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  1. Yep and shared by the people who gave us Brexit. Those short on thought.
  2. Didn't the MET either refuse to investigate Saville or drop the case?
  3. The fact we've never seen any press track down the manager or any employees from around that time to say they remember serving royalty pretty much tells you all you need to know.
  4. Yep. He's probably more versed in all things FFC than GMFC. Used to be obsessed with the stadium a decade ago. Seems to have moved onto the club as a whole now.
  5. Yep. Quoted it too. Strange FFC obsession that boy has. Don't remember dropping down to the league 1 boards when we were Championship. Seems very strange behaviour. He must be bad obsessed.
  6. Couldn't help but have a look in here eh? Still obsessed with all things FFC.
  7. There were many who said if we didn't go up last season we were doomed to go P/T. FFC going P/T whist we still get bigger crowds than some Premiership clubs and basically all the Championship clubs just isn't going to happen (well that's me jinxed it)
  8. Straight out of Nigel Farages PC. I need new friends.
  9. I'd guess we would just have 7 Old firms and 1 hell of a party.
  10. Are we allowed to call ourselves a country? We seem pretty happy to be England's plaything. I'm assured we would be skint and dead inside a week if we left.
  11. I've never understood why if I'm sat with the wife or maybe just the 4 of us do they drop the bill off and f**k off again. Fair enough a large group will require time to break down the bill but if it's just me and the Mrs I'd quite like to pay it as soon as you drop it off at my table.
  12. And opening them hoping for sex toys or lingerie
  13. I already love this pub. Grown ups not carrying cash is really weird and definitely OFTW
  14. "The good old days." Said by pensioners who probably also believe in Brexit. Pensioners are mostly shitey, gullible idiots who spew bollocks.
  15. I know of a wedding recently where all the guests turned up to find the card machines down so all guests had to find a cash machine or no booze. I do feel pretty smug here as turning up without cash is not adult behaviour.
  16. My FB is full of racisty people Notice these never say let's stop giving rich MPS expenses or lets stop the tax breaks for huge companies. I can almost believe these were started by Nigel Farage or the Daily Mail.
  17. We outsource snatching kids. We leave shagging kids to royalty and Tories
  18. As standard no face pic just the back of a man. I call bullshit on this nonsense.
  19. I reckon you could write a very interesting book on the many stories you have.
  20. I was behind a fella a while back for a good 2mins who was atrociously bad at driving in every way. Anyway we both pull into the Morrisons petrol station and to add to his list of crimes he stops at the back pump even though the pump Infront of him was empty. As I go round him I'm staring absolute daggers because our petrol station only has a couple of pay at the pump so I couldn't just go to another pump. To add to my fury the absolute oxygen thief then went inside to pay for his petrol. I was absolutely lost for words how shit a driver and thick as mince this c**t is
  21. In the 70s and 80s I just assume every old man was a nonce. Pretty much seems that way now and also by the looks of it acceptable if Saville is anything to go by. Another addition to the greatest lie ever told......"The good old days". Literally nothing was better then.
  22. Wife only recently passed her driving test. For 15 years she had plenty to say when some inconsiderate asshole filled 2 spaces with 1 car. When she did it and I pointed out she's done it I'm being a nag and to leave her alone. Fucking women.
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