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  1. Don't believe everything you think??? I wonder if the Duchess of Duke Street should add: Don't believe everything you write to that pish!!! What a corrupt wee shite she is.
  2. Exactly. The 3 Cs of Conservatism writ large. Cronyism Corruption Cuntyness Lock them up!
  3. Watched this last night. It was fantastically filmed and utterly harrowing. The new recruits quick descent from the pride of signing up to the horrors of war was horrifying. As was Paul's moment of contrition in the bomb crater after stabbing the French soldier and watching his slow death. The final push on Armistice morning and the inevitable outcome summed up the futility of war.
  4. Did you head out from Leverburgh? Me and my wife did it years ago and everyone spewed their ring on the way out. No issues on the way back but we were all standing on the rear deck instead of the inside cabin. Fascinating place and a great pic.
  5. Went to see Band of Horses at the Barrowland last night. Great sound and great gig. Some voice on Ben Bridwell too. The band couldnt believe the crowds reaction and were obviously bouyed up by it. Last time I saw them was an online gig during lockdown.
  6. I think spongeheid is a foosty and pathetic old pensioner.
  7. Same but especially in Edinburgh. You'll rarely hear a proper Edinburgh accent on a vox pop from there.
  8. I've said this for a while now. As long as a sizeable proportion of the English electorate think that any other constituent part of the union is getting subsidised, sponging, etc then the union is dead. And since that genie is not going back in the bottle the long term future of the United Kingdom is in the hands of Brexit backing middle England. The same people would love to shoot themselves in the other foot by telling us to F-off. The UK is therefore done for.
  9. Aye, and whit aboot the ferries and ma penshun!!!!!
  10. Shite for shite, shite for shite, shite for shite....
  11. Depends on the power rating in Watts. Generally a table lamp has a lower rating than the big light. LED bulbs are available with a considerably lower power rating.
  12. I have some grout to clean and sealant to replace in the bathroom. Picking up the kit for it today. Looking forward to it.
  13. As great British fruit rots in the fields too
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