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  1. Hugely entertaining League One match. Had everything and great effort to hang on for the win. Only thing missing was the last minute second goal breaking upfield, but other than that the definition of why lower league Scottish football is brilliant.
  2. Listening at the moment. Superb stuff. Actually a bit choked. Cheers guys
  3. Fantastic times. I thought the ref was going to blow for offside at Dazza’s goal, so took me a minute to realise we’d equalised. What a team
  4. Sad news about Martin Harvey. A big part of Rovers success in the Nicholl era by all accounts. All the stuff the club has done the last few weeks has been tremendous and reminds you just what a special time that was.
  5. Apologies if others have posted about this, but the Trust has a survey running at the moment https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/RaithSupportersTrustFanSurvey
  6. Meant that Kevin Murphy is in charge of the overall girls academy and approach.
  7. Crowd of over 1000 at Tynecastle to see Hearts lift the trophy. Will be interesting to see how they strengthen over the summer in terms of players and how they invest and develop longer term. Some great teams and players at the lower age groups and Kevin Murphy in charge
  8. Not putting S Anderson straight back in is madness. He’s transformed our defence since arriving. Surely he mustn’t have been fully fit
  9. Not a fan of slaughtering players, but if as reported on the radio that the red was for foul and abusive language then will happily criticise that until the cows come. Absolute stupidity Edited to add that even the Open All Mics team were having a chuckle at the regularity of Davo being sent off for us.
  10. The injuries are a huge blow, but confident we have a squad capable of securing a play-off at the very least and, if Falkirk don’t get their act together, maybe even winning the league. Although that’s still an outside bet for me. Regardless of where finish, already this season has been night and day from some of the recent ones. The last few seasons I’d not even considered a three hour drive to watch the Rovers, but tomorrow I’m looking forward to heading up to Peterhead. We are playing some decent attacking football, have a manager who clearly knows what he is doing and players who all come across as hard working and professional, with no one thinking they are better than they are. I’d much rather have that than some of the charlatans we have had representing the club in recent years.
  11. Brutal injuries for two players who it’s an absolute pleasure to watch on a Saturday. Gutted for Lewis Vaughan especially. Thought McGlynn handled that interview well, clearly feels for the players injured and is concerned about the impact on the rest of the squad.
  12. Superb first half performance from us. Second half was a horror show. Goodwillie easily the best striker on that pitch. Anderson will be a huge loss for however many games he is out. Frustrating to slip up after getting two goals ahead but pleased not to lose
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