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  1. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    That was awful [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] what a fanny.
  2. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    Corbyns always been a bellend.
  3. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    We're down to the last two boxes. Bring in Noel Edmonds for the big reveal next week, Donald Tusk as the Banker, May as the contestant. Deal or No Deal: Brexit = Peak Ratings.
  4. Red Dead Redemption

    Give me some single player DLC.
  5. Boxing Thread

    Breeze and Arreola would both beat big baby miller, IMO. So what does that say about AJ? Could make it exactly the same statement just swapping the two of them about.
  6. Golfers Thread

    Have been down to 10.1, around this time last year, but had a very poor stop start year last year. So it’s not quite out of reach, just need a couple of good rounds and maybe a new 50deg wedge as my current cap from PW to SW isn’t great.
  7. La Liga / Copa Del Rey Ole

    I've been lucky enough to see him in the Camp Nou four times and I'm always going to remember that fact. Hopefully get to see him once more before he calls it a day but imagine being at a game like that and seeing that. There was video doing the rounds on twitter at the weekend that was this seasons highlights and for most players, they'd be happy if it was their career compilation. He's just the best there is. Graham Hunters commentary for the lob summed it up for me, just laughing - that's basically all you can do.
  8. Golfers Thread

    I'm fairly sure he'll win a major at some point, he's very good. But shot selection like that is a nightmare. No point having a caddy on your bag if you're going to try nonsense like that when one off the lead. was a 1/50 shot at best. Rory was excellent, and it was good to see him win after the criticism of last week. I'm incredibly excited for the masters after that. In other news, I'm aiming to get down to single figures this season from 12 and am feeling good. Hitting the ball well off the tee, although struggling a bit with irons the wedges and short game are feeling better than they did at the end of last season. Indoor practice has been key and I'm feeling good going into the season. Just have to hope I can get out enough after work.
  9. Boxing Thread

    Huge size difference as well. Garcia needs to get back down to LW and fight Loma.
  10. All things Dundee FC

    Not a chance I’ll be renewing. Missed 5 games this season and it’s cost me more than going at the gate, which I’ll continue to do. Just can’t possibly justify that. Same price as my golf membership and get far, far more value from that.
  11. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    I'm totally against Brexit. But also hate the idea of a second referendum. It will just lead to even more chaos.
  12. Champions League 2018-2019 Thread

    I agree with this. I'm pro VAR but can see why people will begin to dislike it when it's used like it is currently - but I think in the long run it's a very good support mechanism for referees if they make a wrong decision in a split second. The way it's currently being used makes it a lot harder for people to accept but I still think overall it's a hugely positive introduction to football. I also agree that the media are loving it because every single time there's a decision made by VAR it give them a days worth of discussion on the subject - they're reveling in the smallest uses of it. I know how difficult a job referees have. Collina, now head of referees of UEFA, was a key note speaker at a conference I was at last year and he spoke at length about refereeing data and the number of decisions they're making per game and it was frighting - something like a conscious decision every 10 seconds. I think I'm in the minority but I actually think that was a pen last night under UEFA guidance. When the ball his his hand he's in the most unnatural position you can be as a defender, using his arm to block a shot. I think the addition of the word "deliberate" was a horrible one. It's virtually impossible to prove.
  13. Rangers v Dundee

  14. The Celtic 2018/19 thread

    BRENDAN RODGERS HERE FOR 10 IN A ROW. Excellent Domestically, to be expected. Abject Failure in Europe, not to be expected. Average job overall. The double (treble) treble is still, however, an impressive feat despite the huge financial gap between Celtic and the rest of the teams in the league combined.
  15. TRNSMT Festival

    Agree with this. None of the headliners will be commanding the money Arctic Monkeys, LG, Killers and Queen commanded last year. It's a low risk line up financially, hence why it looks so awful.