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  1. McGlynn or TxRover, who to trust? Yesterday was fine. In an ideal world, we’d have scored one of those early chances and racked up a few goals. Yes we left it relatively late to score but we were never in any real danger of losing that tie. The end result was a pretty fair reflection of how the game panned out.
  2. Crowd was reasonable against us in the League cup. A weekend tie in the Scottish cup with away fans allowed will easily surpass that even if it’s on TV
  3. Would have loved Annan or Peterhead, but Celtic away far better than a routine loss to Livingston in front of a shit crowd. Not too many exciting ties so presume we’ll be picked by Premier as one of their games. That and half of the gate money hopefully funds a striker.
  4. Presume the away support won’t get anywhere near that main stand tomorrow?
  5. That’ll be it. Got love a sleeping giant. Falkirk my favourite.
  6. Strange one. You’d think if he wasn’t in Hibs immediate plans they’d have left him at Stark’s Park for the rest of the season.
  7. Arbroath absolutely had the passing about the back worked out. Their players knew where it was going and closed us down quickly. Biggest concern around this was the rest of the team as it was being passed back and forward. As someone else said, Williamson, Stanton, Ross etc simply weren’t an option the majority of the time so it was 5 minutes of cross passing followed by a hopeful punt.
  8. The encouraging thing is the support isn't turning on players in person, it’s just the usual doom merchants on here berating individuals. Even yesterday after a dreadful second half the South Stand didn’t turn on the players. It was more disappointment than anger at the final whistle. Think most sensible folk realise that even if we’re in a very sticky patch, singling out individuals or abusing the team won’t help and this group has got us up challenging.
  9. I’m probably deemed a happy clapper and generally try to be positive about the clubs position, but yesterday did feel like the moment our title challenge ended. We had a half of football where we’d created very little but still managed to nick a goal. The hope was that we’d kick on in the second half but losing a sloppy goal so quickly really just punctured all belief out of the team. It was like the team (and fans) just thought ‘ah well, that’s that fucked’ After that we were utterly dreadful, losing almost every single challenge or header. Once Berra went off it was just waiting for Arbroath to score. Even at their goal, they hit the post moments earlier and the team didn’t even take comfort from that let off. The ball was immediately back in the box and we were giving away a penalty. Brutal. I made the mistake of looking at the ‘As it Stands’ league table at half time and with Inverness getting beat we were sitting joint top. Now we’re 6 points adrift and effectively 5th I suspect given the games in hand of others. On paper, it’s still all to play for of course, but already this quarter of fixtures is worse than the first two even if we win every game left in it. Which looks highly unlikely. The only consolation is that the other 4 play each other in upcoming fixtures and we’ve plenty games left against them too so there is a chance to get back in amongst it - but it needs wins and there’s starting to be no margin for error. Ah the joy of supporting the Rovers. Disappointment is always just around the corner.
  10. Just listened to the McGlynn interview. Sounds as pissed off as the fans are. Hopefully that is the low point and we can get back on track from here. Fingers crossed.
  11. Nothing quite so fickle as a football fan. Nah, just one of these fans that wants us to fail. Predicted relegation at the start of the season. Probably disappointed that we’re in the top half. We are on a very poor run and today was probably the lowest point so far, but turning on individual players and calling them ‘poison’ Jesus
  12. Hope Arbroath go on and win the league. Far preferable to the dullness of Killie, ICT or Partick going up. Dick Campbell plays the fool but the job he’s doing is phenomenal.
  13. No complaints. Better team won. Arbroath fought harder and played better.
  14. I’m convincing myself this is the game where we click into gear and the old Rovers are back. Comfortable 3-0 to us. Back in the real world, expecting a tight nervy 0-0/1-1
  15. Got lucky in the Ballot. Hopefully there to see a win.
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