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  1. Try Martin's of Glasgow on Maryhill Rd. They do all the top Swiss brands like Cartier, Omega etc...
  2. Yup, they are cracking watches.
  3. Thanks for the recommendation. Always fancied trying to get to inchmarnock. Looks like I’ll be getting another couple of islands ticked off using this service.
  4. The only food that gives me the fear is Goats Cheese. Bowfing 🤢
  5. With Shir Sheans shad pashing I have no one left to impershonate now.😔 My loss is my kidsh gain though. 😲
  6. Blitzed Season 1 of this last weekend. It’s fucking brilliant. Defo Team Johnny in our house😄.
  7. Insignia has everything, Shampoo and shower gel, Deoderant and aftershave for that one all over smell. It's new Insignia, It's all over now.
  8. At least the boss of the Tories in Scotland is breathing. That's quite a low bar you've set there for him doing a good job. 😄
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