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  1. The chat along the lines of "anyone could join the Zoom call and ruin it" is symptomatic of everything wrong with the club over the last 10+ years as I see it. For all the rhetoric about Premiership, five year plans, strategy etc etc, the full thing is run like a mid sized bowling club rather than a business that has 3,000-4,000 paying customers every fortnight. It is tinpot beyond belief.
  2. Signed for Parma towards the beginning of the week so it's Robbie Mutch again for us.
  3. How much does that mean? Around 15000? 13,000 I think.
  4. As stated above Clockwork would be a good shout. The Ball Room, Armstrongs, Church on the Hill, Ivory Hotel are all relatively close by too.
  5. Firhill. I've been surprised at how few they've signed so far. Paying a fee for Brown maybe an indication of things to come right enough.
  6. Daft to talk about "biggest in the league" when Willie Haughey could put 50m into Queens Park tomorrow if he fancied doing so.
  7. Not on the train I'm on. Masks, distancing and booze pretty much whatever people fancy.
  8. £30-40 could be a lot of money for some people. Poor from some fans to suggest no one should be taking up the refund but for the club to try and guilt trip people into not taking it is risible.
  9. Pleading poverty to try and justify it is brutal too. Bold to play that card after turning down 600k from a supporters' group.
  10. Even if we accept the flimsy nonsense about player development in B teams helping the national team by developing players (it doesn't but let's humour it for a minute), the purpose of lower league football is not to facilitate the national team. Clubs are competing to win trophies, provide entertainment to their communities/supporters and to progress up the structure through their performances on the park. The national team is completely separate.
  11. Might have been on the Dumbarton thread I read it but I'm sure someone said Dumb and Dumber had wanted to sign him without a trial, but Sheerin wants to take a look at him before bringing him in permanently.
  12. You could say similar for about 7 or 8 clubs in the league. Goodwillie, Megginson and Murray are the only sure things up front for teams next year. We should be in a better position to get the pick of the bunch as you'd imagine full time football and having one of the top two budgets in the league should make us first choice.
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