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  1. Think the midfield 3 are all capable but every single of one of them was hiding tonight. And there was then nothing to link a defence that seriously can't take the ball out from the back, to a front line that couldn't get anything to stick. On the few occasions Campbell or Polworth went looking for the ball and tried to do something with it, we looked vaguely threatening. Other than that, nothing to be excited about going forward. Ridiculous that we were still in a position to score and possibly take that to ET tonight because the performance was dreadful, more or less to a man.
  2. Christ I can barely handle the build up now; been on nights all week so managed to keep a lid on it but this morning my nerves are in bits. This is a team that can win it, just hope we don't shite it. Up the well
  3. Sickener to lose like that, but the performance especially in the second half was reassuring still. Similar to Wednesday the referee was hopeless, right across the pitch and for both sides. Crawford should have had a second yellow, and Lasley probably could have had 2 yellows before the penalty even. Louis Moult is some boy though, absolutely love the guy. Gimshaw is developing into a great player too, absolutely busts a gut, never hides and has a fair bit of skill about him; hope we can hang on to him til May at least.
  4. Burst out laughing in the library at the paracetamol one, the rest of it was solid except from the tit-grabbing one. Didn't quite get that. Classic stuff again though, 'Everything's Shit!'
  5. Last year was the only year I had to use WebCT and it was absolutely dire. Slow as a week in jail, wouldn't work on mobile and just a nightmare to use. Glad to be shot of it.
  6. Anybody know anywhere in Edinburgh selling that Tennents Export stuff? Saw it in Motherwell the other day but couldn't be bothered lugging a crate back through here. Supermarkets near me don' seem to have any though
  7. Only got one exam this semester, used to having a fair whack more, and finding it boring as f**k. Never thought I'd find myself complaining but there you go.
  8. Almost fist pumping at the end They can keep on knocking,cos the debts just won't go away!
  9. @Gary_411 Just tweet about the football, and a bit about a charity I help run. And the usual student pish.
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