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  1. I’m really enjoying the 10mins gaps, far less waiting around and a far better flow. Obviously not sustainable longer term as so many less people couldn’t play but the course flows so much more smoothly that the 6-7min gaps in the summer normally.
  2. I’ve seen on twitter this morning that it proves there is racial injustice in the UK. If there was racial equality there wouldn’t be more BAME deaths.
  3. I’d almost certainly say to get some second hand stuff off eBay, some great deals going round on 3-5 year old gear that will be fine for what you need to begin with. Basically everything I’ve read and seen shows that the improvement for a beginner to average player on new equipment compared to that from around 2015-16 is minimal. the only advantage of new clubs - as I mentioned a couple of posts back - is being able to get fit. However , If you were going to invest £2,000 on clubs and getting fitted. Id say to use that money book a block of lessons with a pro and a second hand set to begin with, and your money will be far better invested in improving your game, than buying expensive brand new clubs. 10 lessons with a decent pro would set you back say £400 your fundamentals will be set and they should be able to build you a pretty solid swing and setup to move forward with - more so than a £2,000 brand new set of clubs.
  4. This country is one of the most welcoming and diverse countries in the world to migrant workers according to Matt the Cock [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  5. Be interesting if trump tries to use what seems to be the case that the majority of the more extreme riots happened in democratic states/cities as a campaign tactic in the summer. Feel it’s something his base support will easily buy into.
  6. What a weekend to get back to it. Some horrible shots but a net 67 on Saturday was brilliant. New fitted irons are so easy and consistent to hit. Always sceptical about the amount you could improve from a fully fitted set of clubs, having got down to 10 with a second hand eBay set. But now thinking I need fitted for my woods as well, as the irons have made such a difference.
  7. Ours is waiting until the announcement on Thursday before making times available. 10am Friday is going to be chaos trying to book the tee time.
  8. Caught in traffic from wherever he’s been today.
  9. The fact he’s making a love statement on national TV virtually confirms he runs the country. He shouldn’t be even close to doing something like this as a SPAD, it’s the first time ever something like this has happened. FWIW, I’m sure he’s going to double down on saying it’s all reasonable and enrage people even more. No danger he quits.
  10. Can’t wait for Laura to ask what’s for dinner.
  11. Wonder how many laps of his garden they’ll make captain Tom do tomorrow.
  12. Still no golf in Scotland until 28th May at the earliest. Great, can knock about in the park as much as you want, walk past people in the street and stand in crowded supermarkets and other shops all over Scotland. But can’t have a game of golf in the fresh air where it’s so straight forward to avoid other people.
  13. Did not see that last episode coming, really really good tv. Looking forward to season 4, i assume, next year.
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