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  1. I think the company he works for do the accounts but he also does a lot of voluntary admin work for the club beyond that.
  2. 100% this. Somebody at the club has been played for a fool. That statement is horrendous, I hope the authorities throw the book at us.
  3. So his family were there as well. FFS 🤦‍♂️
  4. I'm really impressed with the stream - occasional jumps but better than I expected. Chromecasting no problem to my TV.
  5. Just a query but would we have been due some sort of development fee for Dykes even if he had left when his contract finished at the end of the season?
  6. It wasn't so much the rivalry that caused the hatred it was the fact that Gretna were using what seemed completely unsustainable money in a way which was designed to take fans from Dumfries and the Scottish press were lapping up the "fairytale". At the time it really did seem like an exestential crisis for Queens and did serve as a bit if a wakeup call which seems to have resulted in some great community involvement from the club.
  7. That proposal is horrendous. Personally I think the league setup we have at the moment is about as good as it gets, there are meaningful games for most teams right to the end of the season. There is no point in breaking that just to save Hearts.
  8. I doubt you’ll find anybody defending Willie Harkness here.
  9. I've never thought of rummel as a pronunciation of rumble. More a Scots word in its own right, causing a nuisance by movement or being agitated is how I think about it eg. you might say "stop rummling" to somebody sitting next to you on a sofa but I'd also use it as a synonym for fight or wrestle. Like the guy in the clip I'd often use it as a noun to describe a big number 9.
  10. This. I recently watched the YouTube video of his early goals and you can see he thrived on the chaos O’Connor created, his anticipation, calmness and ability to just delay a fraction of a second longer than you thought possible make him particularly effective when the defence has been bashed out of position. I actually think him and Dykes had a really good understanding and some great interplay but undoubtedly he played the battering ram role as well.
  11. Holt also appeared to be complaining that the defender had wrestled him on his way to the ball. I certainly didn’t expect that on my way down the road yesterday. A great performance from everyone. I don’t think we are playing particularly good football but we scrapped and harried brilliantly. After a torrid first ten minutes where it looked like McMullan was going to run riot the defence settled well. The back three were superb. McCrorie looks so steady and Brownlie has always had the attributes to be a good defender and he seems to have improved his concentration. Also pleasing to see the beginning of a relationship between Hamilton and Dobbie with El Bakhtaoui looking like he can play a good supporting role coming in off the wing. Night and day from my last game at Clyde.
  12. We were fragile for 2 seasons at high balls. No combination really improved that tbh. True, but I think the various combinations in the latter half of the season were the nadir. Doyle and McGuire both look like they work better with a stopper like Semple or Brownlie beside them
  13. Tend to agree with this. Good on the ball but had a tendency to get bullied. I think the combination of him and Doyle in the second half of the season was one of the reasons we became so fragile to high balls. There is no reason he won't improve though.
  14. I agree with this but I'm not sure it means we should keep him.
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