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  1. Thus, one man's actions impacts on the entire first team squad, plus younger players. I'd be fuming at Lafferty if I had to listen to NbM delivering me training.
  2. Think it's maybe down to trepidation, home fans worried about getting isolated at the foot of the table, Perth supporters anxious that a defeat brings them into a situation similar to last season. And neither of us have Dundee as a safety net to keep us out of the bottom relegation spot.
  3. United are in danger of becoming a basket case, right enough. Hope it's a case of wake me up when September ends.
  4. Am I the only one who got this? Please tell me I'm not the only one who got this. Thought fill ok would be a giveaway.
  5. There's a fascination with Peter Pawlett, but tell me when he had his last good spell? Think it'll be another month before he hears the sound of the crowd.
  6. If this thread is here for a few more months, McGhee will get it relegated into the Championship General Chatter.
  7. On a point of pedantry, Neilson was at the club before Asghar was. However, your overall point is correct, neither Mellon nor Courts were failures, style of play notwithstanding Aye, you are right. Nonetheless, I recall being at a game shortly after Neilson arrived against QoS, where the discussion around me was on new US owners. I'm sure they and Asghar had knowledge of the managerial change prior to everything being signed off to the Ogrens.
  8. When you write 'failure of managers' in the plural, I'm wondering who else was a failure apart from Ross? We improved under every other manager, Neilson, Mellon, Courts all taking us higher in the Scottish rankings season on season. And, as you say, 'we all seemed happy with Ross' being appointed.
  9. Agree with the bulk of that, and it's especially galling to read comments on some of the other boards at times. That Tek board is especially vitriolic, some of these posters must be arseholes to meet in real life. East seems to be a board where posters argue for the sake of it. Mulgrew isn't likely to change his style, perhaps he needs 'rested' more often. Unsure what you are meaning here: have many folk been claiming a large section of the support were anti Ross at the announcement of his appointment? I don't get the poison aimed at Asghar by a large section of the support: it seems some fans have too much faith in what they read on message boards, and base their mindset on that rather than use their own intelligence. To me it clones the work of the media on the voting public.
  10. It's an ever changing list: Behich was replaced by Ilmari Niskanen last night, as he came on as sub for Finland late in their draw with Romania.
  11. Neil McVitie, ex Aberdeen and Scotland youth cap, is a name which could be in the frame.
  12. Let's be honest, most managers at most clubs turn out to be disasters in the medium to long term* unless they have a lot of money to back them. And even then they can be calamitous. In the Scottish Premiership it seems managers are kept on in the main unless they flirt too close to relegation, or the imagined prospect of relegation, unless one of the Glasgow Twins. Most clubs in Scotland don't have ambition matching the supporters' football fantasies. *Notwithstanding Ross being dire in the extremely short term.
  13. Harry Hood was Clyde's last full international, he received the caps posthumously in 2021 having played for Scotland while at Shawfield in 1967.
  14. Simon Vella must have been one of the few, and last internationalists to have played for Stenhousemuir in 2002. He could also have been Airdrie's last (as Airdrie United), but only if you count them as being the same club, as Airdrieonians, opening up a can of worms. Between Stenhousemuir and Airdrie, he played for Clydebank, confusing the issue if you count the Bankies as becoming Airdrie United...... Unsure how helpful this is, apart from the Stenhousemuir information. He was definitely a Stenhousemuir player in February 2002 when he made his Maltese debut in the 2002 Rothman's Tournament. https://eu-football.info/_player.php?id=22060
  15. One of my main bedrocks in life is that you shouldn't worry about what folk in Abu Dhabi do.
  16. She confused the Champions League with the SPFL too: easy mistake to make.
  17. Aye, these games will set the tone for outcomes later in the campaign, it seems. But I doubt anyone at Tannadice is thinking too much about how many points can be accrued over a number of fixtures, the focus should be fully on the St Johnstone match. Regarding the behaviour at Ibrox, I reckon that was more about winding up opposition fans than thoughts on the relevance and position of royalty. And why should anyone personally fell embarrassed about it? In the same way that you or I didn't contribute to the 9-0 drubbing by Celtic, just because you support a club doesn't mean everything that happens is attributable to every supporter of that club.
  18. Ross Forbes starts again for the Warriors. The defence may take a lot of blame for their poor distribution, but if guys like Forbes don't present themselves for the ball it makes the defenders' meagre disposal skills look all the more lacking.
  19. You've got to feel for the group of fans who had their match at Pittodrie put off following the death, then twice had tributes at their own ground to put up with, and now this. Maybe they'll get another silence at Tynecastle in couple of week.
  20. Think that's a photofit of one of the culprits: looks like Karen Dunbar.
  21. This might be a favourite on many levels from "Jimmy Bell's Kitroom":
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