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  1. 100% nothing to do with our set up! Looking forward to the season ahead.
  2. Looks like a good set of fixtures, i'm confident we will have a good season.
  3. Another tough watch yesterday not enjoyable at all !
  4. Got enough problems over the hill but think he is a good manager having worked under him.
  5. Maybe 14 under Kegs? You lot hounded the guy out and I'm sure max will do a decent job with what looks like a decent squad but still kegs is getn stick !
  6. Why go to a team you beat 5-0 ? By the sounds it was a freak result. Not a Lithgae bias but the guy is strange/weird & not done much !
  7. Yep you are right. We were rotten yesterday. Got to agree on both accounts
  8. Kegs was manager when we won that trophy, might be right though regards league.
  9. I played in kegs Camelon team I feel your referring too winning the league cup at linlithgow v linlithgow we falsoo inished second behind Bonnyrigg in the league ! Not to bad.
  10. That's came from Kegs ? No chance mate.
  11. Is it me that's missing what kegs inherited ? Or was it a trophy laded team lol ? Hope he goes and somehow you lot finish 6th
  12. Kegs wasn t there today. He and his family have had a loss to their family . Played for the guy so to run out the sack him is outrages. This time last year you lot were getting relegated.
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