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  1. Since Liam Fox was mentioned, my pessimism has resigned to it being him. Hopefully it was just him or his agent touting him. At first I wasn’t overly enthused with Kevin Thomson, but seeing the names of those potentially in the frame, I think he feels the safest bet.
  2. Don’t think there’s any prospect of the women’s team returning anytime soon. Both from them not wanting anything to do with Sim and Sim not wanting anything to do with Val McD. Not even aware if the club had made any approach to them since January. The fact they were on Football Focus suggests not. So if we’re going to have a woman's team it’ll probably have to be started from scratch.
  3. From memory, I think Jimmy Nicholl also had similar experience coaching the Rangers reserves when he was a senior pro and maybe at Dunfermline too. So he didn’t come to us completely inexperienced.
  4. Scott Brown could go either way. Much as I didn’t like his on field antics, I don’t think he’d necessarily transfer that to the role of manager. And his career shows he was obviously smarter and more switched on than the likes of O’Connor, Riordan and Griffiths. Not sure how he’d cope with Sim mind. My suspicion has always been that we’d go for the cheap option or someone that Sim feels he can control. Berra or Ellis would fit that.
  5. McPake has the feel of Gary Locke all over again. Not inspired at all
  6. At least the young lads will be delighted to have the ‘proper’ derby back. McCall one day, Hughes and McGhee the next. Couldn’t be better. Glorious
  7. At the risk of triggering some folk in our support who hate Val McD, Football Focus apparently have a feature on our former women’s team today. BBC1 at noon.
  8. Think Thistle or Rovers were both on such poor form that defeat in the first play off was kind of inevitable for whoever finished fourth. Look forward to Firhill again next season minus the fog hopefully.
  9. McPake surely a wind up. No one has mentioned the cheap option - Paul Smith. After all, his wife is probably involved in helping make the decision.
  10. They have made it clear that it’s an unofficial programme and doesn’t reflect the official stance of Raith Rovers - which as we know from the Sim interview is pretty much ‘f**k you’ The club’s problem is the programme is produced by volunteers. Without them, the club would have no programme. Hadn’t realised that other the the Frank Connor tribute, we’ve had no official programme since the Goodwillie signing. Well done on the editor for calling out the unrepentant shysters in the Board Room.
  11. Who's giving Hughes a free pass? Was responding to someone saying that fans were singing f**k Peter Grant. If they were also singing f**k John Hughes then fair enough.
  12. Sacked in October and hadn't won a game. Left us rock bottom with a shitshow of an unbalanced squad. You were one win from safety when Grant was sacked. Bizarre that Hughes is given a free pass by many. He only had three points to make up
  13. ‘f**k Peter Grant’ Seriously? He was sacked in OCTOBER last year. Hughes has had the majority of the season to save you but hasn’t. Why aren’t they blaming him? Or are you all hoodwinked by the shite patter too?
  14. Aye, 5th v 9th. Enjoy your unbeaten run against the wee team.
  15. Someone tell the media. Every win they had you safe. Getting in the car after you beat us at East End they were talking about you in the Premiership.
  16. We did warn you that Hughes was a total fucking charlatan.
  17. Also his hard is it for the BBC to get our proper badge? It’s even in their titles.
  18. Absolutely nothing wrong with that Varian ‘goal’ Penalty on Mackie also. What is it with these televised games? f**k sake. So frustrating. Hoping Ayr hold on to put the Pars into the play offs.
  19. If it turns around tonight then it’ll be a bigger shock that 27/11/94.
  20. There’s a halfway house between saying it’s a dead rubber and acting like it’s the equivalent of helicopter Sunday. Maybe just treat fans as adults. Hyping it up unrealistically when we know it’s over just looks a bit stupid.
  21. Our social media around this game has been embarrassing. it’s not even being done tongue in cheek. I guess it does neatly sum up the club’s attitudes to fans this season. Treat them like they are idiots.
  22. He’s not out of contract. He’s ours for another 2 years
  23. Highlights - Defeating Aberdeen in the cup, the 3-1 at Kilmarnock away, the unbeaten run up to December, winning the Challenge Cup Lowlights - everything else, especially Sim, MacDonald, Sinton and Morgan.
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