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  1. Pretty big for McAfee to get a 90mins unscripted podcast interview with Vince -don't believe it's happened anywhere before and probably pretty unlikely to become something Vince does regularly.
  2. Said the same on a twitter thread yesterday. Sky pundits, both Macklin and Smith, have added to the outcry with their commentary. They essentially had Catterall 6-0 and gave no credit to Taylor in any of the opening rounds. Rnd 3 for example Taylor landed two great clean shots that were never mentioned at any point. I had it 2-2 on the night through 4 and thought I was just totally missing what was going on. On initial viewing, I thought it was a complete robbery. Watching back without Macklin telling me Taylor needed a stoppage after 8, you could make the argument for Taylor in 2,3,4,7,9,10,11,12 - in my opinion. Not at all saying I think he clearly wins all of those rounds, think 3, 7 and 10 were clear Taylor rounds, but a lot of them were close scrappy rounds where I think you could make the argument either way.
  3. Think I've said this before on here. But all of the talk about drivers, technology and distance. They can talk all they want about rollsbacks etc but by far the biggest advance in golf since the prov1, is trackman/GCQuad. It's possibly even more important as even with older balls fitters could change shafts etc to optimise players launch conditions and dispersion patters. Also, fitzpatricks comments overnight are pretty ridiculous and seems the headlines hurt him today.
  4. What a stupid game this is. 11 over front nine, level par back 9 for an 82-11 71 0.2 cut. Very, very close to playing good golf. Mentally miles, and miles away from putting full 18 together. triple, double, triple 6, 7, 8 with a complete heads gone. Awful game.
  5. Played the Buddon and Burnside and they're both great 2nd and 3rd courses - although the buddon has had a compulsory purchase order actioned for by a wind farm company, so looks like it'll be closing. I've been listening to the No Laying Up podcast on a Monday morning the last few weeks and it's a decent listen. Any other golf related podcasts anyone knows of?
  6. Don't think so, well I know so. It's a combination of the editorial guys loving it and some paid advertising from Drumbarnie. I was supposed to be playing this month but can't find a time that suits, so will likely be the end of next month or even into September - it looks and sounds like it's going to become a top 15 course in the country by most accounts. Also supposed to be playing, I found out this weekend, on the old course as guest before the end of the summer. Will be sure to post a shot by shot account of both if/when it happens.
  7. Should be so easy, they always make a mess of these TV instigated penalties. IMO it’s an unfair penalty in that only really the leader is ever likely to have those close ups that late in a round. Imagine with rough that thick that balls “move” like that all the time. You either have close ups of every shot reviewed and penalised as the round goes on, or don’t have any at all.
  8. I know it didn’t affect the end result but this had the potential to be another rules farce by the PGA tour. Finding out he got a 2 shot penalty on a TV interview. Dominant performance, great win in possibly the hardest condition they’ll play on tour.
  9. Don’t know if anyone has seen Ernie Els reply to Jack about speed/course difficulty. In the replies there are people, quite a few of them, suggesting that the ball should be developed to punish players with fast swing speeds by spinning more and generating less speed... while spinning less and generating proportionally more speed at slower swing speeds. That’s right, let’s deincentivse people from becoming more athletic and incentivise slower/weaker hitters. Never seen anything like it.
  10. Why did he just keep reloading [emoji23]
  11. 63 yards of bounce and rollout, but equipment is the problem...They’ve dried the course out to the max to make it hard and fast, which I think is a challenge to the players - they were call saying how hard it was - but the rock hard fairways contributed to 15% of the total distance of that drive. Can’t have it both ways complaining about distance while assisting it with course setup. Edited to add I actually agree with it, it’s a great test for them, especially with the wind. Field was a combined 250-over yesterday, which is virtually unheard of on the PGA tour. Course setup > tech rollbacks please. Hopefully your back sorts itself out. I’ve had similar issues in the past and it’s awful, lying in the middle of the fairway while it spasms being the highlight. Feel that pain big time!
  12. He’s number 1 on tour strokes gained approach to the green this season. Suggesting his iron play is statistically the best on tour. Interestingly, he’s also suffering from not having played the required 25 events in the official world rankings. Adjusted back to the time he came on tour he’s the second ranked player in the world behind mcilroy. Has the potential to be a genuine superstar.
  13. Nope, R&A chief exec says they’re actively going to be finding ways to stop people hitting it further. Interesting to note how much time Morikawa seems to spend in the gym. From watching a couple of things about him and following him on socials he’s apparently a bit of a gym rat. Obviously not to the level of Bryson. I’ve not looked a lot at the “lower” end of the driving distance stats but imagine there’s a bit of a log jam around 295 where 1-2 yards difference (negligible in terms of strokes gained) would probably jump you up around 20-30 places in the rankings. Golf confuses me sometimes, I can’t get my head around FIFA, for example, suggesting rolling back players boots to the 1980s to slow players down because they run faster than they used to.
