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  1. FFS please give us signing news [emoji31][emoji31][emoji31]
  2. 5% of people not renewing you say over a drum? What’s the percentage of new season tickets amongst the new drumming brigade? Would the club rather turn 20 people say, away, and keep half a dozen long standing season ticket holders. These guys could be our next long time season ticket holders, buy bigger headphones,
  3. Who has signed the most? Certainly not sons, we may have a full team in place for around November [emoji85][emoji85]
  4. Jan vojacek, can you list Stephen aitkens signings for Dumbarton, trying to win an argument, cheers in advance
  5. Don’t dis the “sons of the rock” Facebook page
  6. Was that his fault though, or was he told what kit to take? Were stenny not dicks in refusing to let us wear red that day? I’m not sticking up for him though, just can’t remember the facts.
  7. Nah, not touched it. To be fair to colm, despite him appearing to not being on good terms with members of the board, for whatever reasons, we as a team were well turned out, including insights into the running of a kit man, and he seemed to have a really good camaraderie with the players, Delighted to see Carswell sign up, now we definitely need either Murray/carcary style wingers, in ability and quality, or a Dom Thomas type in behind the striker. Can we expect more players sign this week? Has Hutton had his operation? Club very quiet
  8. A statement John Steele made. Doesn’t matter who brendan is.
  9. Dumbarton fc better pull a few rabbits from the hat, cos this squad will be nowhere good enough for at the very least mid table
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