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  1. Great result Thistle. Feels like our last promotion season from this league.
  2. From Broken, Brexit Britain to Cracked, Collapsing Commonwealth. The sun is truly going down on the British Empire.
  3. The 3 Cs of Conservatism. Corruption, Cronyism, Cuntyness.
  4. Just binged half of Season 1 last night. Non-stop edge of the seat stuff so far. Great stuff.
  5. The Remoaners obviously, for not embracing brexit. Oh dear, what am i like? A daft remainer. I should really manage my expectations lower now. Who eats peas anyway? Nasty foreigns that’s who.
  6. There’s nae frozen peas at oor Tesco. Who takes the blame for this?
  7. The Ugandan who swapped with Cameron Stout on Big Brother.
  8. An accountant, bean counter or spreadsheet shuffler. Hate working with numbers.
  9. I suggested it for a duvet but the wife was having none of it. “Yuk, no way! Our duvet will have other people’s pubes and clag-nuts on it.”
  10. Don’t mind the washing at all. Line dryed clothes are brilliant and worth the fannying about. My wife washes the f**k out of everything and adds tons of washing powder despite me reminding her that our lovely soft water doesn’t need as much. I like to flick my clothes individually before hanging to dry to straighten them out. Saves any ironing which is a real thankless menial task. She leaves them all scrunched up to dry which should be against the law.
  11. Following your recommendation I checked out their website and think that the Fume dials are a thing of beauty. They're like nothing else out there. I really like the blue dial but I’d be happy with any of the colours. A good choice of straps allows you to customise to your requirements. After some swithering (do I really need another watch???) I’ve decided to subscribe for notifications of their next batches. Hopefully something comes up soon.
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