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  1. Strangely, reading this thread had me thinking of subscribing. Made me realise how many times I’d wanted to read one of Alan Temple’s interviews about the Rovers but couldn’t.
  2. FFP has gone downhill since it lost Matt Elder. He had a genuine interest in and rapport with the club. That Hearts supporting guy is clearly just phoning it in and doing the bare minimum. As others have said, Alan Temple is excellent.
  3. Agree that it’s been a fantastic start to the season. I’m now coming away from games already looking forward to the next game. Actually feel pretty positive about next week. The game up there was close and we are at home and stronger now than we were then I reckon. Might be false optimism but I don’t think we’ll lose.
  4. Thought at the time the way that Poplatnik reacted that something had definitely happened. Incredible that the linesman was just right there but sees nothing. Worse than useless.
  5. Good solid win today without playing that well. Thought Arbroath were unlucky to head in 2 down at half-time. Frustrating to lose another late goal but thankfully it was so late we were spared the usual panic. Ross looked good even in his short cameo. Excited to see more of him. What a first quarter we’ve had. Sitting second and playing some great football. The only real difference between us and the league leaders is that narrow 1-0 loss up in Inverness. Already looking forward to next Saturday.
  6. Totally agree with all the positive points in the post above. Haven’t enjoyed watching the Rovers as much since the glory years of the 90s. The one thing that stops me getting too carried away is that based on past experience we know we are always one bad decision away from a crisis. Things can turn around pretty quickly if you appoint the wrong manager or make a bad call on something off the field. No sign of any of that at the moment given our current stability, but it’s something to be mindful of. Also have a slight concern about the long term. Where does ownership go once Sim retires or is no longer around? Him taking control meant ripping up the structures and guarantees that were previously in place particularly around fan involvement on the board. There’s nothing to stop a new owner (or even Sim for that matter) chucking the fan rep off the board and taking the club in a wrong direction. Again, there’s no sign of that happening but it is still something we need to keep in mind.
  7. This does look incredible. If Sim manages to build this with no significant detriment to the playing side then he’ll have left the club a fantastic legacy.
  8. Don’t think it’s particularly ugly. The most successful period in our history was exactly this type of blend.
  9. Aye, that’s also a fair assessment. I’m maybe thinking more recent games. Thought he looked poor as a starter down at Ayr, very poor touch which ultimately led to him being booked, but in the last few games he’s come on and looked ok.
  10. Fantastic to get Ross back. Feeling very optimistic about the rest of the season. Cue a stodgy one goal defeat to Arbroath…
  11. Pretty much agree with this. His positioning and touch has let him down at times, but he’s also been a solid late game replacement and shown flashes of skill getting past players to help make space for others. His part in the Aberdeen goal springs to mind. Won’t set the league on fire but a decent, known quantity as much needed back-up for the rest of the season.
  12. Glenrothes is a much harder sell. It’s not the towns club and there’s traditionally a far greater number of folk who’ve been displaced there from elsewhere, usually bringing their Old Firm allegiance. That’s not to say we couldn’t do more there, but not easy.
  13. Not sure if this has been shared already but David Latto is looking to get his version of Geordie Munro recorded. He did it on A View from the Terrace and it was cracking. Well worth supporting if you can.
  14. A win here would cap off a hugely successful quarter. McGlynn and Campbell are easily the two best managers in the Championship so will probably be a tight affair and a bit of a tactical battle. I’m going 2-1 to Rovers.
  15. Young lads have been brilliant. Really added to the atmosphere, particularly on away trips. There’s plenty of better songs that has the whole away end joining in, as happened at Killie on Saturday. As you say, they listened before so hopefully will do the same this time. Leave the ‘we’ll sing what we like and f*ck the rest of you’ stuff to the Old Firm.
  16. Think it’s one of these songs where you just insert name of someone you don’t like. Was aimed at Peter Grant at the Derby, aimed at Euan Murray at Killie. As far as I’m aware neither are sex offenders. It’s brutal patter, much like the songs calling someone gay or a pedophile back in the past.
  17. Will be watching the live updates on the way to Hampden. Selfishly, would have liked to have seen this moved to last night so I could have gone, but definitely not high priority particularly given the reward of winning is a midweek trip for the inevitable lose to Inverness. Mon the Rovers.
  18. Yeah, it’s brutal. Good on the club and Andy Mill calling it out.
  19. Apologies, I suffered on seeing it and felt I should share the pain around.
  20. Good to know that Dunfermline have their own ‘Dave Wann’
  21. This is for a charity match and a great cause, but here’s a photo to strike fear into the heart of every Rover’s fan…
  22. That statement reminds me of Rover’s Eric Drysdale at his worst. Blaming everyone else and completely mis-reading the room. It’s a two fingers up, f**k you strategy which never works. As someone else says, it will look even more ridiculous in a few weeks when he is actually sacked.
  23. Less of a fight and more like one guy in a room swinging punches at thin air
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