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  1. Edinburgh Uni still haven't got back to me on my UCAS application
  2. Well yeah I guess, but its probably because there are people leaving so we need to fill their gaps I guess, its just you don't get breaks or anything really. Oh well it's money
  3. I've just found out i'm working: Friday night from 6-finish (11pm or later) Saturday morning 8-12 Saturday night 6pm- finish So its going to no doubt be at least 15 hours and not only do i miss the football, i'm supposed to be going to a barbecue on saturday night and I'll be getting like 7 hours sleep which will not lead to a happy me. I've only just started too, hmph
  4. The Black Eyed Peas and Calvin Harris are on at the same time tomorrow at T in the Park, grrr...
  5. I'm not really sure where the time has gone tonight, I'm supposed to be revising for a Spanish speaking prelim on friday, yet I seem to have achieved nothing and don't recall doing anything noteworthy at all...
  6. The heating and hot water aren't working in my house.. It's very, very cold.
  7. According to msn weather it'll be -5, but feel like -10 degrees, when I have to wait on my school bus tomorrow morning. Fantastic
  8. I've just looked over the stuff I was doing in maths before the end of term, and I really cant remember how to do a lot of it
  9. I wanna be at the football right now, instead I'm stuck at home considering doing some homework
  10. I was supposed to be going out today, and tomorrow, but I'm getting quite ill again. And the snow is so bright outside that its giving me a headache, boo .
  11. Its almost constantly snowed here today, it's so cold! Tomorrow its supposed to drop to -5/-6 degrees
  12. Shame, we're on holiday already I've been ill for over a week now, looks like i'll have to go to the doctors tomorrow, great
  13. The snow's still here from Thursday, but its been topped up a wee bit this afternoon, its quite light just now though
  14. The bus I get back from school broke down just over a mile from my house, meaning I had to walk for most of it on my own, in rather icy conditions, on a road with no pavements that hadn't been gritted.. I may have fallen over a couple of times too
  15. Me too I also have a ridiculous amount of stuff to revise for this week, it's supposed to be the last week of term!
  16. They'll get used to it, men doing housework is the way forward
  17. They put it on at about half 4, then went out to the pub straight after, and got back at about 8. My dad somehow managed to sort it though.
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