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  1. Why are we comparing trends on different scales? Doesnt help IMO
  2. I blame the scum drinking cans of cider in Pollok Park spoiling it for the rest of us!
  3. y2mate.com - jonathan frakes telling you you're wrong for 47 seconds_GM-e46xdcUo_360p.mp4
  4. I would question whether someone who thought it was a good idea to drive to Earlsferry and back in the current situation whilst you are the public face of the pandemic is intelligent enough to be advising the government.
  5. Sean McKirdy has a career in the media ahead of him. What a well spoken young man.
  6. It's quite weird how much you and me are getting on these days eh.
  7. Paco has said what I have been trying to say all morning in a far more eloquent way than I could ever manage.
  8. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-52172035 Here we go. "You've only got yourselves to blame plebs". It wasn't the general public that allowed Cheltenham to go ahead, kept schools open, and essentially highlighted to everyone that they could have one last night down the boozer as a treat.
  9. I don't think that's something you can level at me throughout the last few weeks tbh. "Loads of folk" who don't have any authority on the topic might claim that. The leadership from the government has been near enough non existent and a lot of the the public have taken full advantage of that. Both are big factors.
  10. At least we would know what we were meant to be doing in that case. If you set the speed limit at 70 then people can still go over that. At least they're having a limit set. At the moment the exercise guidance is like saying "you can drive on this road".
  11. So you don't know the answers either, is what I take from that. The boy playing golf was not undertaking essential exercise, he was making a choice based on a personal preference. If I want to go out for essential exercise today, can I go on a 20 mile walk over a period of 8 hours starting and finishing at my house? Can you give me the government definition of a "vulnerable person" please? If the "vulnerable person" I know lives in Plymouth, can I travel from Glasgow to check on them?
  12. I agree, but the media narrative has been completely one sided and blames the public. My prediction is auld Liz will make a load of vague statements about all sticking together tonight and we will go into proper lockdown a couple of days from now.
  13. Can I go to the shop every day? How long am I allowed out for exercise per day? What is defined as a "vulnerable" person and how far am I allowed to travel to help look after one? What is the permissible distance for me to travel for exercise? Please help me out on these example questions because it is not "perfectly clear" to me.
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