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  1. Not really when the state broadcaster announced, in January, that the bulk of fixtures in England were being moved 'to avoid a clash' with the coronation: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/64332382#:~:text=The final day of the 2022-23 Championship%2C League One,the coronation will take place. Many other publications, in print and online, indicated that Scottish football is likely to be disrupted, it appears: https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/king-charles-coronation-date-confirmed-28213300 "coronation has been confirmed for Saturday 6 May and it could have implications for the Scottish football fixture card." https://www.footballscotland.co.uk/spfl/scottish-premiership/scottish-premiership-fixtures-set-disruption-25237767 "Scottish football fixtures are set to be disrupted later this season after King Charles' coronation date was confirmed." Fans are maybe wondering if they can believe what is published in the media.
  2. I'm sure some Old Firm fans aren't monarchists, but a huge number seem to be. I agree to an extent, a 'huge number' as stated above seem to seem to have similar characteristics. And again, I agree to an extent, but would have more sympathy for some of the Celtic support if their stance over UK royalty wasn't compromised by some of their own fawning. As I've said before, these two clubs have some of the most right wing supporters and fan groups in the country.
  3. Hampden's North Stand, according to the tremendous "Football Grounds of Britain" by Simon Inglis, was added in 1937, contributing an additional 4,500 seats to bring the capacity up to 150,000. It was designed by Archibald Leith's firm, although he was all but retired and died two years later. Inglis writes demolition began in 1981, by which time Thatcher's promise to grant 5.5 million pounds in 1980 had been reversed on the advice of Ian Sproat MP, an avid cricket fan. I sat in it at the Scotland-England matches of 1968 and 1970, both drawn, the second being of note for the amount of forged tickets produced bringing the attendance 3,000 over capacity. Even as a youngster, I didn't feel the stand gave an aura of security or safety.
  4. The North Stand at Hampden at the back, police parade to the fore. Looks like a match during World War Two. Quite a monstrosity, the North Stand was constructed in the mid-thirties.
  5. Disappointed not to get 3 points, but Buddies' fans can rightly point to their possession and midfield dominance at times as a reason a draw was deserved on their part. Niskanen will get flack, but he only came on 2 minutes from the end of normal time, hardly time to get up to the pace of the game. The penalty? The time it takes to come to the final VAR decision is quite annoying. Many incidents all over the pitch can involve innocuous contact, but, imo, if Main falls like that in any other area of the pitch, he'd be ignored at best. I've no doubt someone will find a reason to justify it though. Finally, I was very impressed by the Saints' players in their workrate. Some players were very impressive with their closing down and energy.
  6. True, Craig Napier is the referee, 13 players sent off already this season.
  7. You wouldn't think there's any connection between football supporters at Ibrox and Parkhead and political gestures if you visited matches they attend, right enough.
  8. I'm laughing to see someone is red dotting a couple of United fans' opinions above, and know who it'll be before looking. Here comes another.......
  9. It was probably a piss-take then, but such a fixture today would possibly bring busloads from all over Scotland (and Ireland) to enjoy the occasion. And be live on Viaplay, while a Championship decider would be ignored.
  10. Great pieces of Motherwell's yesteryears, @MFC HISTORY! Like @Eednud says, Bovril and Milk sounds an aquired taste. 'Bovrilk' or 'Mivril' I used to drink milk and lemonade mixed right enough, that was a bit like a cheap ice cream drink.
  11. The social club, which had turnstiles beside it, was built in the mid-seventies, from my recall. There was an enclosure with an unusual roof behind the south end goal, it had the club name emblazened across the front. See to the left of this image:
  12. Great information, I love stories such as this. That lead coffin sound slike a mortsafe, there's a fine example in the National Museum of Scotland inscribed 'Airth 1831'. These were utilised to deter body snatchers.
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