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  1. Personally I'm not seeing Morrison as an option in a midfield three. He's a bit of a blunt object and is at his best when he's taking defenders on directly. I don't see him having the necessary balance in his play to complement an older Liam Craig or Gary Miller and Charlie Telfer who looks a bit overwhelmed as it is. Nesbitt and McGuffie flit in and out of play a bit too much for my liking to go into that three as well. Morrison is a striker in this 3-5-2 or an option off the bench. Nesbitt is a potential option in games against the weakest sides in the division in a midfield three. McGuffie is a player I don't particularly rate anyway but I think he's very much a square peg for a round hole in this formation. If it's to be Liam Craig, Telfer and one other than I really think we need a third player in who can go box to box and is more physical in their style of play. Alternatively, I view all of our other options as being flawed to a lesser or greater extent unless Hetherington comes back as a new player.
  2. Monkey Tennis has joined the welshbairns, the Wee Bullys and the Elixirs of this world on my Ignore List.
  3. Watson was fine when he was next to someone who was taking the lead in the pairing (Grant, McCracken) and telling him exactly what to do, but was hopeless when paired next to a dumpling like that blob Gasparotto. Would assume he'll be on the right side of the back three which might suit him if he's got a leader in the middle. Dixon can potentially fulfil that role I'd think. Just great to have McKay and particularly Hall pushed down the pecking order. Hall should never be on the pitch again IMO - one of the all time worst. Re Keena, I've always liked the idea of him but then the reality when he was on the park was very disappointing. He is technically decent and seems to be a decent finisher around the box but he was never involved enough and doesn't have the physical attributes I'd be looking for. There's probably a level where he'd stand out as players get slower and defenders make more mistakes but he wasn't the answer for us. Ideally I'd have another centre back, cover at RWB and a striker coming in, but the priority absolutely has to be the centre of midfield now. People seem to want a destroyer/holding player but I think we need legs in there more than anything else. Telfer is getting a bit of stick on here but what's he meant to do when he's got Gary Miller standing on the toes of the defence and whoever the out of position show pony of the week is either side of him. Liam Craig would be a great signing in isolation but would still leave us lacking a big box to box player (Ben Williamson would be the ideal type of player we need but is obviously unavailable). Telfer, Craig and a big athlete seems like a great balance to me. I can't see us catching any of the top three so that QP game a week on Saturday is massive. I think they're the only team above us that we can realistically catch so we have to beat them at home. Gives us a little bit of time to get Watson, Kubia and hopefully one or two others into the starting XI. Not writing off the Montrose game by any means but that QP game is the biggest of our season so far.
  4. How is a guy talking about "all these blacks" in response to someone being racially abused "tasty" or "very impressive" in any way?
  5. Commentator is calling this game remotely from The Brig Tavern.
  6. "Ad hominem attacks" =/= getting clamped repeatedly every time you post nonsense!
  7. They've played each other countless times over the years and it's a 200+ mile round trip. 1,400 is a cracking away support.
  8. Premiership clubs have also also gone back to allowing five subs per game.
  9. Why do people seek out posts on Twitter that annoy them? It's like people who moan about the contents of this thread yet post in it 20 times a day. Life's too short baby!
  10. One of my most old man opinions is that I'd have a team full of guys like that. We've had a load of faceless nobodies with very few leaders for years. A load of moaners who want to win hounding the ref will do me.
  11. It's The General Nonsense section of The Pie and Bovril Scottish Football Forum.
  12. I agree with you completely re the defence. Hall and McKay is a goal a game to the opposition at a minimum. McCann got roasted today too and went to bits in possession for the last half hour or so.
  13. Not saying he's the answer long term but Babe Ruth would've scored at least one of those.
  14. Think you're being a bit harsh. I'd say the second half is the best we've looked against non pub team opposition for months. In saying that, cannot miss three sitters and lose three terrible, terrible goals and expect to get anything from a game. Either encouragingly or annoyingly, I think if you put three or four more competent players in the side we'd be decent. I like this formation and Williamson has been very good the last couple of weeks. The tempo second half was much better than the first. We should win next week with this side but until we add more solidity instead of Hall/McKay and get some proper mobile midfielders in we're the fifth best side in the division at best.
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