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  1. Thank you for your input toddle off now DKB and because Iof that I will over look the spelling of our managers name
  2. Agreed it was special,the David Craig one was a midweek 6 nil against Falkirk I was there big man nailed it
  3. Need to learn how to defend corners for a start that's amateur stuff
  4. I got my ticket on Wednesday without any issues
  5. We would be unseeded and our neighbors will be I think so a possibility of that money spinner maybe?
  6. Beat me to it that's what I remember and the ICT debacle
  7. Hopefully we don't have to listen to his dross all season
  8. Yep u did in the Scottish cup lol even with ur best players just saying and ain't it good u sign a player ex Talbot but u let go a few players who hold on mc call didn't think were good enough for ayr utd and they went to Talbot and history tells the story Buccy on a school night love it 🤣good old Auchinbleak
  9. Was thinking the same jeezo what is it with our threads right now
  10. Are you in a hospitality somewhere at the moment on the piss? It's the only explanation for your posts You got the piss bit right just add *taking the *too it,
  11. Yet again going back to what the manager said last week when they were mentioned absolutely no chance then he jokingly said unless I take over as manager !
  12. The manager was on the radio last Saturday and said it was down to 3 clubs 2 in England and quote a big big club in Scotland make of that what you will
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