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  1. You can get every Sky Sports channel for about 20 quid a month so none of the streams are anything approaching good value. I view them almost as a donation of sorts.
  2. Someone in the league to have played less than 18 games by April 23rd.
  3. You can't type T I M on here but "bead-rattlers" is allowed? OK.
  4. Vale of Leithen will be spared relegation no matter what.
  5. Would imagine our game won't go ahead on Saturday if the Scottish Cup postponement chat is applied consistently. Would think it'll be the Sunday, or we're looking at Tuesday/Thursday to get the 18 games in before the deadline. Decent chance the league will only be 18 games which would be yet another gift for us this season.
  6. That's phenomenal. He is hopefully finding form at just the right time for us. Would love to see him up against Stones, harassing him, roughing him up, elbows, standing on his toes.
  7. Any chance this could reduce League One to an 18 game season?
  8. Quite pleased with that so far. Neilson and Morrison linking well on the right, Telfer and Alston both having good games and the weightlifter has been causing mayhem in the Clyde defence. Clyde player should definitely have been off for his lunge on Dixon. Durnan should have walked if the ref thought it was an elbow. Wee Lewis isn't half obsessed with players being injured.
  9. The McClelland one is particularly galling given 1) the dross getting picked ahead of him and 2) it should be a first step in trying to get first dibs on loans from Rangers in future.
  10. I'm not sure why any club would loan us players in future. Deveney has barely played, even with Kelly vanishing off the face of the earth, Neilson has been in and out the side and McClelland is marooned behind the Chuckle Brothers.
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