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  1. Detectorists

    Will do, cheers.
  2. Detectorists

  3. Westworld

    No difference between Bernard and Arnold except Arnold was 'real'. Nobody except Ford new that Bernard was a host. Edited to add: I see what you mean as he thought he was bernard and not Arnold.
  4. Westworld

    So I think we know the reason for multiple bernards now - the longest they've managed to keep a host, based on a real person stable is around 30 days.
  5. Westworld

    Well that's the first episode I can remember where I was losing interest.
  6. Westworld

  7. Westworld

    Excellent start.
  8. Detectorists

    What!!! I've missed that :-(
  9. Rivers of blood

    It would be interesting to know who on here had actually heard or read the speech in its entirety before they commented on it. I'm not condoning the speech at all but I have a feeling there are a few on here who are talking about it because of what they have been told about it rather than what they think about it. For my part, his speech was a viewpoint then and is now. He was shouted down at the time (That's why it's infamous) and would be again today. Giving his speech exposure is just the same as broadcasting one of Hitler's speeches - you get to see the context and the passion but you also get to rip the shit out of the ridiculous pish they are coming out with!
  10. Public Information Films

    I think this is what I was thinking of, obviously the wrong thing.
  11. Public Information Films

    Wasn't it something about loose carpet?
  12. Quick Question Thread

    He's a belter.
  13. Queens v Inverness

    You shouldn't :-(
  14. On the Buses

    I never understood how the guy in the middle of the picture was some sort of babe magnet.
  15. What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    Peter rabbit Took my 5 year old daughter to see this today and actually quite enjoyed it. I laughed out loud to a couple of bits and she laughed quite a lot. She got bored a couple of times when the animals weren't on screen but overall she enjoyed it. Me 6/10 Daughter 7/10