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  1. Great performance, players I thought might let us down were very good, and McGinn never let the difficult early booking bother him. My nerve ends are fucked, thanks boys. Watching Moyes and Colllins earlier, you can see why Moyes is a successful manager and Collins a failure.
  2. Pavilions seemed to be commonly included in the structures of grounds at the outset of the modern era sport. This one was at the original Hampden Park: These two were at Celtic Park and Ibrox: That second picture showing Hampden, above, from the 1908 Scotland v England match, is that lad using a boomerang or a running blade to get a better view? And why is the other boy holding an anemometer? And finally......................... did I just imagine that Queen's Park's new Lesser Hampden will have standing areas?
  3. Was trying to work it out from the perspective of STV, not my own. I see the problem.
  4. The Czech Republic have just beaten Scotland, and have had colt sides in their set up for the past twenty seasons. Therefore I've compiled this list of the 16 players who were on the Hampden turf yesterday, showing which of them had played even a single match for any colt or B team. Here it is: 1 Vaclik X 5 Coufal X 3 Celustka X 6 Kalas X 18 Boril X 21 Kral X Holes X 15 Soucek X 12 Masopust X Vydra X 8 Darida X Sevcik X 14 Jankto X Hlozek X 10 Schick X Krmencik X X indicates the player had not turned out at any point for any colt side.
  5. That's the way rumours become facts in some minds: Mellon wasn't punted.
  6. Kenny Ashwood started his senior career at East Stirlingshire, I think, but don't recall his spell at Ayr lasting long. Later on he went to Victoria to play in Australia.
  7. The most recent post recalling Bochel's tweet referred to Sked's Scotsman article, but Bochel, as I've said, didn't publish figures with his claim. In any case, the actual tweet you've supplied doesn't claim that Ibrox supporters, in 2018, made up the majority of Scotland Supporter Club members. It claims they make the largest individual one club group. Not that it really matters.
  8. That simply isn't the case. The inference in Joel Sked's article was that as an individual club support they made up a higher percentage than others, which is not the same thing. Neither did the source of Sked's information didn't publish figures with his claim, although I've no reason to doubt him. Regarding Ibrox disdain for the SFA stemming from 2012, that'll be the same SFA which introduced the concept of 'conditional membership' to allow Charles Green's Sevco to face Brechin City at Glebe Park in the Ramsdens Cup that year. 'Conditional membership' wasn't a status in the SFA rule book of the time.
  9. Not again, Jacksgranda! Albion Rovers were one of the five, East Stirlingshire were not. But I fully agree, the article is a pile of absolute shite.
  10. I'll give you the first one, Neilson left very quickly, with few if any bothered by his departure. I don't think Mellon was 'dispatched' though. The club stated both parties were in agreement about parting ways, and it wasn't a massive leap to suggest MM would reappear at Tranmere, which he did, one week later. The Birkenhead position had been vacant for two weeks prior to Mellon leaving Tannadice, and it'd be naive to think there hadn't been contact made with MM during that fortnight. He'd probably been sounded out in advance of Keith Hill's sacking, I'm sure Tranmere staff would have been aware if his family had been unsettled in Scotland, and if Micky himself felt he and United weren't on the same page regarding club policy interpretation. His departure was mutual, and probably as staged as the Tam Courts interview with Tanner yesterday.
  11. I reckon Tam Courts will facilitate low risk, high value solutions that provide competitive advantage and enable high performance and commercial benefits, by design, for United.
  12. I was hoping for Mourinho too, but he's going to Roma.
  13. Lafferty's luck ran out: he was in goal scoring form which coincided with officials failing to send him off on more than one occasion. Had referees done their jobs properly, Killie would likely have been relegated directly, with Accies in the play off. Also as @Granny Danger says, he's a tit.
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