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  1. Im a fan of the band Rancid. Ill get around to updating my profile picture eventually
  2. I agree with you on that one. The national league was added due to fans campaigning for it. I think with the new gen consoles they may introduce basic leagues and obscure ones as dlc as i cant really imagine a 14 yer old wanting to manage albion rovers or even solihull moors in the conference
  3. Im not sure if anybody knows but its been confirmed that the national league is being included in fifa 22. Looking forward to a national league rtg save
  4. Norwich kit is very smart. Theyve had a knack the last three seasons of putting out smart home kits
  5. Im not entirely sure what to make of this. It might work or as was mentioned the 48 team although it would take forever. I like the idea of a 32 team euros even if there is the risk of games such as north macedonia v bosnia but until you try a new format youre never going to know how well it will go although i do believe the world cup should be extended by this point
  6. Slightly off topic but has anybody got thumbnails of the new dudee tops for my xbox gamer profile please
  7. I think a goalkeeper to be competition for Legzdins is more of a priority at the moment to be fair. O'Sullivan I think would be a decent squad player for us if we did manage to get him back
  8. Ive heard the discussions over the years of 'these work shy scroungers' and having experience of long term unemployment I thin its extremely unfair to tar everybody long term unemployed with the same brish as between the 2013 and the end of 2014 my self confidence was pretty much non existant. I was doing wee bits of volunteer work and getting involved in community projects but starting at BT gave me a platform to turn my life around and get myself to the best place ive ever been mentally and spiritually. When my confidence was non existant i knew a few folk who shall remain nameless who were happy to claim dole money and cross of days on a calendar and would take the piss out of people who were really timid when they got money from the dole or work. I would ask on occassion if they wanted to work and mentioned ways of getting into work through employment agencies, college etc and i would get a response of 'Nah i cannae be bothered doing that' I would look at getting people like this in work by sending them to recruitment agencies and if they dropped out due to this attitude of 'i cannae be bothered' then you take away their money and replace it with the smart card thing they were talking about bringing in a few years ago but you made it so you could only get basics off it so no drugs, alcohol, fags, games that sort of things as its unfair if you have somebody who is trying by going to agencies or college unable to maybe go for a pint and you have your chancers taking the piss. Now the chancers are minimal but they are still frustrating as im going to do my hnc at college in september and at times i feel as if im not getting as many opportunities as i maybe should be although covid is partially to blame for that
  9. Chris McDonald

    FIFA 21

    Ive just noticed theres a new set of kits called Ice Cream Sundaze. Can somebody rwll me how you can acquire them, preferably without paying money for it or by buying a shit ton of gold packs
  10. so far ive had a lot of the new Gojira and Solar Sons albums on but ive been venturing a lot into Devildriver the last couple of weeks or so
  11. Has anybody got a thumbnail image of the new Dundee home top as im wanting it for my xbox gamer profile thingmagig
  12. I've just started a road to glory as Harrogate town and the idea for the first couple of years is to bring through youngsters from the youth academy along with free agents. Has anybody done a career like this. I also have a salford city save where I have them in the championship and were top going into christmas
  13. I dont drink now but i went through a phase of drinking heavily in my late teenage years and early twenties but my first attempt to seriously stop i was sober for three months. I stopped because the hangovers were getting brutal and i was getting the fear and i had made friends who were non drinkers. Barring getting fucked over by my ex when euro 2016 was on and a family scare a couple of year back I dont drink and dont even miss it although breaking out of the routine of drinking can take some getting used to
  14. Bit random and maybe in the wrong thread but I ordered an iron maiden pop vinyl and its due to arrive tomorrow
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