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  1. And there we have the problem. In England for around 15 - 20 years they all sing from the same hymn sheet about how great it is. In Scotland we have fans like this clambering over each other to tell anyone listening how shite Scottish fitba is. What chance have you got.
  2. With Rangers and Celtic about to make the last 32 of the Europa lge and our coefficient going up so we now have 2 Champ lge places, I could easily make an argument this is the best Scottish football has been in a decade. Even the National team are a bawhair from making the Euros.
  3. Update Cock has came back and is once more blaring the tunes at a very unacceptable level considering its just after 10AM. This time the street was treated to 'i've got a feeling'. Utter cock of the highest order and I'm so glad I don't stay here. Would have to punch them
  4. I've yet to notice anyone use the Bluetooth hands free in the car that didn't have the volume at a ridiculous level. It's also very strange (and I sincerely hope isn't another addition to laziness) that a lot of people use the facility when parked up. On that note they are either very thick or lazy as f**k
  5. Not even 8.30 AM yet. Fella comes out the house and starts fucking about with the car radio to find a station to listen to on his commute. He's about 50 yards from me with the doors all closed and I can hear the bloody thing no problem. From looking at the houses next to his a few of his neighbours are still in bed and with any luck tonight are gonnae kick f**k out of him for being an utter deaf cock.
  6. Just be glad she didn't watch Basic Instinct
  7. You chase shiny red balls onto the road without looking don't you?
  8. Last week my shifts worked out that I was effectively the stay at home parent. morning and afternoon school runs, take care of all household duties etc and it was fucking bliss! Still nipped out to take care of work stuff every night and managed to paint the hall as well and not one day was I not sitting down with my feet up by 12 with a couple of hours to myself. Women don't want men to be stay at home parents as they'll expose the con that it's a hard gig that they've got away with for years! When I have a couple of days of looking after the wee man I seem to find time to do loads of stuff. Dishes, laundry, hoovering, shopping all done. Yesterday was her day off so she had the wee man. I came home and we have to go straight to Tesco to get a few odds and ends.. It was never harder to not shout 'so you haven't left the house all fucking day then?' Women are fucking at it.
  9. On the last 1 the ref should have stopped play as it was a head knock.
  10. I'm less likely to share if they dare me at the end
  11. It is quicker but going for a night out drinking with your mates and refusing to get cash is pure lazy and shouldn't be encouraged. No excuses.
  12. Had to pull someone up for calling Hogmanay new years eve last week. Calls himself Scottish too
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