  14. Cowardly from the pga tour refusing to pair Bryson and brooks this weekend. Calling each other out the last 2 weeks, prime tournament, could be fireworks. Any sort of potential for controversy and the PGA tour run like the wind I played in tonight.
  15. Thomas with 3 wood wide right 3 times in 3 play off holes will hurt. Thought he’d have got driver out on the second go at 18. Morikawa could be a star. Iron play is sublime.
  16. This is a great shout. Might give this a look, was aiming on bagging a few top 50 courses this summer so reduces fees are welcome. Not quite in the top 50, as it’s just opened but will be playing Drumbarnie at the end of the month. By all accounts sounds like it’ll be a top 20 course in the country before long. 50% off for Scottish Residents in year one.
  17. Internal OB was actually what I was thinking about last night on this, just don’t know how it would work practically. On the courses I’ve played in the states, they’re all far better manicured in general than courses here when it comes to the rough. You can be pretty wild and not be punished by much more than some trees to navigate. Where as I hit a drive about 6 yards wide of the fairway on Saturday and was wading through waist high rough hoping to stand on my ball [emoji23] Don’t strictly agree that it makes a “mockery” of the sport. Mcilroy is considered one of the “best” drivers in modern golf and his accuracy % is only 57% this season, 60% last season. Bryson this week was 59% and is 61% for the season. Not sure Rorys wins are met with claims of him making a mockery of the game. The 8 iron everyone’s talking about was only a few yards off the edge of the fairway, hardly wild.
  18. Again, while I totally agree with what you’re saying. I also had some awful rough that you’d never see on your this weekend. Straight hitters still benefit from hitting fairways. Ryan armour is second on tour for driving accuracy finished T4 and T6 the last 2 weeks. Brendan Todd is 3rd and he’s had 2 wins this season and was in a great position 2 weeks ago until a disaster on Sunday. Being accurate is still a benefit, because these guys still hit it 285 total distance, but they’re hitting 4 irons into greens other players are hitting gap wedges into. But there is no where near enough punishment for being 30 yards wide off the tee.
  19. Agree with this. Faldo made and interesting point last night - god that doesn’t sound right - that where dechambeu is landing the ball now, most courses aren’t even close to being setup to punish that kind of distance. All rough/bunker complexes are sitting around the 280-320 yard range and he’s taking it all completely out of play. Regards technology, obviously the tech has improved -mainly on off centre hits - but I think there’s plenty of evidence on YouTube that the distance claims by manufacturers in the last 10-15 years are largely marketing led selective data picking. I actually think the biggest tech innovation/game changer in golf in the last 10-15 years is the advancement of trackman/gcquad and other launch monitors. Fitters, TXG on YouTube for example highlight this really well (great content if nobody has seen it) that by being able to see exactly what’s happening on every swing they can optimise even the most average players clubs/launch conditions to help them gain 30-40 yards off the tee. A proper driver fitting is my next golf investment, at 100mph on GC2 I know I’m giving away a lot of yards. I know I’ve preached about lessons being the best way to improve this but also confident a proper fitting will help. Further to this, and I’ve mentioned it above, I think golf swing specific strength training is a sure fire way to add speed, distance and in turn improve my game.
  20. Yep, it’s the only thing they can really do. The question then becomes how do they toughen them to a point that it doesn’t become gimmicky like some US Opens have in the past trying to protect par. The last two PGA Tour events before lockdown were won by -4 and -6, so there is a level of variation on the tour, just maybe not as much as there should be. Part of the reason I love golf, both watching professionally and playing, more than any other sport now, is that there’s some level of comparability in what we do compared to the best in the world. You can go play the same holes, courses, keep the same stats with the right apps - you can’t do that with many other sports. I’d love to go and play from the back tees on a course in tournament setup and see how hard they actually play. If they trick up courses too much to negate elite players ability, you lose that comparability - which I’m not sure I like too much either. I do agree completely though, that you shouldn’t be able to hit shots 40 yards offline and have a clean shot to the green with a wedge, which happens quite a lot. However, I think that’s more down to the design of some of the courses they play than anything else. some of the courses are basically 18 driving ranges with a green at the end and I’ve got far more of an issue with that than players going low on classically designed courses.
  21. Take away access to gyms as well so the guys get stronger as well? That’s really the main reason so many of them are hitting the ball so far, elite golfers in the main are becoming far now athletic/focused on their power/gym work. Not a fan at all of “dialling back the tech” because a handful of the very elite players are able to hit the ball miles consistently. We’re all using the same clubs, these guys are just very, very good at it. You then end up either 1) making the game worse for 95% of people who play it or 2) making the pros play with different equipment/rules to everyone else. Neither of those can be good for golf, IMO.
  22. 350 yards average for the week [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] 30 yards ahead of Cam Champ. His interview makes it so clear why he’s a knob, however.
  23. SG Driving 1, SG putting 1. That’ll get the job done.
  24. Ooft it’s interesting now
  25. Letting Troy Merrit hit first when it’s not his honour on a 399 yard par 4, because he’s trying to hit the green, is amazing [emoji23]
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