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  1. Hoping it’s third time lucky fir sons, but truthfully, if it’s less than 5, it’s a miracle
  2. I thought in saturdays preview, that both were 50/50 for the Clyde game
  3. Did he comment on signing updates last night on Clyde?
  4. Without McKee, mcgeever possibly wouldn’t score as many, but Hutton has been most consistent and most improved, so gets my vote
  5. Hopefully we’ll also have a few back fit, and a few decent additions to the squad, so we should be in better health also, fingers crossed
  6. 4 of us leaving Dumbarton east at 8:50, absolutely can’t wait for it
  7. Duffy and Lennon will be in discussion with the ref I’m sure [emoji12]
  8. Wasn’t there a Gary harkins rumour a while back?
  9. Been to pittodrie twice, a 3-1 defeat, (obidile era), and the last game, a 1-0 defeat, where Paul mcginn should’ve scored near the end. I’d love to think third time lucky, but Aberdeen should have plenty in reserve to beat us, but I’m sure many sons fans will enjoy the day out regardless, as I will, through one eye 🤪
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