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  1. This looks like a question that requires the mathematical skills of Goudie. Despite having an over zealous desire to criticise the Lowland League, I'm quite sure Goudie will be able to accurately detail the crowds of every single Lowland League game since inception.
  2. Always enjoy reading the condescending comments of Goudie towards anyone outside of her beloved Junior world. Even words of praise towards the achievements of Kelty are forced and inevitably come with a "but" to forewarn of impending doom.
  3. The argument over the physicality of the Premier League and its competitiveness being it's downfall does have some merit. Generally speaking, it may be a cliché but there probably isn't that many easy games in England from a physical perspective. Every game is played at a high pace etc. Even when teams are losing, they'll still work hard etc. You could also label this as a lack of game management. Why run around mental, chasing the game when you are being pumped? In Europe, you may find teams are losing 2-0 etc and decide to shut up shop, take the defeat and wait for the next fixture. Conserver energy, avoid injuries etc. Is that better game management? The game is Europe tends to be played at fluctuating levels of pace. It's not all 100mph stuff. There are periods when the game slows much more than in England I'd suggest. The amount of physical contact in England is greater too. Combined, these factors will ad up and contribute to the problem. English football is still heavily transition driven. It needs to move away from that or do it more effectively. It's all just gung ho at times.
  4. Real went through the whole Galatico period under Perez spending money wildly and crashing and burning repeatedly. They still spend big but its more considered now and less gung ho. The TV deal in Spain is now less individual and more collective. They are still seriously wealthy but its a little more redistributive now. All big teams will spend heavily at certain times. Liverpool won't spend that much under Klopp in comparison because of the type of coach that Klopp is. He tries to focus on developing players and his system is so difficult to implement, he really has to work with players too. What is different now is the ability of mediocre dross sides languishing around the lower reaches of the Premier League being able to outbid almost all sides in Europe in transfer fees and then offer up daft wages too. When you can spend so lavishly, you don't need to do any work you just spend. When you have no cash or less of it, you take your time (in theory) and you consider the players available to you and who you buy. You can't afford to take risks and get it wrong The Sporting Director at Sevilla, Monchi, has said as much here:- https://www.theguardian.com/football/2016/may/17/sevilla-monchi-liverpool-europa-league-final
  5. That problem will only increase over the coming years with the new TV deal. Why should an English side spend maybe 3 or 4 years and a few million quid developing a couple of players for the first team (assuming that they have players around 15/16 who are good enough in the first place) when you can just go out and spend £20m and buy more or less anyone that you want? Stoke are a good exampled just now. Hughes has been signing all sorts of players to ensure they remain in mid-table. With less money, European teams are forced to look around and sign players who fit the system they want to play etc. Sevilla are the perfect example. They may spend a fair bit of cash each summer but they nearly always recoup far more from player sales. And yet they don't collapse as they buy payers who fit what they're trying to achieve. Its not just random purchases. If I'm Stoke and I waste £20m on a player who doesn't fit in, I'll offload him for maybe £10m and then go and sign another £20m player. It doesn't matter as I'm pocketing over £100m from the TV deal alone each year. It's all short term.
  6. I'll be ignoring what most people say in the issue because the majority will be either entrenched Yes or No voters who you can't reason with. That was the biggest problem with the 2014 vote. Vast numbers of people bouncing around in their own echo chambers. If I could make one suggestion to people it would be to read considered viewpoints from the "other side" as such. It is a more expansive issue but the economic issues are the most important ones for me. I don't expect to hear all the answers but I'd like to hear one side put all of the options on the table and detail the pro's and con's of both. The Yes campaign could really do this if Andrew Wilson's research is as thorough and meticulous as suggested. It may paint a bleak picture but it would be a worst case scenario countered against what potentially could be achieved. Similar idea to what Sir Tom Hunter helped produce last time out. I suspect a moderate, sense of balance will be missing from this campaign though.
