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  1. Strange way to interpret the facts: Forfar and Annan fans would possibly argue their sides should have performed better in League Two, but it makes little sense trying to compare 2022's League Two in Scotland to the 1967 European Cup tournament. The teams playing in 66-67's top European trophy had won their top domestic leagues, and most were of top quality. Dukla had won five Czechoslovak titles in a row as they entered the competition, this same Czechoslovakia which had been runners up at the Chile World Cup in the midst of that run. Dukla supplied 4 players for the final eleven. Internazionale had won the European Cup twice in the previous three seasons. Surely you can't be dismissing the achievements of these two clubs, drawing comparisons between Josef Masopust and Stefan McLuskey, or Giacinto Facchetti and Jordan Lowdon?
  2. Celtic actually winning rather than losing a final in Europe makes that a better achievement. As to their opponents: Zurich were no mugs, having reached the European Cup semis two years previously. Nantes had won the French league for the previous two seasons under the legendary José Arribas, famed for his speedy one touch football. Vojvodina Novi Sad had fired 6 goals past the Spanish champions Atlético Madrid, including a win at the Vincent Calderón Stadium, in the round prior to Celtic beating them. Duala Prague scored 15 goals in their three ties, including defeating Anderlecht and Ajax before being knocked out by Celtic. I've got decent recall of the tournament that season, as a year long project on a subject of 'own choice' was demanded by my school, and the European Cup was my pick at the start of the 1966 term.
  3. In their present circumstances, it may appear like sour grapes, but they are right. Terribly mistimed though, they possibly wouldn't have raised this had they been clear of relegation.
  4. "1312".............. and yet the polis here fall over themselves to enable groups like these.
  5. It was a fiver for a ticket, but I've just looked up the trains: none back on the Saturday from Glasgow after 8pm, so the fiver will have to be a donation to the SJFA. Conned in more ways than one, it appears.
  6. That miss by Ramsey, it may have been mentioned, perhaps cost Rangers a place in the 2022 European Super Cup (10/8/22) in Helsinki against Real Madrid or Liverpool. Then the Club World Cup is being expanded in 2023 (Chelsea won the '22 edition), but the format and dates for the China tournament haven't been announced yet, unless I've missed out on that. Potential for many millions to be made there.
  7. I'm going to Rugby Park to see the Junior Cup Final, Yoker v Talbot, have I been conned?
  8. All the three semi games in 1988 were at Dens, Hegarty was sent off in the first half of the second match, and as I recall, it was a definite red card. Wee Jim did go off his head at Willie Miller's involvement with the referee at the sending off,, but it appeared clear cut to me. Our two semi final games against the Dons in 1985 were at Tynecastle, however.
  9. Perhaps McDonald and McNulty have new contracts lined up somewhere: seem to mind reading McDonald had a coaching job lined up down south and McNulty was headed to the USA.
  10. There's no advantage that I can see for any team other than 'Rangers' if they win, and the nonsense I've read about them doing it for Scotland is ridiculous, given that they and their twin are the least Scottish football teams in Scotland. If I had any sympathy for their cause in Europe, and I don't/didn't, it evaporated when their predecessor club failed to pay their taxes and conned the rest of the sport in Scotland.
  11. Although not always reliable, Transfermkt also lists YMU as the agency Ian Harkes uses.
  12. Harkes is represented by the YMU Group I think: their Global Executive Chairman Lyle Yorks highlighted him getting the POTY award on Sunday via his Twitter account.
  13. Don't think Braga will be in the Conference League, as they step up to Europa League if Porto win the Cup next Sunday: they're playing Tondela in the Final.
  14. Don't like the opening 'so'. Courts? He'll be at Tannadice, I don't think it's anything other than paper talk about him heading south. He's done very well, better than I could have imagined although I was never against him getting the job. There's been times when I could have seen him far enough and almost jumped over to the 'anti' side, but some of the bile directed towards him has been untoward. Levitt: perhaps if his ManU contract is extended there's a chance he'll be back, as he's had regular football and clearly enjoyed himself, but if a free agent he's surely going to chase the money in the English leagues. McNulty will get a short term deal until he's fit again. Goalkeeper: beginning to think Benji may stay. His mistakes over the past few months may have discouraged potential suitors.
  15. It's part of football today, but I've not written anywhere that I'm enjoying the displays. There are many aspects of modern football that I reckon are pish, and the likes of VAR will make it an even less enjoyable experience.
  16. Looking at it another way, we were on a point when the game started 0-0, and still had that point at half time. When Celtic took that point away from us, we fought back and won it back. Hearts attacked Celtic on Saturday from the off, and got pumped 4-1: they're a better team that us.
  17. I like to moan about the referees, but Walsh was't too bad tonight. Apart from, how did Giakoumakis get his 90 min spell on the park without a booking? And somebody needs to explain the offside rule to Nicky Clark.
  18. McNulty is very likely to be offered a short term contract in order to work on his injury. United have done it before (Deniz Mehmet), but it won't stop anger from some supporters if and when it happens. Doing this sort of thing enhances United's standing with players and agents.
  19. Any charismatic character who doesn't follow the media's agenda would soon be demonised: that is the problem.
  20. What about the fuckin' drum? Mind when, if fans were unable to attend they could view the match on DUTV (sound down) using their season ticket details? Is that still in operation, as we're thinking the trip isn't worth it? Questions, questions. I also think the normal 25-30% of season ticket holders who swerve these games will be joined by quite a high percentage more on Wednesday.
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