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  1. Aside from a possibly irrational dislike of Swinson, the real reason not to vote for them is that they have no chance at all in my seat which has been SNP since 05, and had around 3% Lib Dem at the last election.
  2. And proposing the (part) re-nationalisation of utilities, broadband, railways, Royal Mail. IMO, that’s far further left than previous labour governments. The “socialist” claims are probably a little far fetched but they’re too far left for me, and many others, to support or vote for. FWIW, I agree with an increase in tax for the top 5%, a higher level of Corporation Taxes, and increased support for SMEs.
  3. Having previously voted Tory, I’ve explained myself previously on similar threads. I don’t understand how anyone could have followed the last couple of weeks campaigning and bring themselves to vote for them, unless they’re voting purely on the issue of Brexit - which many will be. My biggest problem is that Corbyn, in my opinion, is completely unelectable to the majority of people in the country. Although I disagree with a lot of what she says, and the SNPs record on actual policies and delivery of certain things is highly debatable - I think SNP are genuinely the only option in Scotland. As someone who probably sits just right of centre, there’s virtually not a single party to vote for anymore. The tories have gone way to far right and new labour have gone way too far left under Corbyn, although I accept not all of their party supports him. Will we ever get to a stage when a centrist party comes back?
  4. Best AJ has boxed for a long time in my option, looks very good.
  5. 3-1 for me. AJ looking like an actual boxer.
  6. 3-0 AJ, as expected he’s here for the duration.
  7. I’m not sure how, when you’ll be weighting yourself through camp, you could accidentally come in 2 stone heavier than planned [emoji23]
  8. He’s openly said he has a massive lunch just before the weight in. Looking at him he’s clearly in better shape than the first fight.
  9. Ruiz ain’t planning on staying in there for too long.
  10. That was the most David Drysdale weekend I can remember. He frequently gets himself into good positions then has a 4,5 over round which puts him miles behind the field.
  11. Not seen him posting for a while but defending either of those reds, or blaming the ref for either of them is mad. Davidson’s wasn’t “clumsy”, it was dangerous and he kept us stamp going well after initial contact.
  12. How the f**k can he even consider complaining about that. That’s a complete shocker.
  13. Sadly, by remembering roughly where it was I found it on google maps. Mercer Street Books and Records, 208 Mercer Street.
  14. Had the pup 3 days now and today’s the first day of crate training nearly done. 2 x separate 10min howling sessions on different occasions, then straight back to sleep. Slept 6 hours last night and then had a little cry at 6am to say he needed the toilet. Been feeding him using a clicker and he’s already figured out if he sits he gets a click, so hopefully have him sitting pretty soon. Having a puppy is rather fulfilling.
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