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  1. Panmure is brilliant, well 4-15 are brilliant - 1-3 and 16-18 are on different land that I don't like quite as much, but 4-15 is as good a stretch of golf as you'll find. It's in amazing condition just now after the regional qualifiers. Usual green fees are £145 and they basically never do discount for normal, non-tour guide, tee times. I'd say £200 for the rounds and B&B in the Ferry is a really good deal.
  2. Assuming something was said at the BMW?
  3. Yeah Genesis wanted a fixed location for the event and the course and infrastructure around it, driving range etc is perfect for a large golf event. Incidentally I find it a far better course to watch golf on than St Andrews and Doak is one of my favourite architects. As the course matures I think it'll become a good test and move comfortably into the top 20 courses in the country. But that's just my opinion.
  4. Will be interesting to see the full field for the Scottish Open tonight.
  5. That's one of the better spots, that and the mound beside 7/8 but that will be packed and probably won't see much. Find St Andrews a terrible viewing course for the spectator - Carnoustie far superior. On LIV, and Ogletree - it seems a few of the smaller guys, Talor Gooch was the one I heard about, got one off payments to be partially offset against future earnings from the series so it was garuanteed cash up front but not as paid out of the purse each event. While Ogletree is now guaranteed starts on the Asian Tour where he would previously have had no status.
  6. Someone made a great point on Twitter about this the other day that I probably won't eloquently describe. The chances of any of these guys competing at the top level of majors and/or any PGA Tour events they may blag a way in to in the future will surely diminish playing the LIV tour? Playing a 54 hole shotgun start, pretty uncompetitive competition 8-12 times a year isn't, I don't think, going to transfer well when it comes to Major Championship setups and field strength.
  7. The OWGR points decision is the THE big domino to fall I think. With 54 hole shotgun starts and team events (although there's an individual leader board) there's reasonable grounds for the OWGR board to reject before you think about the self preservation element of various members of the board. Glad Morikawa stayed away, had him down as a good guy but was worried for a few hours yesterday.
  8. Yeah looking at the makeup of the OWGR board they hold a lot of power to lock out LIV from the PGA and DP Tours.
  9. Yeah my wife does it and I've considered ending it. Would love to have been a fly on the wall at the players meeting this morning now that PGA tour have announced these mega fall series purses.
  10. Looks like we can add Morikawa to the list. That's a big big move for LIV.
  11. Looks like the PGA Tour are going to combat LIV with three fall series events with $25m purses exclusively for the top 60 in the OWGR. That's three events with bigger purses than The Players and likely top 10 prizes in line with LIV events. Trying to get this announcement out before Brooks, Bubba and Ancer announce they've signed up for LIV.
  12. We've been spoiled by the majors this year, the final days have all been tremendous but the leaderboard yesterday along with it all going down to the final putt from Zalatoris was just great viewing yesterday. Recency bias aside that must be one of the all time ball striking rounds in a major from Fitzpatrick yesterday. Hitting 17 greens in reg on a Sunday at a US Open is unheard of. Really really enjoyed yesterday, now on to St Andrews.
  13. I imagine it'll be some of the Asian Tour nobodies that made up the London field. Think they'll want to keep Piot and Puig as they're seen as rising starts. Both again reportedly $4m signing fees despite still having amateur status. Piot for example is playing kitted out in LIV gear this week. Ogletree also been very outspoken in support on Twitter so expect he'll be a mainstay despite playing like an 8 handicap. I have a feeling the European Tour will go with the LIV option and force the PGA Tours hand.
  14. Bryson still the biggest "get" for me. Like him or loath him, attention follows him - just looking at Bay Hill last year. Think he's a bigger draw than Hovland. FWIW, I think Hovland will stay on the PGA Tour based on an interview I read yesterday. Although they look to be on the brink of disaster, the power is really in the DP Tours hand. If they go into partnership with LIV, or give the LIV guys unrestricted access to the tour for OWGR points - they become super attractive. It will though come at the detriment of the PGA Tour partnership, which looking at the strength of the Scottish Open field has done the expected job. The money on offer from LIV is frightening, Matthew Wolff apparently on the verge of being announced with a $45m signing fee.
