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  1. Devlin or Taylor on loan for the season and one other in permanent and I’d seriously consider it. What amount would we be realistically looking for? I genuinely have no idea what would be offered/accepted
  2. It would have to be a permanent deal if we did any kind of swap. Zero point in a loan deal till the end of the season. Would love to know the figures for what we offered and what Aberdeen have offered.
  3. With county being heavily linked with Donaldson, is he not a player that would be a great addition for us? Especially on a pre contract.
  4. It is of course very disappointing to lose him. But we’ve plenty of attacking players, it’ll maybe act as a kick up the arse to some of the others to push on now and not be so reliant on him. I’m more concerned about Davidson & Hendry re-signing tbh. Would be happy to see Wright given another year although I’m Still not convinced he’s hit the same heights post injury.
  5. Not having that. I honestly think it is a decent squad, lacking confidence
  6. The squad is decent. No doubts about that. It took far too long to reach that point but the last 3 signings IMO have given us what we need. Without any justification/facts have traditionally enjoyed runs of wins and losses in recent seasons. Knowing our first 6 was probably going to result in a poor start always felt like it would make the season a difficult one.
  7. That’s the way it’s going. Anyone who says it’s just negativity is blindly ignorant to it. This is a team with no confidence shoe horned to be relegated. 11th would be acceptable for me right now.
  8. Horribly predictable. Said as soon as the fixtures were released that we would be bottom after 6. The concern which again was easily forecasted was that confidence after 6 would be shot and as such it would be a big big struggle after that. Hard to see this team changing it. On paper it’s a decent side and certainly one which should be staying up, but when confidence is low and the chips are down I can’t see them bouncing back.
  9. Zero confidence running throughout the team. Hard to see us turning this around today and anytime soon.
  10. Kyle smashing it out the park with this [emoji1309]
  11. It’s utterly embarrassing for the club all round. Don’t think I’d go as far as to say it’s made me disinterested in the club as others have suggested hearing but then not one of those who go week in week out given my location. It does however make it difficult not to be critical and negative of the situation. I just don’t get how we can’t do business on pre contracts well in advance of late August. Even if we do now manage to get 2/3 in, you feel something has to change In the way the club deals with transfers because this isn’t the first time we’ve made a meal of a transfer window.
  12. Who realistically is going to take Swanson on the wages he’s on though? Is he going to go and take a big hit? Can’t see it myself
  13. With a two week break until our next game and the second half performance maybe things are beginning to look up. That first half performance was utterly abject. Gordon in next game for the Estonian who was awful. He has zero composure on the ball. Gives us time to get 2 in and hopefully the team can take some confidence from this moving forward.
  14. If we can get Kennedy signed up on a longer deal, Drey Wright back fit and firing like he was early last season and a striker in in the next week or two then I think the mood can easily lift. Fine margins.
  15. Let’s hope the Zander extension is the start of some positivity amongst the club. It’s certainly due. Fancy a good win tomorrow, 3-0. Fortunes are turning
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