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  1. We're going to have to get goals from across the midfield and attack unless we strike gold in the loan market. Can we potentially get 40 league goals between eg Ugwu, Oliver, McGuffie, Morrison and Nesbitt? Potentially but I think that's what would be required at a bare minimum.
  2. Is this the two signings you told us about three weeks ago?
  3. I know with FSS you're paying for fan ownership as a concept etc etc but even at a tenner a month you're asking fans to pay another 50% into the club on top of their season ticket. 25% of season ticket holders doing so isn't a terrible number imo. It's a tough one because I don't think you'll see that number drastically increase until performances improve on the park, but you need the membership numbers and finance from FSS even more when the team is worse. I'm not sure how you get around that other than word of mouth to try and get existing members to encourage their friends and family to sign up.
  4. If we improve on pitch performance it'll increase revenue as well extra fans through the gate, televised cup ties and prize money. That would also shift extra merchandise and make us more attractive to sponsors. I appreciate thats not a groundbreaking new concept and everyone wants us to improve, but I think we can speculate to accumulate a bit without risking the financial future of the club. I know you're not saying otherwise but your post mentioned revenue streams so thought I'd piggyback off it. I would also say I'm not advocating just signing any old dross in a panic and would rather we waited for a better player than sign another Jaime Wilson. My understanding is trialists can't play in the League Cup so I'm guessing it's stick or twist time on Yates this week. My own view having seen him once and hearing from pals who were at the Stranraer game is he's worth a go as a young player with potential but I'd hope we're not relying on him as a starter, at least initially. Good find though since I'd never heard of him until his name popped up on here about 25 mins into the Killie game.
  5. The only thing I will say is that Rennie was a diddy who was miles out of his depth, whereas John McGlynn is a football manager.
  6. Findlay Malcolm is probably on buttons but that's another wage we're tied into from the second half of last season.
  7. Complain endlessly about the previous regime?
  8. One goal against FC Energie Braunbruucken in the Pokal and the usual suspects in this section of The Forum will be in raptures.
  9. The season starts in 10 days. The league is more important but we shouldn't just be writing off the League Cup.
  10. You must've been at the games I missed last year
  11. SkyBet have us joint favourites with Dunfermline fwiw. Still work to be done but getting promoted out of the league this season shouldn't require a "miracle". We are short going forward and lacking creativity as it stands but we should be relatively solid at the back and into midfield. Williamson is a massive concern for me too if I'm honest I have no faith in him at all. Worryingly slow and you couldn't fit a fag paper under him when he jumps. We should be looking at other right backs as a priority imo.
  12. Wasn't one of the commonly cited uses of "entry fees" from Colts was spending on improved social media?
  13. Did people watch the games with Griffiths with their eyes shut last season?
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