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  1. This is slightly off topic but can somebody make either dundee home or away shirt into an avatar image for me please
  2. just had the best jobbie

  3. I've never went online and shared the fact I just had a jobbie five minutes ago twas braw
  4. I thought Hemming would have been given number 10, Kerr 2 Also i would have given Wighton and possibly Colquhoun new squad numbers
  5. I do was just saying he was a class part of the Italy team that won the world cup in 2006
  6. I'd say either Olivier Giroud or Robert Lewandowski
  7. Not a striker but Perrotta and Zambrotta were quality players
  8. can somebody do me graphic of Dundee's third kit please
  9. Dundee goalie top (for anybody who's interested)
  10. Nathaniel Clyne to Liverpool is likely to be finalised today and Manure are after Seamus Coleman and Morgan Schneiderlain
  11. has anybody got any avatar images of the new home top?
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