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  1. Nice to see you up all night typing shite again Malky. You don't have a clue about QEUH by the way, just like pretty much everything else in your Daily Mail-like diatribes. But you keep on battering away at that keyboard all night champ.
  2. Thanks for that Blinky. Your recent posts indicate you practice the opposite of what you preach. Good luck now.
  3. Don’t ignore it Blinky, you ARE a dribbling simpleton.
  4. My wife would totally agree with you on this. She has no interest in football, doesn’t have a clue who he is but fucking hates Brendan Rodgers when she sees him on MOTD.
  5. Agreed, great programme on what is a tragic case. I thought her mother was dead too. Apparently she's not. Interesting that her mother did not feature in what was broadcast from the court. She must have been involved with proceedings though.
  6. Has Malky, for the umpteenth time, been up all night slevering a lot of shite using all his familiar failed tropes, only to be utterly slapped down? Who’d have thunk it?
  7. Get it done Sir, we went to Botswana for our honeymoon and it was the best holiday experience I've ever had. Finished off in Zambia at the Victoria Falls, brilliant place.
  8. Two ticks in the SNP box from this household tonight. Hopefully get Swinson out.
  9. Lib Dems round at the door last night. Jo Swinson is really going for it. Politely told tae get tae.
  10. She's my MP. I'll no be voting for her again. I'll be backing the good guys.
  11. East Dunbartonshire: 4 Lib Dem, a newspaper, a flyer and 2 letters addressed to me and my wife. 1 SNP
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