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  1. May save the day for the employees but the shareholders who took a punt are intercoursed.
  2. I wouldn't touch Northern Rock with a barge pole. They have borrowed nearly 13bn from the Bank Of England. They are a dead duck - Northern Rock only have the BoE helping them for 2 years - the vultures will wait until then.
  3. Must have been easier to take one of the twins, if they just wanted to snatch a 4 year old it would have been easier to grab a unguarded kid off the street. Instead of spying and working out the McCanns meal/bevvy up routine then breaking into the apartment and sloping off into the night. The McCanns aren't telling the whole truth.
  4. I'm sure some Chav/Ned family would be getting such an easy ride in the Media. I'm sure it is a criminal offence in this country to leave kids under a certain age unattended.
  5. These are chalets and not a normal hotel, My parents used to leave us in our room whilst they had a few drinks in the hotel bar, they used to check on us every 20 mins or so. But we were all older than 5 when they did that. I don't know how people take young kids on Holiday, its a miltary operation just to go to the shops with my two.
  6. Un-fucking-believable!!! Especially when you consider the father is a consultant cardiologist!!! Would have thought he'd have more sense!!!!
  7. Manic Street Preachers : Your love alone is not enough
  8. I think New York isn't very good for Mens Clothing. Give me Milan or London anyday.
  9. Old fuckers who go shopping at the weekend They have all week to go their messages, why go on a Saturday? Then they chat to the people on the checkout. " I still buy a big tin of beans, even though I only eat half as I used to give my wee Hughie, who is in New Zealand, Did i tell you my Hughie has his own Plumbing business....." f**k off!!! Do your shopping during the week, not at the weekend!!!!
  10. You're totally sick in the head. Still not complaining and still not a grass.
  11. Do you expect me to complain to the mods? It would be spendid if you were involved in a car crash.
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