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  1. Hey Mvondo, what about these two words: Mvondo Atangana? Aye, Jean-Jaques Misse-Misse. Both born in the same city as Jeando Fuchs, unlike the fellow Cameroonian Wato Kuaté, who at least scored a goal.
  2. The winner got a home game against Dundee United, who went on to the final after a three games tussle with Aberdeen in the semi finals.
  3. Nicky Clarke's possibly a cut above our Nicky Clark at this level..
  4. I'm thinking it's light-hearted banter, for it’s hardly worth holding any sort of grudge over such an minor matter which doesn’t affect United going forward. That would be a bit hunnish.
  5. As I was intruding on LoonsYouthTeam's post, here's Station Park in the1957-58 Scottish Cup tie, Forfar v Rangers, which I think heralded the opening of the stand at the ground.
  6. Agree: I found the entertaining, as I said. But was hoping someone could indicate a link for the live stream for Saturday.
  7. Went on to Hamilton Accies TV to see how to watch Saturday's match, and was regaled with this: What is it? Anyway, with the game being on a fake grass surface, can we pay for the game with imitation money?
  8. 1-0 against Partick. Subbed off and 5 minutes later Shankland scored Thanks: a fact I had at that point was that we'd never scored when King was on the park, and I think that remains as his record.
  9. Yes. Sticks in my mind he started one game and as soon as he went off we scored the winner.
  10. I note that player Morelos was on the park at Easter Road today and played in Gibralter midweek. Some going for a boy that was killed by Edwards at Ibrox last Saturday.
  11. Never been confident when Mark Reynolds is playing, but have to say he's been ok this season, and although it was a mistake yesterday which led to the Saints' goal, I think he got a push from Dylan Connolly just outside the box which changed his momentum, perhaps explaing why he miskicked the ball. Still maintain that of the players we have in the squad, Butcher is possibly our best option for central defence.
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