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  1. So tonight went into it expecting nothing. We had a right good go. Never making up for the 0-3 defeat at Stark’s but Lewis Vaughan’s goal gave us a sort of semi-belief. Made the rest of the game enjoyable. Well done Rovers
  2. Agree, but I’ve been very critical in the past. Today he coped well.
  3. He was suffering from long COVID. He or the club are never going to say anything different. But all irrelevant now.
  4. Charlie Adam the difference over the two legs. Fair play to Dundee. If Adams turns up then you have every chance in the final
  5. We were always out of this, bit Dundee kind of shat the bed tonight. Referee helped as well. Championship next season. Brilliant
  6. Need another goal to get back in this. But we’ve done well. Proud of them. Lewis Vaughan 😍
  7. I wouldn’t but the supporters of the other club should, especially if it’s on a day of their game. It’s only Old Firm supporting players I’ve seen doing this which obviously makes it much worse. The worst I ever saw was Celtic supporting Ryan Conroy complaining about cup final ticket allocation slagging off ‘diddy clubs’ getting equal tickets when it was a diddy club (us) paying his wages.
  8. On a side note, is there anything as depressing as seeing a Rovers player tweeting about Glasgow being red, white and blue on the day of a play off. FTOF
  9. If Mendy is in defence then Dundee goals are inevitable. There will only be shouting if we go 2-0 up.
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