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  1. Livingston vs Hearts

  2. Do we get to pick sides? Is she a wid? Is NSR?
  3. Ruined Christmas stories

    Couple of things.....Are all children who get presents seen as spoiled? Why did she need to advertise she was doing this in a 'look at me' piece?
  4. The biggest rip off has to be in the paracetamol and over the counter drugs trade People actually buy expensive paracetamol which has no benefit over and above the 30P shops own brand stuff.
  5. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    See also sat navs. The amount of conversations lately I've had with people who have asked me my address and then 10 follow up questions about how to get there. Seriously.... Is Google maps complicated to work????? I very much hope you don't vote because you're clearly very simple.
  6. Work colleagues

    After the 1st sentence I can't believe Rizzo thought we gave a f**k about anything in that story other than whether she's hot and whether he nailed her.
  7. He's no a diving b*****d when he plays wi us only Sellick.
  8. Can you advise when Mr Rudden returns to Sevco?
  9. Not really. I'd didn't think Partick were about to extend the pitch and especially into the 1st few rows. Really just grabbed the opportunity to point and laugh that someone at Alloa actually believed they would have more chance staying up if they play on a 5 aside size pitch.
  10. Only a complete diddy would extend/shrink a pitch in a feeble attempt to win football matches.
  11. We've outshited every team (except maybe Alloa) this season to be bottom and still they try that patter.
  12. "Star" I can tell you about 5 Dunfermline players and most of that 5 played with us. Who is this "Star"
  13. Morton have collected 9 points on the road to Falkirks 3 home draws. I'd really stop looking at recent form and listen to what I'm telling you about our home form. I'd happily play every game away until we sign a few players.
  14. or put in his girlfriends pocket