  15. Pretty big for McAfee to get a 90mins unscripted podcast interview with Vince -don't believe it's happened anywhere before and probably pretty unlikely to become something Vince does regularly.
  16. Said the same on a twitter thread yesterday. Sky pundits, both Macklin and Smith, have added to the outcry with their commentary. They essentially had Catterall 6-0 and gave no credit to Taylor in any of the opening rounds. Rnd 3 for example Taylor landed two great clean shots that were never mentioned at any point. I had it 2-2 on the night through 4 and thought I was just totally missing what was going on. On initial viewing, I thought it was a complete robbery. Watching back without Macklin telling me Taylor needed a stoppage after 8, you could make the argument for Taylor in 2,3,4,7,9,10,11,12 - in my opinion. Not at all saying I think he clearly wins all of those rounds, think 3, 7 and 10 were clear Taylor rounds, but a lot of them were close scrappy rounds where I think you could make the argument either way.
  17. Think I've said this before on here. But all of the talk about drivers, technology and distance. They can talk all they want about rollsbacks etc but by far the biggest advance in golf since the prov1, is trackman/GCQuad. It's possibly even more important as even with older balls fitters could change shafts etc to optimise players launch conditions and dispersion patters. Also, fitzpatricks comments overnight are pretty ridiculous and seems the headlines hurt him today.
  18. What a stupid game this is. 11 over front nine, level par back 9 for an 82-11 71 0.2 cut. Very, very close to playing good golf. Mentally miles, and miles away from putting full 18 together. triple, double, triple 6, 7, 8 with a complete heads gone. Awful game.
  19. Played the Buddon and Burnside and they're both great 2nd and 3rd courses - although the buddon has had a compulsory purchase order actioned for by a wind farm company, so looks like it'll be closing. I've been listening to the No Laying Up podcast on a Monday morning the last few weeks and it's a decent listen. Any other golf related podcasts anyone knows of?
  20. Don't think so, well I know so. It's a combination of the editorial guys loving it and some paid advertising from Drumbarnie. I was supposed to be playing this month but can't find a time that suits, so will likely be the end of next month or even into September - it looks and sounds like it's going to become a top 15 course in the country by most accounts. Also supposed to be playing, I found out this weekend, on the old course as guest before the end of the summer. Will be sure to post a shot by shot account of both if/when it happens.
  21. Should be so easy, they always make a mess of these TV instigated penalties. IMO it’s an unfair penalty in that only really the leader is ever likely to have those close ups that late in a round. Imagine with rough that thick that balls “move” like that all the time. You either have close ups of every shot reviewed and penalised as the round goes on, or don’t have any at all.
  22. I know it didn’t affect the end result but this had the potential to be another rules farce by the PGA tour. Finding out he got a 2 shot penalty on a TV interview. Dominant performance, great win in possibly the hardest condition they’ll play on tour.
  23. Don’t know if anyone has seen Ernie Els reply to Jack about speed/course difficulty. In the replies there are people, quite a few of them, suggesting that the ball should be developed to punish players with fast swing speeds by spinning more and generating less speed... while spinning less and generating proportionally more speed at slower swing speeds. That’s right, let’s deincentivse people from becoming more athletic and incentivise slower/weaker hitters. Never seen anything like it.
  24. Why did he just keep reloading [emoji23]
  25. 63 yards of bounce and rollout, but equipment is the problem...They’ve dried the course out to the max to make it hard and fast, which I think is a challenge to the players - they were call saying how hard it was - but the rock hard fairways contributed to 15% of the total distance of that drive. Can’t have it both ways complaining about distance while assisting it with course setup. Edited to add I actually agree with it, it’s a great test for them, especially with the wind. Field was a combined 250-over yesterday, which is virtually unheard of on the PGA tour. Course setup > tech rollbacks please. Hopefully your back sorts itself out. I’ve had similar issues in the past and it’s awful, lying in the middle of the fairway while it spasms being the highlight. Feel that pain big time!
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