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  1. I wouldn't have believed it if they had said it at a rally but if they put it on a bus it becomes what can't speak can't lie
  2. In Scotland we of course had a white paper published to tell the citizens the Independence plan. Brexiteers went with a big red bus emblazoned with a massive lie that they backed away from mere hours after the vote was declared.
  3. Well Brexiteers I know assure me they knew what they were voting for. Nobody else on the planet did but 17M were ahead of the curve.
  4. Montrose are £12.50. Anyone else got prices yet?
  5. How much are Montrose FC charging for Saturday's PPV effort?
  6. Unpopular opinion time. I'm not sure we threw that group away. Those fucking useless Germans failing to beat Ireland fucked us over.
  7. I just want to say 2 things. 1, it's nice to have something major to look forward too 2, you'd rather play Serbia than Norway the way big Haaland has been.
  8. Would it make any difference? I'm fully aware why you stopped and in my opinion the club would be wasting there time.
  9. I understand why they're doing it I just can't stop picturing St Johnstone a decade ago or so ago
  10. https://www.falkirkfc.co.uk/2020/10/07/wall-of-westfield-poll/ 🤬
  11. Playing both weekends are the old firm?
  12. Yesterday we took in 2 Amazon deliveries for our neighbours. The wife decided unbeknown to me the best place for them was on top of the fridge I assumed up until a few minutes ago she had dropped the parcels in to them. No she's decided out the road is where to leave them. I've just asked her why she put them there? Her - to get them out the road. Me - but you won't deliver them and I didn't know you'd hid them there. She now gets annoyed with me for talking loudly at her. What chance have you got.
  13. Am I missing something here or how did this guy pass a medical?
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