  7. I voted Yes in 2014 probably more with my heart than my head as the economic case simply didn't stack up back then and there were too many unanswered questions. I'm not sure how I'd vote this time around. The key for me will be the Yes campaign producing a comprehensive and robust financial appraisal (as far as can be reasonably expected) that stands up to close scrutiny. I'm not interested in people saying we will be okay or others claiming that we are stronger together etc. That's just all rhetoric and nonsense. I'll vote on the basis of who presents the strongest economic case. Unfortunately that means I'll likely need to do most of the research myself as neither side will present an impartial analysis and that will leave me making a slightly better informed guess.
  8. Disappointing to see Unai Emery go full on Unai Emery again and steal defeat from the jaws of victory. He's built his career around these crash and burn moments. PSG were woeful but the players need to take their share of responsibility too. Bizarrely, I don't think Barcelona played all that well and the fact that Neymar really dug them out of a hole reinforces the problems they have been having all season. They are completely reliant upon Messi, Suarez and Neymar. That's fine for when they play cannon fodder or when the opponent implodes spectacularly as PSG did last night. Press Barcelona high and close them down as PSG did at home and they really struggle now. Enrique should really thank Emery for last night's gift.
  9. Anyone been to FC Copenhagen before? Over in Denmark in a few weeks time and I've already bought tickets for a game. Stadium looks quite tidy. Any advice about where to go before the game etc?
  10. Why are you still stating the above when the points have all been addressed elsewhere, in more detail and with greater clarity than the half baked version of events that you have listed? What are the average attendances in the latter stages of the Junior Cup in recent years by way of comparison? I'm sure you will have conducted a head count at any games involving Talbot. And comparing a run of the mill league vs the quarter final or semi final of a national cup competition isn't exactly comparing like with like but I'm sure you already know that. A few seasons ago, St Johnstone played Aberdeen in the semi final of the Scottish Cup with 19k attending. Their average home crowd that season was under 4k.
  11. I don't think anyone on here disagrees that the introduction of a partial pyramid system has been good. There will always be complaints about specific aspects of it but the general principle is good. The next step must be to develop the existing pyramid further. The solution that causes least upheaval would probably be the inclusion of the Juniors as regional leagues at the same level as the EoS and SoS leagues. These would operate one tier below the Lowland / Highland League. The exact mechanisms of promotion / relegation to one league from a number of feeder leagues would need to be resolved but in the short term, the above would allow almost all teams to continue playing at the same level without trying to start over completely. Specific criteria required to progress up the levels and you gradually get exposed to football on a wider geographical basis as you progress (accepting that even at regional level, there will always be some disparities when travelling). Whether you expand the Challenge Cup or have a new national non league cup could be discussed. I still think even that tournament would require minimum criteria for grounds etc and would therefore exclude most of the present Junior sides until they start improving their grounds.
  12. I'm glad you agree that Junior football is being dragged into the 21st Century.
  13. The travelling issue has been explored. It has positives and negatives but there is very little difference overall. With regard to more local games, if I'm a Clyde fan, I'd rather watch my team play Queens Park and Albion Rovers etc. than Kirkintilloch Rob Roy. Maybe over time that would change but initially, such a game wouldn't hold any appeal.
  14. Forfar to Brora is about 4hrs. Forfar to Wick is about 5hrs. There is no easy solution due to the distribution of our clubs. Some poor team will always get shafted every now and then with an almighty trek. We're so hung up on labels etc we conveniently miss what actually works.
  15. You stated that Talbot were a "good model for part time football clubs" and have made several assertions about Talbot and lower league football. That has made me curious and I'm keen for you to provide more detailed answers. I appreciate that you seldom answer questions directly but I though I would try anyway. All this subsidy sloshing around at all these clubs with no fans and yet you cannot quantify what Talbot have received or even make an estimate? Supporters of other clubs have come on here and produced detailed breakdowns of their club accounts over a season etc but nothing from you. You've got the best solution for Scottish football at a lower level but cannot provide any detailed information on your own club bar some bland statements. Asking some basic questions is hardly "gestapo type questioning" but you continue with your hyperbolic claims whilst avoiding all questions if you must.
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