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  1. I've saw pics and a video on twitter it really looked bad at one point
  2. We do ,facing the bottom tier in Scottish football wasn't it?
  3. Very good post 😂 The nature of his post was uncalled for
  4. I suspect we will be playing next year as it's on a Saturday ,the top league stop this weekend for a break maybe that has something to do with it
  5. I agree I just don't get our support moan moan moan get a grip
  6. Maybe I was a bit harsh on Dodds probably the goals he banged in against us ,he's one of the better radio pundits
  7. Agreed and he would bring that nyaff Dodds also no thanks
  8. You talk utter garbage why use us as yardstick you're just fishing , you don't drink but bet ok fair enough, I don't think I was abusive but hey ho
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