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  1. Enjoying the updated version of the twightlight zone available on the SYFY channel.
  2. I've just watched it and thought it was excellent, tension right from the start that never lets up. 8/10 Bit on the sides arse 10/10
  3. Bar at the ground or the devorgilla in market square.
  4. Do you know how much that would cost? Not that I'm disagreeing with the sentiment of your post. Unfortunately I don't think we can afford to go back to grass.
  5. All the basic freeview channels will still work.
  6. You need to actually leave. I did it last month then got entertainment package, box sets, kids, movies, super fast fibre, new router and line rental for 52 quid a month for 18 months. I could maybe have got more out of them but I'm happy with that.
  7. The 4 dots thing doesn't solve the problem of the big boss. Dot was recruited as were the other 2. It's who recruited them that is the big question. I also felt the ending was a bit rushed. Perhaps they originally planned for 2 episodes but moved it to a 90 minute one instead. I've heard there is supposed to be another 2 series but I'm kinda hoping they just do 1 more, make it amazing and end on a high instead.
  8. He really needs to be gone by the morning.
  9. Standing here getting beat 2 nil and folk are still thinking naysmith should stay! Fucking despair.
  10. It is in fact Gairloch. Pint in the Millcroft hotel. It was as good a pint as it looked.
  11. Other than the manager getting sacked or resigning im not sure what set of results to hope for today.
  12. We are fucked. Sack him tonight, let dobbie take the game next week, nothing to lose.
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