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  1. This is the most comfortable game we've had since we got relegated. We look to be improving every week but Peterhead are abysmal. Dowds creates a lot of space and holds the ball up well but his final ball at times has been poor. If they can improve his finishing and delivery over the next couple of months he could be a great asset.
  2. I'm literally in tears at the slow motion commentary
  3. Can tuck in and give space for Kelly to overlap
  4. I think there is a debate to be had about how well it is working and in what respects. We are winning games with the 4-4-2 but we retained possession much better against Rangers with the extra body in midfield. It's fair to ask if we could take that into league games and be even more effective. We are weaker up front than we are in midfield, getting more goals from that area of the park and it should let us have a bit more of the ball. Pros and cons to both approaches. Maybe I'm playing too much FIFA or maybe I'm watching us week to week.
  5. "Would love to twat you hard you little f**k"
  6. You can't sneer at people for talking about the team they'd pick and then go on to say who you'd play.
  7. Bit much brother My rep is what it is because of Haters and Trolls. Frankly I couldn't give a rat's ass.
  8. Have you watched any Falkirk games this season? He's streets ahead of Dowds and particularly Francis based on the last 6 weeks or so.
  9. At the time of ordering none of these have been approved. Hedge your bets.
  10. Had a Simply the Manifest carton from the boozer a few weeks ago and it was great. The Kompaans torp was a disaster - faulty, wouldn't stop pouring so had to bin. Expecting a refund. Decent bock beer though. Having a Krusovice Cerne torp just now. Halfway between a lager and a stout I'd say.
  11. Has this been confirmed by anyone at FVRH who would definitely hear the chat?
  12. Who is this aimed at? If it's me, then I get more ass than a toilet seat.
  13. That's the tactics which cause that though as you say in your post. One up front by itself isn't the issue.
  14. You. Thank you. Not sure I'd be the Best, top 10 maybe, but Best is a stretch.
  15. Positive nominations are encouraged to allow us to appreciate good posting. Who has been your Best Poster of 2020?
  16. At 3am on a Monday night, no less. Good to see that post staying up for 3 months while The Circles see other threads closed down.
  17. Phoning the police cause of the weather is the most Edinburgh thing imaginable.
  18. There is no one better in the minds of Falkirk fans than our second choice keeper.
  19. One of the few perks of being a Falkirk fan is the dark blue skin on here.
  20. Yeah the Zwickl is excellent, one of the best I've had on the Sub. Not had many Zwickl or Keller beers before other than Wild West, it's quite similar to that if you've had it before. I've got the 2020 Kompaans Bock going in the Sub tonight. 7.5% so just having a small glass tonight and will stretch the rest out over the weekend. 4 pints of that in one sitting and I'd be waking up the neighbours singing about Yogi Hughes.
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