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  1. Yeah the left back for one of the best teams in the world can't defend
  2. Haha rent free seethe into my veins - at least they're not bothered 😂🤣😂🤣😭😭😭😭
  3. If the likes of Moray or Shetland are not in Tier 0 just now then we won't have any area of Scotland in Tier 0 without a vaccine. Scottish Borders at Tier 2 is ridiculous. The differences in Glasgow and Edinburgh scores are wide and they're in the same Tier. I don't want to go into Tier 4 in Glasgow but if the whole point is to be more localised in terms of restrictions based on those indicators then the right thing should really be Glasgow at least 1 Tier worse off than the cowards in the capital.
  4. Clicking a coloured circle = bad, abusive "Toothless virgin" = somehow OK?
  5. If coloured circles are to be believed @8MileBU is angry or sad that student athletes aren't developing heart conditions?
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