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  1. She wrote a book discussing an example of this that had happened at the campus she worked on aye. Sarcasm aside, i simply said that there are people out there who believe that you should be able to retroactively withdraw consent and i think that is a ridiculous idea.
  2. Who said that? No the narrative that is being pushed by some in the US, is that if after the fact you have a regret or otherwise feel you made a mistake, then you should be able to retroactively withdraw consent for that particular encounter. Admittedly what i tried to use as an example was perhaps not the best explained or a good example, but its a narrative that's been going around universities and colleges in the US for well over a year now.
  3. Never said there was a legal precedent, said there was a push by people to make that acceptable. Shockingly enough this is coming from the campuses in america once again. https://bandanablog.wordpress.com/2013/11/05/you-can-take-it-back-consent-as-a-felt-sense/ "Put another way, you have “the right to retroactively withdraw consent” from any encounters you had, at any point in the past, that no longer feel good or safe to you." https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/apr/02/unwanted-advances-on-campus-us-university-professor-laura-kipnis-interview Here is an interview with Laura Kipnis, a professor who wrote an essay and eventually a book on relationships in college campuses and had her job threatened by the conclusions she reached. Among her findings when looking into various cases and allegations, speaking to students etc "Years later, sex that was consensual can apparently become non-consensual,” she says. “I think that is quite shocking, and that it should be known.” http://www.npr.org/2017/04/09/522909041/laura-kipnis-tackles-campus-sexual-politics-in-unwanted-advances "And so there a lot of cases where you have unwanted sex or ambiguous sex being labeled after the fact as sexual assault, or even consent being withdrawn after the fact, sometimes even years after the fact — and I wrote about a case like that in the book."
  4. You also have people trying to push narratives that change what consent means. Namely if after the fact you regret sleeping with someone, you can withdraw the consent you gave at the time and claim you were raped. Now everyone out there has at least one person in their life that they regret having sex with, hell i know i do and i'm pretty sure she does aswell if she even remembers me or my disappointing performance. But i can't turn round and go "consent withdrawn, you assaulted me with your disgustingly fat tits" and accuse her of assault (although, i would like to accuse her of visual assault because she really was hideous)
  5. Well, they are cancelling after the next series but i do get your point. Spacey isn't a great example as he hasn't denied this happened, he apologised for it, which makes me think he actually knows it happened despite his claims of being too drunk to remember. But i agree that this narrative of believing the accuser before even knowing if there is any proof beyond the allegation is a concerning precedent. There was a video made by Sargon of Akkad, a pretty divisive figure but its in regards to Emma Sulkowicz, a college student who made allegations against a fellow student that after a investigation they could find no evidence supporting this and when the charges and investigation were dropped she continued to pursue this, even going so far as making a performance art piece about her accusations which involved her carrying around the mattress that she claimed she was raped on. Some years later she even recreated what she says happened with a stand in (with full sex) and posted it on porn websites. The video im linking is Sargon looking into the accusations, the relationship between the two(which can best be described as her being obsessive) and such. Its actually really fucking disturbing https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mattress_Performance_(Carry_That_Weight) Begun in September 2014, the piece involved her carrying a 50-pound (23 kg) mattress, of the kind that Columbia uses in its dorms, wherever she went on campus. She said the piece would end when a student she alleges raped her in her dorm room in 2012 was expelled from or otherwise left the university. Sulkowicz carried the mattress until the end of the Spring semester as well as to her graduating ceremony in May 2015. The student Sulkowicz accused was found not responsible in 2013 by a university inquiry into the allegations. He called Sulkowicz's accusation "untrue and unfounded" and Mattress Performance an act of bullying. Sulkowicz filed a police complaint in May 2014; the district attorney's office did not pursue criminal charges, citing a lack of reasonable suspicion. In April 2015 the student filed a lawsuit against the university, its trustees, university president Lee Bollinger, and art professor Jon Kessler, Sulkowicz's thesis supervisor, alleging that they exposed him to gender-based harassment by allowing Mattress Performance to take place on campus for course credit. The suit was dismissed in March 2016. The student filed an amended complaint on April 25, 2016, which resulted in the university settling for undisclosed terms, and expressing regret about his "difficult" time and promising to reform its policies so "accuser and accused, including those like the student who are found not responsible" are "treated with respect" in the future.
  6. The 5th season was rather hit and miss at times, but the finale, Claire taking the lead from Frank and becoming president was an outstanding premise for the next series and tbh well before any of today's revelations of Spacey being a piece of shit, i actually was really looking forward to a series with Claire at the forefront and being the lead and narrator.
  7. he could easily pull a Nixon, pardon those who are being looked into then arrange for pence to pardon him when he stands down
  8. Just found out that Black Panther is being written and directed by Ryan Coogler, the guy who wrote and directed Creed. I was excited enough for this film, now i cant wait!
  9. Cheers bud, absolutely zombied out atm and all of this is going over my head. TBH i think i need my bed
  10. Seemingly the charges raised don't relate to things involved in Trump's campaign, but one would assume that they hope he will roll over and give them the dirt on Trump in exchange for some kinda deal if i am interpreting this correctly.
  11. Speaking of, Rose McGowan has told that a few days prior to the Weinstein revelations coming to light, he offered her a million to keep her mouth shut. She counter with a 6 million demand. What Weinstein did to her is disgusting, but demanding more money to keep shit about it is hardly noble either. Oh and according to Asia Argento the list of women that Weinstein harassed is up to 82
  12. Beast. Tried to pull a Frank Underwood by trying to pull attention away from this by "coming out" Problem for him is he isn't as clever as Frank and everyone immediately saw through it. Still a beast and whether he was Gay, Bi or drunk, he still tried it on with a 14 year old boy. Extremely disappointing as I rather enjoyed house of cards, but what he did was indefensible.
  13. Been playing Arkham Asylum all day as I just woke up in the mood for it. Can't explain why but I literally woke up thinking "I really wanna play that" Maybe I had a dream about it that I can't remember
  14. The tech was great on paper, in practice it was a very unreliable mess. Some games developed specifically for it were and still are entirely unplayable.
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