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  1. Foster immediately turned down the tunnel on the final whistle and looked like he was ready for a rumble. Be surprised if there wasn’t a few heated discussions after that debacle
  2. I appreciate the ship has sailed but having Joe back would make a massive difference. Sentiment aside we can’t be relying on Ando IMO. An injury to Kerr and it could be a disaster. Throw the book at getting him and May back, two gambles worth taking for me.
  3. I’ve simmered since last night so can rationalise my thoughts a little better. Agree with a lot of what’s been said above as well. Tanser was absolutely non existent for me and Callachan, whilst not doing masses wrong just didn’t do anything of note. Swanson looked like he’d pulled up injured after 2/3 minutes, not sure if anyone else clocked this? But I agree, he was very poor tonight. Davidson and Kerr at least gave maximum effort without standing out masses. Sunday becomes a huge game not least for the cup but also as it’s against a team I’d hope we would be matching/beating throughout the season. On an aside, did anyone notice how unanimated Tommy was on the sidelines? Took him until the last ten or so to look like he gave a damn what was happening. Maybe just me
  4. Walked past brown at the end and he looked pretty shell shocked. So he should do as well. Mental we can get into competitive games with such a threadbare squad
  5. Easily the worst I’ve seen us play. Absolutely woeful. Not a first touch to be seen between the saints side tonight
  6. Looking forward to ticking off another ground this evening. 25 I think it’ll be.
  7. This is now past the stage of concern for me. 13 senior players fit for our opening game of the season and he’s in the press saying we need to ship a couple before we can bring in any? Absolutely ludicrous and if thinks it’s the best way to force Browns hand, he’s alienating large sections of the support which will get to a beyond reparable state IMO. We need an announcement to change this feeling. Clark or Kennedy contract extension would be a good start.
  8. For me this quote hits the nail on the head. We are perfectly entitled to vent frustration at the lack of foresight going into the Betfred Cup. I have full trust in Tommy and I admire the way the club has been run with the Browns at the helm, but the lack of depth in the squad is alarming. A slow start to the season can be catastrophic and I’d point to the slump we had after the 3 Celtic games as to what can happen when confidence goes from a team. There’s no doubting there’s a solid 12-14 players who when fit would keep us up IMO, but 5/6 injuries have now put us in a very difficult position and the season hasn’t even started. Get Zander tied down (and tell us the extent of the injury, May in on a permanent deal and at least one defender, ideally two and the situation changes dramatically. Just hope things start to happen sooner rather than later.
  9. Yeah f**k it I’m not in the picnicking stage about the lack of players in the squad, given the injuries we have. Far from ideal start to the season.
  10. This depends upon what his motivation in his career is. Money or playing and potentially revitalising his football ability. If it’s the latter then he may just get back to one more decent contract while also getting back to playing (well you’d hope) and not stagnating on the bench, albeit picking up a very decent wage for the next 2 years or so.
  11. Just can’t see us funding the wages he will be on at Aberdeen. Would they realistically want to loan him to a potential rival club (slim slim chance of us rivalling them, I know). I’d 100% take him back though. Worth a chance IMO though.
  12. Getting Zander tied up on a similar deal to Jason would better any signing for me this summer. Hopefully the offer is sufficient and gives him hope we wouldn’t stand In his way if a suitable bid came in
  13. Anyone any knowledge of car parking at Tulloch train station? Might need to leave it overnight, if safe enough.
  14. I wonder if a little bit of forward thinking might be needed. Give him a bigger contract knowing we will more than likely make back a chunk from any sale of Kerr. That then probably breaks the wage structure though so probably unlikely.
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