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  1. I'll pass, but thanks for the offer. U sure it's a good one about glens
  2. Peter I know that silly....I commented on that on Facebook...my point is are beith gonny be heading like the medda..who went downhill like eddie the eagle. ........its a shame if they do ...as beith have established themselves over recent years as one of the west top clubs... so hopefully all become s good again.......ps peter got a great scoop about the glens....many ex ants players there now....
  3. Anytime ants played down there it was superb
  4. What is happening at beith juniors this season as I've noticed that a lot of the old committee who' done a brilliant job have now left.........is it cos of new set up or are there problems at the club .also seen del mc McCullough has also left the club..so not that scoop is a gossip or that.but I find it really strange why so many have left. I just noticed game was cancelled on Saturday .always thought beith has a brilliant surface so was surprised to see that....I was always made to feel welcome at beith n obs john boal .always got me a wee pie n bovril..but can anyone enlighten me what's went wrong as beith still a massive club n after a change of management .once johnny had chucked it.it looked promising with youngy coming in......so it's very strange to see what's happened at club ......was it just cos new set up etc...as I noticed a few committees are not happy with the way things have panned out.....cheers cotter
  5. Good luck Chris..good appointment. Big Mackie will fo well .is a great speaker in the dressing room.n his coaching is very good..do great capture for fauldhouse
  6. Mate that's the problem .the standard of junior football right now is horrendous. Very few good players in any of the divisions....I actually tried to sign Callum when he was at Motherwell kings think he scored 70 goals .in one season sat morning..the boys done well..but if anyone that's been watching junior football last 10 years or even last 5 years the standard is poor.....Talbot really only 1 club that's been up there consistently.
  7. Charnley..think roch looking for names for the papers ...chick now a tennis player
  8. The ants pitch still one of the best..never off during monsoon s...
  9. Am surprised st roch finished in bottom half of league
  10. Congratulations lads well done on a great season kicking on from last year....great achievement
  11. Mark you have came in and done a brilliant job. Hopefully be enough for use to go up....nothing against carluke...Annbank can be a decant team on there day so u never know....cheers...cotter
  12. Congratulations to all well done glens....cheers....cotter
  13. I think it's a great move for mick going into junior management. With darvel who are willing to spend a few Bob....for me junior football has went backwards and standard has went downhill. Talbot is miles ahead of everyone. Also when u look at the scores in all leagues theres teams been thrashed 7,8 9 10s 12s 14 15 18-0...that tells it's own story. Look at the Scottish cup last 16 this year ..it looked really poor. Clubs are finding it tough to get top quality players in.so are going with lots of young players n probably more amateur ones..in my eyes theres lots of players playing junior .who wouldn't have got a squad strip 4/5 years ago.. unfortunately for clubs players attitudes have totally changed. As they go holiday s right through season now.n take there girlfriend s n granny s out for dinners on training nights...so it's a great time for mick to come in...I personally dont think he can bring all colville boys with him..or they will stay in that league. But if his signing s so far adapt to the juniors they will do really well....good luck mick n darvel..........cheers cotter....
  14. Was a brilliant guy big dukesy one of juniors greatest characters. Was speaking to him a few weeks ago n we were slaughtering all gks in the juniors..saying how he was head and shoulders above them all...be sadly missed .very sad for his family. Thoughts in prayers ...Cotter..R..I.P. Michael Dukes.
  15. Peter I love to dangle the bait for u...but think am gonny need q bigger boat for this great white.......
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