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  1. Unfortunately this is the reputation Linlithgow fans have now, its as if supporters save up there weekly frustrations to vent it towards there own players !, must be the worst at this level -really embarrassing stuff. The players hardly got a clap when they entered the field on Saturday, any true supporter should now do exactly that - Support !!!
  2. The last time we played Bo'ness we were beaten 2-1 at home with a team that finished well in the league. At that time i'm sure Bo'ness were in the bottom half of the league, so since then I would have to say the team has gone backwards with some incredibly poor signings. No use in pointing fingers but as i've said before this was not overnight. As for Saturday it was very much a game of two halves with the wind playing a factor. It is always a tough place to go and have witnessed better Linlithgow teams getting a bigger beating than what i saw on Saturday. My frustration is that i'd have hoped to see more notable signings made by now but also happy to wait and hope that the quality is better than what we have brought to the club over the past few seasons. HTG
  3. Brown has a huge rebuild on his hands, not something that has happened overnight as this team has been in decline for quite a few seasons now.
  4. Brown should do a good job, the guy is very professional in all aspects of football coaching/management. His lack of knowledge of this level may be the only negative but i'm sure he will be a quick learner. Good appointment imo.
  5. 100% nothing to do with our set up! Looking forward to the season ahead.
  6. Looks like a good set of fixtures, i'm confident we will have a good season.
  7. Another tough watch yesterday not enjoyable at all !
  8. Got enough problems over the hill but think he is a good manager having worked under him.
  9. Maybe 14 under Kegs? You lot hounded the guy out and I'm sure max will do a decent job with what looks like a decent squad but still kegs is getn stick !
  10. Why go to a team you beat 5-0 ? By the sounds it was a freak result. Not a Lithgae bias but the guy is strange/weird & not done much !
  11. Yep you are right. We were rotten yesterday. Got to agree on both accounts
  12. Kegs was manager when we won that trophy, might be right though regards league.
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