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  1. BMW driver in being a cu#t. You any photos of them not being a cu#t?
  2. Sounds like the standard entitled pensioner we are used too.
  3. Push them in the fu#*ing canal. Problem solved
  4. I'm used to the £6.50 pints but the £13.50 hotdog and chips was an wallet opener
  5. I had 1 last night. Glad I didn't see this. Also £13.50 for a hotdog and chips at the Killers concert is a joke. Throw in my £6.50 pint and I feel screwed.
  6. Yep and shared by the people who gave us Brexit. Those short on thought.
  7. Didn't the MET either refuse to investigate Saville or drop the case?
  8. The fact we've never seen any press track down the manager or any employees from around that time to say they remember serving royalty pretty much tells you all you need to know.
  9. Yep. He's probably more versed in all things FFC than GMFC. Used to be obsessed with the stadium a decade ago. Seems to have moved onto the club as a whole now.
  10. Yep. Quoted it too. Strange FFC obsession that boy has. Don't remember dropping down to the league 1 boards when we were Championship. Seems very strange behaviour. He must be bad obsessed.
  11. Couldn't help but have a look in here eh? Still obsessed with all things FFC.
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