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  1. Lochee United were hoping to play our replay either midweek or Friday rtather than the Sunday but they can only get Sunday at 3.30... I would have thought that the sensible thing to do as it leaves the clubs free to play their Saturday game as normal and our friends at Kelty would have had a game.
  2. Sorry Gogsy, that was not me. I think it was locheeron a supporter definately not me.
  3. Thanks for the replies. It looks like you only have to have 3/4 Floodlights down one side with three lamps on them but two face the training pitch with one facing the main playing pitch. Looks like clubs can save money by doing that.
  4. Been a while since I posted Burnieman but I have a question for you. Why have clubs who applied for their licence been knocked back because of a lack of floodlights but Jeanfield Swifts were granted a licence ? I saw the video clips of their goals from yesterday's game v Broxburn and it's clear there are no floodlights on the clubroom side of the ground and behind the goals. Now I remember there were lights on the opposite side facing on to a training pitch but surely this is not acceptable ?
  5. I may have missed it, but what is the final structure, and allocation of clubs, for the East Region for 2019/20 ?.

  6. YLF is a young supporter of the club, that is his opinion. As I said nobody at the club has said those words. Still a long way to go nobody has won anything as yet, let's wait and see who picks up the trophies.
  7. As it stands Lochee have won nothing this season. There are only 4 cup competitions, Scottish Junior Cup, East Region Cup, Signature Signs Inter Region Cup and the Thorntons Property League Cup. Having won our section in the league cup we cannot participate in the Consolation Cup. As for our season unfortunately we were beaten by the beast team in Junior / Non League football in the semi final of the Scottish Junior Cup in Auchinleck Talbot, no complaints over the two games. The same Talbot team who dispatched Cove Rangers in the William Hill Scottish Cup who have dispatched East Kilbride in the play offs. While we still have an opportunity to win the league going into the final 5 games I can tell you if we were told at the start of the season you will win the league but lose out in the cups I would have bitten anyone's hand off for that. Now I can give excuses for our local cup losses but I won't as the winners deserve that. The league is and always will be the one to win. I would also add that our record over the last 20 years or so is good one that stands up with the best. Our only failure is not winning a Scottish but I'm sure it will come round one day. Just to finish off nobody at our club has claimed we are the best side in our area.
  8. Lochee met a quality side in Talbot, we have no complaints they deserved to go through they were the better side over both legs. Good luck in the final.
  9. Best team we have played this season. I doubt if any side would have beaten them. No complaints better side won on the day.
  10. He retired at the end of last season but resigned for the club last night until the end of this season
  11. We would have more of a chance of getting there than your lot. By the way we have never said we want to go to the SPFL
  12. A wee surprise coming later tonight which will give us all plenty to discuss.
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