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  1. "Ad hominem attacks" =/= getting clamped repeatedly every time you post nonsense!
  2. They've played each other countless times over the years and it's a 200+ mile round trip. 1,400 is a cracking away support.
  3. Premiership clubs have also also gone back to allowing five subs per game.
  4. Why do people seek out posts on Twitter that annoy them? It's like people who moan about the contents of this thread yet post in it 20 times a day. Life's too short baby!
  5. One of my most old man opinions is that I'd have a team full of guys like that. We've had a load of faceless nobodies with very few leaders for years. A load of moaners who want to win hounding the ref will do me.
  6. It's The General Nonsense section of The Pie and Bovril Scottish Football Forum.
  7. I agree with you completely re the defence. Hall and McKay is a goal a game to the opposition at a minimum. McCann got roasted today too and went to bits in possession for the last half hour or so.
  8. Not saying he's the answer long term but Babe Ruth would've scored at least one of those.
  9. Think you're being a bit harsh. I'd say the second half is the best we've looked against non pub team opposition for months. In saying that, cannot miss three sitters and lose three terrible, terrible goals and expect to get anything from a game. Either encouragingly or annoyingly, I think if you put three or four more competent players in the side we'd be decent. I like this formation and Williamson has been very good the last couple of weeks. The tempo second half was much better than the first. We should win next week with this side but until we add more solidity instead of Hall/McKay and get some proper mobile midfielders in we're the fifth best side in the division at best.
  10. 7 of the 11 that started today are acceptable enough. McKay, Hall, Miller and McGuffie are killing us every week against everything except the worst of the worst in this league. Quite impressed with Airdrie, pressing us high up the park and not letting any of the aforementioned Four Horsemen have a seconds rest. Easy enough playing against a non-existent Falkirk midfield right enough.
  11. Airdrie Utd 3-1 Falkirk Alloa 1-1 Queens Park Cove 1-0 Montrose Dumbarton 2-2 East Fife Peterhead 1-0 Clyde
  12. You come out of this anecdote looking great btw.
  13. He was at the game on Saturday certainly.
  14. Some folk having a tantrum about a member's organisation running a poll of their membership should just come out and say they're desperate for us to sign Goodwillie rather than trying to dress it up.
  15. That's on the members rather than the organisation.
  16. Taking the emotional ties of football out of it and looking at things objectively: Season ticket holders are customers of a business at a point in time. IKEA won't be polling people who bought a desk off them on whether they should be hiring Person X to work the checkouts. FSS is a subscription members only group. They are polling their own members. The result of the poll will not be in any way binding in terms of what the club does. It would just be indicative. If you're a season ticket holder with concerns then go to the club directly via email or phone to state your position. The club can delete your email if they want. We're just customers. If you're not happy at a decision they take or process they follow then withdraw your custom.
  17. Airdrie Utd 3-0 East Fife Clyde 0-2 Cove Falkirk 1-2 Dumbarton Montrose 2-0 Alloa Queens Park 1-0 Peterhead
  18. I reckon if we don't sign him it will be because Clyde want too much money. I'm about 90% certain he'll sign. We have just had an influx of cash via Patrons and the statement yesterday made it sound like we need to go up this year or next. Goodwillie is the ultimate panic button move.
  19. Strangely they sent it to my old email address from my MSN days as a wee guy, but not to my new email address which I used to buy my half season ticket.
  20. I get what you're saying in that we can't condemn them for something that hasn't happened yet. But if you enjoy going to watch Falkirk on a Saturday and this would stop you from doing that, surely it's better to try and communicate what the impact would be to the club before they make the bad decision?
  21. Agreed. Had this discussion with someone recently re why any club would take on the baggage of Goodwillie etc. It would be a club who is completely and utterly desperate. Falkirk may well be in that position. I'm guessing a large part of this must be that Rennie and/or Miller are really keen to sign him, and the BoD want to let the management team decide on the make up of the squad (eg "ultimately it is their decision" or words to that effect). We need to have checks and balances - I wish we'd had that when Hartley was signing the sleeve tattoo brigade for example! I'm resigned to this happening now unfortunately. If it goes through before Saturday they'll be getting back the ticket I got in the ballot for the Dumbarton game.
  22. I was wrong about a darts player once 8 years ago. You got me.
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