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  1. I'd be content to see Jamie McGrant having a good match.
  2. Unsure where I got these from: this is from 1960. And these from 1969: The printing process seems to have struggled with some of colours.
  3. Fergal Sharkey and others receiving Jim Mclean's honest opinion in the early 'eighties. Airdrieonians fan entering The Recs to watch his side getting hammered 6-0 in 2001. The Hoff, keen Jags fan.
  4. Of course, given Barry Ferguson played for one of the Old Firm, he was 'over hyped'. But he was one of the few players of his era who rarely lost or misplaced the ball, and more than many of his team mates or opposition, deserved most of the plaudits he was given, in my view.
  5. Don't lose hope, the 36th rated world side beat England 4-0 earlier in the year.
  6. I thought it was Eric Ferguson, but he was maybe at Rangers in 1983. I'd go with Given, looks more like him (to me) than McGhee.
  7. Angus Robertson of the SNP has said Independence voters could choose ALBA, while the Greens are also available.
  8. The GERS figures aren't prepared by Scottish Government officials: that's the responsibility of the Office for National Statistics. The ONS is headquartered in Newport, Wales, with three sub offices spread throughout England. GERS as a measure can be criticised as a flawed examination, most commonly as the expenditure displayed is overstated to a huge degree. First published in 1992, the annual report has been used and abused by both sides of the Independence debate to skew their arguments.
  9. Spent time reading through the comments made following the Supreme Court ruling, but I'm stuck on one point. The ruling referred to the UK Constitution, and I recall it being mentioned by John Reed a few times. And yet, there is no concrete UK Constitution as far as I can make out. There is a UK Constitutional Law Association, but as far as I can determine, some of the discussions in that group, and decisions taken such as today's, can be based on unwritten laws as well as well established legislation. Quebec indeed.
  10. Parent and Child playing together at Queen of the South this season. Dad Willie Gibson, 38 year old player-manager, and son Lewis, aged 17, who looks a very good prospect. Any other examples from the Scottish Leagues of a dad and son playing on the same side at the same time?
  11. Can't imagine why Australia appear to be lining up as a back four, think they're asking for trouble.
  12. Behich looks like he's in a back four for Australia tonight: if so, I expect him to get shown up badly. Interesting to see Harry Souttar starting, that could go either way with him having just 90 mins in the Championship since his cruciate damage. Hope he gets back to the form he was showing just over a year ago.
  13. That's Scottish Internationalist and ex Albion, Celtic, Hearts, St Johnstone etc John Colquhoun's dad, also John Colquhoun, number 7 for Stirling. Yet another John Colquhoun played briefly for Stirling Albion in the early 90s, who may have been a cousin, prior to the Internationalist Colquhoun, now a football agent, returning to finish his career, this time for Albion at Forthbank, having left the club from Annfield. EDIT to add:
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