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  1. The key to a quick getaway is probably arriving early, and ensuring you've turned the car back westwards. As @ropy and @Swello say, the Clepington Road then up Old Glamis Road onto the Kingsway is a fairly good choice to get out rapidly.
  2. Only suggesting Sheffield United as they are a struggling Championship club with the same owners as Beerschot, which was a very odd move in the first place. But that might depend on his Belgian side being relegated, which looks likely right now, and Lawrence Shankland himself showing up relatively well over the season. He's only been given one full 90 minutes there this season, and played well albeit mostly playing on the right side, deeper than he would normally be used to, until he was shifted up front later in that match.
  3. Possible that he'll finish up at Sheffield United at the end of this season.
  4. Think some older fans might make a case for Pat Gardner and Wattie Carlyle getting into the combined United/Well eleven. I'll agree about Paul Kinnaird, he lacked social graces.
  5. Krankl was the captain, but it was Rudi Weinhofer who was (maybe) hit by missile. Krankl wanted to take his team off the pitch, which caused a long and dramatic delay. While the tie was completed at Old Trafford, with Rapid advancing, Manchester United were playing the same evening at Tannadice, beating Dundee United 3-2.
  6. As far as I can interpret, they misconstrued the restrictions placed upon clubs playing at 3pm on a Saturday. Whatever, it is a positive step from Tannadice,
  7. I think the rumour about Kerr Smith being touted out to any club who'd pay out was just that, a story put around to cast doubt on the direction of the club under Ogren, Asghar and Courts (especially Asghar).
  8. Has the seller fitted the bikini on their golden retriever for the photo on the right?
  9. Looks a bit like Willie Herd to me. Jerry Kerr Stand (Main Stand) just sneaks into the left of the photo. The area behind the players was uncovered terrace, where the Jim McLean Stand (extension to Main Stand) now sits.
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