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  1. Feel a bit gutted to that Frankie has gone to a rival in the league. Thought he was worth another contract. Time will tell, but I think this is a great singing for Ayr.
  2. Saw that Morton had brought in Quitongo. From what I’ve seen of him he doesn’t look Championship quality, but players do turn things around I guess.
  3. Hope Tumilty is heading down south. Always prefer that than being sold to some Premiership struggler or worse, a team in our own league.
  4. That’s what I took to be the whole point of the video. That we’re all in this together regardless of what we think/thought of Goodwillie, Sim, the Board etc. That’s why people criticising the folk in it seemed strange. Although on reflection, maybe hard men wasn’t the right phrase to describe that. So more than happy to retract it.
  5. It's OK for people to change their minds. It's not weird. This. 100%. People reflect on things and change their view. Also, through it all I can’t really recall many people saying a definitive they would never ever be back. A handful at most. Certainly don’t recall anyone in the video saying it. A lot of folk said they didn’t want to support a team that had Goodwillie in it or that the whole farce dented their enthusiasm for going to the Rovers. Fair enough, it did mine too and probably still does. That’s very different to saying I’m never going back. The whole video was about what brings us together as Rovers fans. Just seemed odd that some saw that as an opportunity to have a pop at other supporters. Anyway, it was excellent from Raith TV. Look forward to more of that type of stuff.
  6. Thought the season ticket video was excellent. The second family featured are Stark’s Park regulars. The Foys have been coming for years and are part of the fabric of the club. Only disappointing thing about that video is the folk on Twitter criticising folk in it because they spoke out against the Goodwillie signing. Seems that they think they are better, purer fans for supporting any shit decision by the club. Weird behaviour by grown adults.
  7. That Keatings article doesn’t portray McGlynn in a great light. Two sides to every story of course, but as others have said it maybe suggest our constant injury problems weren’t completely just down to bad luck.
  8. Maybe just those games or maybe my Rovers bias means I just don’t see it. I’m probably blinded by his performance in the cup final, will take a long time to see anyone in a Rovers shirt put in that sort of shift again.
  9. Well the arsehole clearly left them for us! His falling over at any wee thing was embarrassing but despite that I was impressed with him anytime I saw him. Genuinely didn’t see Matej as a diver at all. Got a lot of attention when he was on form, so there was always contact around him, but would never have said he was prone to going down. Dario Zanatta far more likely to fall over.
  10. Since Liam Fox was mentioned, my pessimism has resigned to it being him. Hopefully it was just him or his agent touting him. At first I wasn’t overly enthused with Kevin Thomson, but seeing the names of those potentially in the frame, I think he feels the safest bet.
  11. Don’t think there’s any prospect of the women’s team returning anytime soon. Both from them not wanting anything to do with Sim and Sim not wanting anything to do with Val McD. Not even aware if the club had made any approach to them since January. The fact they were on Football Focus suggests not. So if we’re going to have a woman's team it’ll probably have to be started from scratch.
  12. From memory, I think Jimmy Nicholl also had similar experience coaching the Rangers reserves when he was a senior pro and maybe at Dunfermline too. So he didn’t come to us completely inexperienced.
  13. Scott Brown could go either way. Much as I didn’t like his on field antics, I don’t think he’d necessarily transfer that to the role of manager. And his career shows he was obviously smarter and more switched on than the likes of O’Connor, Riordan and Griffiths. Not sure how he’d cope with Sim mind. My suspicion has always been that we’d go for the cheap option or someone that Sim feels he can control. Berra or Ellis would fit that.
  14. McPake has the feel of Gary Locke all over again. Not inspired at all
  15. At least the young lads will be delighted to have the ‘proper’ derby back. McCall one day, Hughes and McGhee the next. Couldn’t be better. Glorious
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