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  1. I'd like to think so too, but the caution shown by Mickey Mellon has a purpose. A lot of fans don't have patience, including me at times, but MM is pragmatic and has the main mission of keeping United in the top league for this season. In a few of the recent draws, we've actually been the team going for the victory late in matches, including at home against Motherwell where Sporle could have snatched an undeserved win, and at Pittodrie. Yesterday was the same, but most realise we just don't have the calibre. The frustrating bit for me at Hamilton was our lack of substitutions, but the first choices lack quality, and it's going to be the same for replacements, either that or they lack experience. MM possibly judges it's not worth risking changes when he's got a precious away point in his pocket.
  2. Tension building for this, going by the posts above. Correct me if wrong, but in the first game (1-1) v Accies, did United not revert to 5 at the back, Connolly, Edwards and Reynolds central, in the second half and fall out of the match, while in the Tannadice 2-1 victory, straight after going 1-0 down Mellon altered the set up to 442, taking Reynolds off, and the home side improved to win? There could be a lesson there.
  3. Some, ahem, characters in there. Drug deal getting done behind Bernadette Devlin on the right. Robert Kelly would number that section you've posted at around five or six.
  4. Uruguayan band Los Shakers, part of the 'Uruguayan Invasion' in the mid 1960s.
  5. I've got his autograph amongst a page of East Fife players of his time. Hope he was eating a pie with the other hand.
  6. Have St Johnstone demanded an enquiry into the postponement at the Tony Macaroni Arena yet?
  7. You're taking this the wrong way: I said that, in my opinion, he's better in a two, which United rarely use. He was also more effective in midfield in the Championship than he's shown this season. Don't think I've said Nicky Clark is shite: I've outlined his qualities.
  8. Mellon has had his hands tied this season, mostly due to the Hearts' interference in league status, and also financial constraints which many other clubs have faced. His remit is to keep United in the league, and so far he's on target, mostly using players who he inherited. One of them is Nicky Clark, who surprised me with his quality when playing deeper in last season's Championship. But this term, he's not contributed as much in that area in a more competitive Premiership. His best position is as a striker in two, in my opinion, and he's far more effective in the box. With Shankland, McNulty and Appere at the club, he'll not get a lot of opportunities there. In fact, Mickey Mellon hasn't often favoured 2 central strikers this season.
  9. I'm sure the first non Celtic/Rangers players to do the Scottish and League Cup double with the same club must have been East Fife duo Willie Laird and Tommy Adams in 1938 and 1947 (47-48 season) respectively. All the more commendable as they were Division Two players on both occasions.
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