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  1. Laughed at the first three but the fourth is disgraceful
  2. Your ability to always come up with the absolute worst take possible is genuinely impressive
  3. There is absolutely no logic behind that other than trying to prove a point, which is not the way to run a country. I take it they'd do the same with all the schools if any teachers go out in a group of 8 for dinner, or if one has been in Spain in the last two weeks?
  4. Why would there be a halt to football? What would the grounds be for public health/risk reduction? I will be absolutely livid if the Scottish Government treat this as a "well if you can't behave..." thing. This isn't primary school pupils not getting golden time because someone talked without putting his hand up.
  5. Haha rent free with the seethe - at least they're not bothered 😋🤣🤯
  6. Of all the public figures who have done stupid things during this period this is probably the thickest.
  7. Kevin Volland is ridiculously handsome. Cracking game too but that's my main observation.
  8. I think we can see who needs help! If you start a poll I know who would win!
  9. By misreading my post and trying to paint me as some sort of halfwit
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