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  1. We also cut the budget on players wages so attracted the cheaper players to go with our cheaper manager.
  2. FB now riddled with fake videos. Massively annoying and another reason to delete it
  3. It gets better. Most buildings have an access point for firemans keys to get into the building in an emergency. You can buy said keys on eBay. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/254431658633 Not even expensive
  4. My personal favourite " There still takeing orders" 4 word sentence and 2 of them are wrong
  5. The English language taking an absolute battering throughout that conversation.
  6. Well we got a delivery last week and the postie took it back to the depot as we were out. Mea t we had to go up and go through that fun to collect my parcel. Would rather if I could have spoke with the postie and told him to leave it round the side of the house. My wife gets a ton of deliveries so speaking to the courier's and postie's when you aren't in is very useful.
  7. Bought my sister 1 for Xmas. She's set it up and seems happy with my purchase. Gets an alert whenever someone comes near which is great as the distance from the door to the living room is quite far and gives her peace of mind
  8. My mother in-law doesn't have a TV aerial in the house. She has Virgin coming in but wants to get rid of the TIVO box. See the wall mounted box Virgin have coming in, can that be used as a Freeview Aerial or will she need a TV aerial up on the roof? I seem to remember running a small aerial from my virgin box into my TV 15 years ago and it worked. Am I remembering wrong?
  9. Anyone else see these? Guess how the posters tend to vote
  10. Don't be hasty. What crisps are they and does she have nice tits?
  11. I've seen women on FB post these 5% cute 95% crazy posts and then laugh with a line like "yeah, that's me". On behalf of Men everywhere this isn't an endearing quality and in actual fact we hate your drama and your pish.
  12. You could literally see the confidence drain from O'Hara as the months rolled on. The player who burst onto the scene was not the same player who left under a cloud.
  13. Swap Dowds for Kevin O'Hara. Waited for his goal to go in forever. In the end we just pumped him.
  14. The lights I wander round switching off is phenomenal. She had 2 lamps and the Xmas tree on the other day just to look at her phone on the couch.
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