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  1. About bloody time. Gutted that my captain has finally popped his clogs. Enjoy burning in hell Bob.
  2. I park at Houldsworth Street by the side of McDonalds. Free parking and on the motorway in a couple of minutes.
  3. Feck. Another season of these morons to look forward to. On the other hand it is so bloody funny seeing them balls it up.
  4. This must be yet another lie coming out of Iboke. We were always told that Fat Sally didn't do walking away.
  5. Just been to vote. Another vote for independence but the head says the no votes will win and we will then get screwed big time yet again by Westminster.
  6. Wonderful. Another Royal sponger the taxpayer needs to pay for.
  7. List submitted. Hope they last the rest of the day then they can start to get acquainted with their coffins.
  8. Kenny Rogers at the Usher Hall tomorrow. Quality.
  9. Coates is another one that should be nowhere near the first team and as for Brendan Rodgers. One decent season at Swansea does not make you good enough for Liverpool.
  10. Sally McCoist should have the balls to admit they deserve everything they get. The SFA are quite right to throw the book at them otherwise it is one rule for them and sod the rest of Scottish Football. I for one am enjoying them greeting about being treated unfairly. We arr ra people. Aye right :lol: :lol: .
  11. Bought my car from them two years ago and have never had any problems with the car or customer service. They will be the first place I will look when I am looking to change cars later on this year.
  12. Dolly Parton next June. £65 for a bloody ticket. Front row though.
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