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  1. The Chooky Embra

    Thats the question i want answered. I very much doubt the police would treat this the way they'd treat us peasants.
  2. Quite amusing that the 2 guys we were interested In were both absolute disasters. County couldn't get rid of Coyle fast enough and we gave PH about 5mins of this season
  3. My favourite part was the club bigging up the 100+ applications and probably a good few of those got interviewed only for us to approach and give the job to a guy who wasn't interested and made it perfectly clear to the fans in the 1st 5secs of his interview on FTV.
  4. We have a huge parasol on the decking but I feel using it is just condoning her pish. Into the sea with you wife
  5. Nope. She just believes that if we put the clothes outside a bird will shit on them. If she's away for a few days in the summer I tend to ignore her bollocks and stick the laundry outside. I prefer my clothes dried by the wind and sun rather than a radiator
  6. Relegation Royal Rumble

    Bingo. If Falkirk and Thistle weren't having terrible seasons Alloa would be bottom and nobody would be talking about them other than to point and laugh at their 5 aside pitch. Alloa have been made to look good by an abject Falkirk and Thistle.
  7. Starting to feel the club are outsourcing jobs here Football clubs have 3 sections. The Board - who run the club and make all the money decisions. Managers/coaches/players - who are responsible for all the football on the park. Fans - who's job it is to support the team and put the cash in. Suddenly it seems fans are to do 2 of these jobs.
  8. Do you like the Scottish?

    I've noticed a trend when people are giving Tories and Labour abuse that you hear the line "all MPs are the same, I dinnae trust any of them" Then when it's folk from the SNP it's a personal slagging of that person and they are "an embarrassment to Scotland" Too many Scots seem to want their political leaders all noncey and that honestly doesn't make you OFTW
  9. If I try and put the clothes horse outside in summer on the decking to dry the clothes quicker she goes mental. Apparently birds will shite all over our washing and will need redone. Doesn't seem to affect all the neighbours around us who have clothes out on the washing line but those birds do have it in for us.
  10. Relegation Royal Rumble

    Would people be bumming up this Alloa team if Falkirk and Thistle weren't having laughably bad seasons? Seems they would be bottom any normal season and the best I can say is at least you aren't Brechin. The benchmark set for all Shitty seasons.
  11. Relegation Royal Rumble

    Didn't Alloa have Callum Elliot in those days?
  12. Relegation Royal Rumble

    Didn't stop them though. Didn't Pars win at EEP?
  13. Relegation Royal Rumble

    What a fucking riddy. Losing is bad enough but to be 2nd favourites when playing Alloa is a proper riddy