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  1. To be accurate, United won a national trophy in the nineties and the 'tens' as well. This decade has not long started, and it looks like the SPFL will be awarding another trophy to the club, whether fans agree that this is fair or not.
  2. He announce 6 days ago that he had tested positive: I'd have thought the NHS advice of 7 days self isolation would have been from that point. He stated 'Vital we follow the advice to protect our NHS & save lives' People should be asking questions of the idiot.
  3. I'm maybe missing something, or it's been brought up here already, but Matt Hancock declared himself with symptoms 6 days ago, having been tested positive, yet there he is out in public. What happened to self isolation? Don't the Tories have to follow the same advice as the rest of us?
  4. Leagues and relegations shouldn't be decided without the games and mathematical certainties being played out, in my view. I still think there is a stronger possibility of this happening than not, as other options open the authorities to potential legal action. But like the rest of you, I've no certainty about what will happen with Scottish football. Covid-19 information being fed to us is mainly on message, with a weekend warning that the present restrictions might be in force longer than anticipated. The main information is being supported by Government advisors such as Neil Ferguson quoted above, but if you search around, there are plenty experts who appear to vastly disagree with his and other official pronouncements. The truth possibly lies somewhere in the middle.
  5. Looking back, I don't grudge the Steelmen too much as it meant a sharing round of trophies away from the usual suspects. But for a time after the match, years probably, I resented Syme for chopping off Hamish French's effort for another player being offside over 50 yards from goal, yet not noticing anything wrong with Ian Angus' third for 'Well. It was some game though, think it gave Motherwell their first opportunity at European football.
  6. Kelty Herts have a link with Sevco, as they were supposed to be their first opponents in 2012, but Sevco weren't allowed to take part in Stefan Winiarski's testimonial as they didn't have membership of the SFA.
  7. That government advice about 2 metres social distancing.....................................
  8. Covid-19 Geraldine Coronavirus Miley Cyrus
  9. Starts with 'so'. Right away I concluded it wouldn't be a 'great read'.
  10. Good angle: hopefully the football authorities would support this, rather than try to apply some registration doublespeak to confuse the situation. Would clubs have to apply to the SFA to clarify that they can use a furloughed employment status? I can't think why not. You Dundee fans are quite a sensible lot, I'm beginning to realise. Well, some of you.
  11. Thanks, craigkillie 😀 I was hoping he'd to do the sums to see if the SFA had been generous to clubs.
  12. They have a lot of cash stored, it appears. What did they pay for Hampden, do you know? The £1.5 million is hardly going to help the clubs when it's broken down. Maybe the crisis will be a shove towards the two bodies combining and streamlining operations and costs. There are too many involved in the SFA taking advantage of expenses. That might stop for some if they haven't got a club which they may claim to represent.
  13. They appear to have 'millions', perhaps they don't have it 'at their disposal'. If not, in these circumstances, I'd ask why?
  14. SFA are not as well off as they would be if they slimmed down the committees and expenses of same, and also if they had appointed competent individuals to aid qualification for major tournaments, but they are still sitting on millions, as far as I can understand from their most recent accounts. The SPFL do not appear to be cash rich, and claim to re-distribute almost all income directly back to the clubs.
  15. What's the Scottish Championship got to do with that pair? No team should be given any awards, or relegated, if the season hasn't been completed properly, imo. Attempt to conclude the programme when possible, and as the health situation develops, make decisions on the format for season 2020-21. More alarming is the lack of financial support forthcoming from the two football organisations in Scotland.
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