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  1. Meant to say if anyone fancies sitting under cover in the home end, you basically just need to register on the Celtic ticketing site and you can immediately get access to purchase tickets. Not that I’d condone such a thing obviously
  2. Celtic have opened up cup tickets to general sale. Here’s the latest map of sales, although the lack of tickets at the back of the upper tier looks a bit suspicious. Looks more like they’ve just shut this part of the stadium?
  3. Watched this the other week. Really comprehensive analysis from all sides. Excellent
  4. Added that video only to have a laugh at Pars fans going mental when their team lost to Ayr. Folk having a go at the young lad who filmed it are well out of order. He was actually pretty sensible given the situation. Imagine if this was a young Rover’s fan filming our games and grown adults were having a go at him for his looks. Deary me.
  5. This is a glorious watch for all Rovers fans. Favourite bit is his sign off at the end. ‘That’s it. Pumped Again’
  6. If you’d said which Rovers player over the last decade was likely to end up with a hairstyle like that then I bet you McKay would be in most folks top 3. Still have cold sweats at the thought of his shirking performance up in Inverness.
  7. Aye we are brilliant. If only football was gymnastics and they awarded the points on style. We’d be laughing.
  8. Parking the bus is just defending your lead. I’d be more than happy for Rovers to do this at Celtic Park in ten days time if we score first. And if we came away with a 1-0 win…I’d be delirious.
  9. Football is about having a game plan and scoring more than the opposition. Queens executed that perfectly today and deserved the points. No time for the ‘we’re a better footballing team’ or ‘two poor teams’ stuff. It’s just sour grapes. Hopefully McGlynn learns from it and we push on from here.
  10. Queens deserved the win today. No complaints. Won most of the 50/50s and closed us down very effectively. Didn’t see exactly what happened at the goal, but we seemed to let him just run straight through us. We had no real cutting edge and despite the possession we never looked like scoring. We really miss Vaughan. Ah well, onto Morton.
  11. How are Celtic getting away with this pish. There is no way there will be over 30,000 for this, with it on TV it will probably be way under 15,000. So even being optimistic that’s 30,000 seats empty which could easily accommodate an away support. f**k the Old Firm
  12. Talk of disrupting our defence to give people game time is madness. It’s been superb most of the season and hopefully will be again tomorrow. 2-0 Rovers
  13. Only disappointment of the night was the BRS sending off. Felt his first touch most of the game wasn’t great tbh. Often too heavy which left him chasing the ball. From memory that’s what led to his first booking as the ball ran away from him and he caught the Ayr player trying to get it back under control.
  14. The boos starting up when Dario gets the ball on the edge of the box. The he silences them by scoring. Beautiful.
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