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  1. I did consider taking the door off the cage when she's toilet trained and keeping it as her safe place as she seems to love it.
  2. No need to explain why you're asking, I actually thought the same thing initially but I read up on it alot and it seems to be all down to toilet training. Dogs won't go to the toilet in an area where they're sleeping. I get up and let her outside if she makes any noise during the night and she goes out to pee, poo or can get a drink. Shes only up once (maybe twice) in a night. If she had the run of the house she'd just pee and poo everywhere. She actually likes her cage, it's in our bedroom and she happily goes in at night when she's tired. I won't use it long term though, just till she's toilet trained.
  3. Little Bella, our 13 week old Beaglier. Shes an absolute star. Very loving but also utterly mental when having her daft half hour.
  4. Wouldn't be the first time her arse has been treble teamed.
  5. Thanks buddy. Shes a wee cracker. She had spent this afternoon playing with my fiances parents dog (Dexter the golden Retriever) and her aunties dog (small, not sure what type). She seems to have a lovely happy nature about her. Shes playful without being annoying. The breeder did a fantastic job socialising her before we picked her up. I've never been much of a dog person but I absolutely love her. (I reserve the right to change that in the middle of the night when she's howling in her cage )
  6. Beagle dad. Cavalier King Charles spaniel mum.
  7. Bella. Born 11th March 16. Just got her home a few days ago. Shes mental! She's a Beaglier. Love her already.
  8. I was initially thinking that the aftermath of the match was a bad thing as it took away from cracking final. Thanks to Sevco's hilarious response and Hibs measured response I think it's been better than the match. Absolutely brilliant entertainment.
  9. I've been at work all day but managed to catch most of the game. Killie obviously completely deserved their win and to stay up. Congratulations. We just didn't turn up. It's more annoying that we played so badly, I think we let ourselves down a bit today. Of we had played as well as we could and lost then it would have been easier to take. We picked a bad day to have an off day. Credit to Killie thought they swamped the midfield and gave us no time on the ball.
  10. haha. I don't know that area at all.
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