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  1. And all these countries are testing and diagnosing people in the same volume as every other country?
  2. In their defence they need to go through due process. As we are aware, The Guys have to Take A Look at the very least.
  3. Sunday is a day of rest so to vaccinate 11k on a Sunday is really good actually.
  4. Always baffles me people referring to "vermin", "scum", "tinks" etc being in the same places as they are. What does that make you then if you're in exactly the same place?
  5. Worst post of the year so far possibly
  6. Devlin has been outstanding in a good Livingston team this season. Up and down the full park which would suit the back five.
  7. There will never be widespread civil unrest in the UK. We are a tubby compliant mass of blobs for the most part. If you can still get a Chinese delivered on a Saturday night to have while you watch Strictly Celebrity on Ice then that will do for most people.
  8. The entire country has been shut down and hundreds are dying from a virus every week with no defined plan on when this is likely to change.
  9. Wee Nipola Sturkrankie saying we will give all of the top 4 most vulnerable groups their first dose by mid February. How many people would that be?
  10. Saying we need to wait to see if they hit their February targets as we fall well below the required run rate is akin to a club needing 40 points for safety, losing their first 13 games of the season, and any criticism of their form being shut down by a bunch of happy clappers since the stated total is still arithmetically possible. If you're looking at the numbers and thinking "we cannot possibly extrapolate this" then you're not thinking hard enough. Freeman is an absolute disgrace.
  11. Someone post the photo of Jack Ross with the wine glass
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