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  1. Three points ahead having played a game more. Aye, mind the gap indeed. Christ
  2. My natural pessimism is kicking in. Only 7 points off a play-off down the way. So far we’ve survived on following up a dismal performance with a win. If those wins start to evaporate into draws or losses then it’ll quickly get hairy.
  3. Well done Arbroath. Fully deserved the win. As for us, feels churlish complaining when we are third in the league but holy f**k, how can we be brilliant one week and awful the next? There’s absolutely no middle ground. We could have played on for another 4 hours and still not scored. Dismal.
  4. Strange to say for a McGlynn side, but I don’t think we have enough grit especially in midfield. Lots of hugely talented players but when we come up against teams that get in our face then we shrink away. If we get into a football battle then we can win, but a slog like today and Arbroath can match us easily.
  5. Fucking pathetic. Handed them a chance a minute earlier and didn’t learn their lesson. Arbroath have won this I reckon. We are either on it or not and today feels like a no-show. Hope I’m wrong
  6. Feels like it, but it’s still level at least Good clear stream but could without the slightly jerky camera
  7. This feels like a hard slog already. Arbroath look far more up for it.
  8. That team was excellent but it also felt pretty short-lived in the end. I think this team just edges it with the attacking football they play. Maybe lack consistency but when they are good they are an absolute joy to watch. Although aware my perception may be warped by the few seasons of dross that preceded this.
  9. Probably my natural pessimism speaking. This is the best Rovers side I’ve seen since 92. In my optimistic moments I absolutely imagine is finishing top 4 and winning the play-offs as we have absolutely no pressure and nothing to lose. It’s Rovers though, so who knows what will come to pass
  10. Was looking at the table the other day and did think it would be funny if we went up with Hearts through the play-offs. Some Jambos might spontaneously combust with rage. Still very much an outside bet that we’ll even make the play-offs I suspect, but we can dream.
  11. Quite liked the pillar and different angles. Made it feel a bit more real. Almost got me nostalgic for visiting Cappielow
  12. Ugwu has really impressed since coming into the side. His strength to hold off players and link up is great. Abraham definitely looks a much rawer talent but let’s just see how he settles in. Duku we know well, but if he’s had Covid then no wonder McGlynn is using him sparingly. I’m happy to trust McGlynn’s reasoning for how he uses each player and just delighted that we have three decent options up-front.
  13. Have criticised him in the past but today he was solid. Well played
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