up must have put some of the bigger names off If it is Brian Rice so be it - if he gets wins starting on Saturday then it’s a good start
  11. How about McFadden as Head Coach with Kris Boyd or Kenny Miller as Assistant Player/Coach ?
  12. Jose Morinho likes a challenge right ?????? [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  13. How about a Cold War type swap at midnight wi Hibs - Canzo for Lennon - we can do it at Strathclyde Park [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  14. Hey Hibs - fancy doing a swap ?? Canzo for Lenny [emoji15][emoji15][emoji15][emoji15][emoji15]