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  1. Anyone able to help with how to log in using season ticket to the ppv? Haven’t had to to use it online this season but can’t get down to Perth tonight. Any help would be appreciated
  2. I’m not even going to waste my time going into the sales of Kerr and McCann. They need no words. My real genuine fear is the state of the squad for next season. Really can’t see any of Zander, McCart or Rooney re signing, maybe one if we are lucky. There’s such a massive overhaul needed it’s genuinely scary. I guess as years gone past without winning trophies it makes it easier to keep the nucleus of the squad together, winning only brings our players to the forefront of the shop window. But the next few months culminating in the Jan transfer window are absolutely massive in ensuring the club doesn’t go into a massive regression. Beyond pissed off.
  3. I could be wrong but was Spoony not called round a few mins before they scored (just as we had that decent chance which was saved), given a fairly rousing appreciation and then sent back round. Before he then finally does come on we’ve conceded and the goal posts have shifted so to speak. Just my opinion but given his connection to us, his love for the club etc surely he was fired up way more as a result. Would that have happened had he been sent on at 0-0? We will never know but IMO the decision to make the ‘reactive’ change when conceding is on CD. There can be no doubts what CD achieved last season was unbelievable and may never be matched, but for me the lack of changes when MOH clearly wasn’t getting much from the game is on him. Brown will be well within his rights to now sell any of the assets at sensible bids. He kept off bids for at least 2, probably more and gave CD and the team Two great chances to reach the group’s and unfortunately they have failed to deliver. Last season will never be forgotten, but there’s a real danger of things turning sour if we can’t start scoring goals and winning matches.
  4. Is the issue with Thursday who we are playing as much as anything? EG if this was a Trnava or Trakai I assume we would have had no issues and heard by now?
  5. Any mention of Muzz signing on for another season? Haven’t seen anything at all regarding him
  6. Quick call today & I’m in tomorrow lunchtime getting the Pfizer. Seems to be the case they’re trying to ensure less wastage which is good
  7. Would love to be wrong. Just feel after the last year of almost certainly reduced finances, can we afford to turn down rye inevitable? I can’t speak highly enough of McCann. Been watching us for 20 odd years and can’t remember being as excited at a young talent.
  8. I would like to see more signing up for next season. I assume we are all in agreement that it’s unlikely Ali will be with us next season?
  9. I think Davidson deserves credit. I remember a few weeks back saying we needed 5-7 points from United, St Mirren & Aberdeen and thankfully we did. We’ve played well most of the season & probably underachieved based on performances. Win next weekend and stay up and it’s a fantastic season.
  10. I’m not sure In all honesty, was just going on what I thought would be the most obvious.
  11. If st mirren do indeed make the top 6 and it looks likely they probably will, we will have only played County twice at home already? So definitely 3 home games post split? No reason why we shouldn’t be aiming for 8-10 points from the final 4 games they way we are playing.
  12. Seriously grim that staycations may only be possible in summer.
  13. Unsure but with cases dropping and the 2/3 week lag, it’s fairly easy to see that pressure will continue easing. Coupled with more vulnerable people at less risk it just seems crazy that the talk seems to be getting more and more negative around this year.
  14. Is 50 per 100,000 the holy grail nationally that gets us out of this? I cannot get my head around how even with (seemingly) effective vaccines and reducing cases/hospital figures there’s so much caution being touted. In Grampian for example, we are a shade over 50/100,000, 6 in ICU (16 at peak, 15 first peak) & 61 in hospital (133 second peak, 99 first peak). All this coupled with us coming to the end of winter where hospitalisations should and tend to take a turn for the better in normal years. Surely there will come a point where there is enough of a lack of confidence that their hands are forced to act and ease things.
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