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  1. Exactly the same as us. I have see family once (at my granny’s funeral)since Feb as we are up in Aberdeenshire and they’re in the borders. Taking my Boys down in the summer is something that has kept me going, really hope that’s going to be possible in July.
  2. Phase 2&3 suggest meeting a household indoors still socially distancing. To stay over at your parents house for example, would that have to wait until phase 4?
  3. How many deaths are we realistically looking at in Scotland until we start to see the trend reverse? 2000 odd or much much more?
  4. The turnaround is remarkable. I’m absolutely buzzing to head south for Hibs away on Saturday. McCart coming in to essentially replace Kennedy (financially) has been an outstanding piece of business. Huge credit to Wright and the players
  5. Assuming saints don’t make top 6, I’m thinking another win and draw should do it. Would be great to tie that up pre split to then allow us to try some different players/positions etc.
  6. What’s your feeling on final points tally though? For me 37 points will see you 10th, although by the bare minimum.
  7. Not convinced 35 points will be enough to be safe. I’m going with 37. Big chance at home for us this weekend to get something and then give us a free hit at the top 6 against Hibs the following week.
  8. Without knowing facts it’s obviously tough to comment too much. But it is extremely frustrating that we’ve had Drey for 2 years, paid for (I assume) nearly a years worth of rehab in that time, wages throughout injury etc and the loyalty isn’t reciprocal. If he’s not been offered a deal worthy of signing or we were late to the party with offering then I’m happy to be wrong, but from a fans perspective it’s pretty galling.
  9. If (and I know we aren’t) we were in any kind of financial trouble we have a hugely sellable asset in Ali McCann. I genuinely believe we should be looking at least £1,000,000 for him and that’s the absolute minimum. That would be enough to wipe out 3 seasons of losses in a row would it not? Squad is beginning to take shape for next year so let’s try finish as high up the league as we can to maximise whatever budget we have for next year.
  10. Is the feeling that he’s downing tools and would be happy to be rid of the club if he could?
  11. I’m still firmly in the Clark ‘in’ camp. Mistakes aside of late, he’s still our number 1 and I’d rather not lose him. Great performance tonight and delighted I made the journey south from the north east for it.
  12. Behave yourself JG. You boy are on a stinking run. Shouldn’t be commenting on any team in all honesty. Offered nothing last week for a team that should offer much more
  13. Looking forward to my ‘home game’ in the away end. Would be the biggest loss to me if we ended up going down. Two decent points already for us this season against Aberdeen and last year we fared well against them too. Would be more than happy with another point tomorrow night but can’t see it
  14. Really does feel like two points lost which is annoying. Performance certainly deserved more. Feel we can get points from Aberdeen and Motherwell though.
  15. How can Thompson genuinely not think that’s a foul on McCart in the build up to their 3rd goal. Slowed down it’s as clear as they come.
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