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  1. I noticed you semi committed to your point. Didn't say 1 of the top 10/20/30 albums just a generic 1 of the best. Put a number on it man
  2. If I was at a roll van and this was the selection of cakes I'd probably blacklist it
  3. I'm aware but I stand by my comments. I want Hollywood, Presidents and Royals squirming in court not this sideshow
  4. I want to see some real celebs in court. They (FBI) took out plenty surveillance footage from Epsteins homes. Surely ends all doubt about who was there and doing what. To arrest this nobody screams of tying up loose ends afraid she will shoot her mouth of. They made Epstein go away and I've a sneaky suspicion she's about to have an "accident"
  5. Was up at my folks earlier and boredom/curiosity took over and I opened up the sports pages of the Daily Record 😯 Decided to read Barry Ferguson's for a bit of a laugh. I don't see what all the problems are that People are on about. Rangers are in great shape and I remember nearly pishing my frillies when the bold Barry actually said he "wasn't surprised Rangers fans stepped up" when it came to backing the club with money 😂 Just wow.
  6. I'd be struggling to tell you the newest person in music I have respect for but I'd have to go back over a decade I reckon. After Simon Cowell decided to start telling everyone what to like and flooding our charts with people more attractive than talented, I gave up. Music has been mostly shite for over 15 years. Even the way people choose to listen to music nowadays is infuriating to me.
  7. The queues or something bammy? The length of the queue. Stylish bunch in Dunfermline. Seems half the town were having a wee day out at their favourite wardrobe store
  8. Seen a video of the Dunfermline Primark. Jesus fucking wept
  9. You stopped playing with your lego to type that?
  10. Why is it when I ask Unionists to collect the prize they "won" in 2014 none of them seem forthcoming?
  11. I thought that statue fucked off? I seen footage
  12. What do we think all the bams will do if Scotland were to wise up and tell England to go f**k itself? There seems many who are 1 rant from a heart attack and seem to hate the SNP beyond belief. Will they stay and pray it all goes to shit or leave to return to their mother ship of England and join all the other racist bigots?
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