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  1. Genuinely laughed out loud at ‘Cannae stand in Corona’s way’ Thank f**k those idiots are gone.
  2. There may be a need for this and/or some general fundraising to help the club out over the next few months. The good thing is we have well organised fan groups who can work together if it comes to that.
  3. If the league gets suspended and there’s no realistic chance of finishing it then I’d rather whoever was top at that moment gets promoted than the whole season be scrapped as if it’s never happened. Even if that means it’s Falkirk. Then play the play-offs when football returns before you move onto the next season. No solution is ever going to be 100% fair, but we’ve got over two-thirds of a season to use as an indication of who deserves to go up. That’s better than just saying everybody stays down.
  4. Also had the thought about Rovers losing first place on Saturday then the season being suspended. Absolute peak Rovers that.
  5. This is all a judgement call based on whatever scientific evidence is out there at the moment, so it’s effectively informed guesswork. We’ll obviously never know, but I’m pretty sure the fact there’s an Old Firm game on Sunday was a factor in the decision to wait 4 days until implementing this new protocol. If banning large public gatherings is helpful on a Monday morning, then it will surely also have been helpful 24 or 48 hours earlier. As someone tweeted, it’s not a diet where you think ‘I’ll wait and just start on Monday’
  6. Doesn’t start until Monday here according to Sturgeon. Nothing at all to do with Sunday’s Old Firm game of course. All feels very arbitrary
  7. Serious financial headache for the club if fixtures are getting binned. Worrying times
  8. A place it feels like we rarely win at. If we want to win the title then that needs to change. We don’t seem to be winning comfortably at the moment so I’d take a scrappy 1-0 now.
  9. This was a cracking result and good performance given the team put out.
  10. Thought the original yellow was soft, but he absolutely should have gone for the second tackle once on a yellow. Was relieved he didn’t as was McGlynn who took him off. One more foul and he’d have been gone
  11. On the Falkirk goal, there was no need for McDonald to give away the free kick that led to goal. Player was heading away from goal. Just force him wide and don’t dive in
  12. He’d not be playing in League One I meant. Would be playing at a much higher level
  13. Thought we were the better team for 65 minutes. McLean’s goal was a cracker but we couldn’t get the second we needed. The loss of Thomson seemed to shake us and Falkirk came into it and put us under pressure. Frustrated at not holding on for the win, but at least it wasn’t a loss. The keeper should be embarrassed at his role in the Falkirk goal, absolutely nowhere. If as it appears, Thomson’s season is done I think that will seriously dent our title hopes. Agree about McManus, obviously has the talent, but spends most of the match playing the man not the ball or trying to win fouls. If he put as much effort into just trying to play football he’d be a great player.
  14. We all are to be fair. These sort of games are what it’s all about though. Perfect night for it
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