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  1. It's been a balancing act for MM: perhaps if he'd set up the team to provide chances for Shankland and increase his transfer worth to United, we'd also be battling relegation in the next four games, or worse. I'm happy that he's steadied our position in the league under severe constraints placed upon him before the start of the season.
  2. Polls such as the online gauge run by SDS are more open to abuse than most, and it's likely that is what has happened here. But even using their dubious figures, 82.4% of League 2 supporters don't favour Colt sides in their league. It's easy to use unreliable data to suit an argument. I can't think why you've chosen these three clubs collectively and specifically, but in the main people support their own club exclusively in Scotland, in my experience.
  3. This being the Premiership section, we are possibly ignoring the impact upon the supports of teams in League Two. It's near impossible to find a fan at that level who would welcome the Old Firm, as they were and as they are now, planting colt/B sides into their league. Many have stated they will give up supporting football at that level should the two find a way to pressure themselves into that league.
  4. Hearts groundsman Mattie Chalmers displays the Scottish Cup to fans in 1956.
  5. I'd like to think the club has learned from what was possibly the biggest mistake made this season, giving Mark Connolly a deal to the end of 2022-23. If we are in the business of developing young players, Peter Pawlett can plough through to Perth.
  6. Agreeing to what you've written to an extent, and would emphasise the importance of this sentence (minus of success of course) to supporters at all clubs. They have the expectation of going to watch their sides without the baggage attached to the two clubs who have supporters expectant of being part of a triumphal sept.
  7. I've seen him at matches, supporting United, and heard of him going to away games on supporters' buses. Of course Galloway denies it now, but I'm glad you posted this.
  8. Watching with the sound off, and ignoring what's happening on the pitch, but Palmerston is a great venue (but for the plastic), and Dumfries a fine away day (but for the lockdown)
  9. Motherwell wearing their summer jerseys in 1965. They won the cup on a 3-2 aggregate over two legs against Dundee United.
  10. Some United fans reckon he's a better prospect than Lewis Neilson, who has had around 10 appearances for United and is out at loan at Falkirk, where he isn't getting much game time. Big lad, looks a lot older than 19.
  11. Had a wee look: that agency seems to have more Hamilton Accies players than any other club. Doubt he'll be heading to the Fountain of Youth Stadium, or Ibrox for that matter, in the summer.
  12. Birthday box from Beer Hawk. They're based down beside Leeds United's training ground near Wetherby.
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