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  1. Dearie me, you're hard work. How would I know what person 'he' refers to in another person's post which was non specific? I've no interest in the other person's post, and was replying to your simple post, "Not the IHRA definition." I doubt if you have much understanding of the purpose of the IHRA definition. But you can reply 'Wrong' as is your style, I don't mind. Remember, use your vote sensibly.
  2. People wrongly starting a sentence with ‘So’ when talking. ‘So’ can be used, no doubt, in speech when used as a conjunction commencing a point, but it’s overused nowadays, with people utilising it to give themselves space to think perhaps. Recently, I gave my doctor, a locum, a chiding for starting three sentences needlessly with ‘so’, and she sat looking stunned, hurt even, for a few seconds. It boils my piss when people use ‘so’ as a filled pause, even more than when women used to greet friends and work colleagues with ‘How’s you?’. Uninspiring salutation, you’d have to agree. So…...
  3. I posted quoting you, noting a post you'd made to another poster which only stated "Not the IHRA definition" : neither of you were mentioning Hanvey. I couldn't give two fucks whether Hanvey is rejected of accepted by the SNP at a later date, it's none of my business or concern. The reason, using your words, that I 'started talking to you' was because of your simple four word post: "Not the IHRA definition". Thereafter I was trying to provide clarity regarding Kenneth S. Stern's work and intentions.
  4. I've not mentioned Hanvey as far as I recall. Not the SNP. However, political parties adopting the IHRA working definition of antisemitism appear to forget guidance applied by the IHRA to their own definition, viz "However, criticism of Israel similar to that leveled against any other country cannot be regarded as antisemitic." Here are two views of application of the IHRA definition, from Jewish and Palestinian perspectives: https://www.jewishvoiceforlabour.org.uk/article/why-the-man-who-drafted-the-ihra-definition-condemns-its-use/ https://www.sabeel-kairos.org.uk/the-question-of-antisemitism/ For what it's worth, there doesn't seem to be much divergence there. The 'more important' task was going to a football match.
  5. Because Stern is unhappy that his definition is being misused internationally. I'm away doing something more important now, MixuFixit.
  6. The quote 'McCarthy like manner' is specifically from Kenneth S. Stern. That's why I placed it in quotation marks.
  7. That's about the size of it: political parties have been foolish in this, and of course, many other assumptions.
  8. 'Adopted definition?' My point is, Kenneth S. Stern has argued that where it has been adopted in the manner it has against individuals such as specific candidates in this election, it has been misapplied in a 'McCarthy-like manner'.
  9. The author of the IHRA definition has stated that it is being misused by politically motivated groups and individuals. It's previously been covered in the Politics Forum here.
  10. I think these boys are volunteers, but it doesn't stop them being annoying, especially when United score.
  11. Strange that there has been a such an outcry about Johnson not appearing Neil’s broadcast, and generally avoiding the media unless it suits him, or possibly as ordered by Cummings. Yet his performances in Parliament, when he hadn’t illegally prorogued sessions for several weeks, pointed to a shallow individual who avoided situations of scrutiny. If we hadn’t known this already And another thing: this ‘Get Brexit Done’ mantra: the Conservatives, who brought this mess to us by being unprepared for the possible outcome, have had 41 months, that’s 1260 day, to find a solution to their folly. What makes anyone confident that a superficial leader like Johnson is going to sort out a situation of the Tories’ own making in 100 days?
  12. As I've written, continuous disputes over these matters is trifling.
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