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  1. I didn’t meet the guys running it as I was a subbie on site, so had to get signed onto site by the main contractor. At first It was quite disconcerting but, as you say, you soon settle into it. I was told they had a similar scheme in England that was used to heat a local swimming pool from the recovered heat.
  2. I did some work in one of the GCC crematoriums recently as part of a heat recovery system. Really interesting stuff. I’ll never forget seeing a skull on fire through one of the portholes. It was reassuring to see that what goes in comes out as, mostly, ash. I originally thought that there was maybe a big pile that got divvied up at the end, 3 scoops for big Jim, half a scoop for wee Betty. There was a room where they put the remaining chunky bits into a cremulator to grind them down to a finer ash. Any bionic body parts that remained were removed for recycling.
  3. Saw them at the Bandstand in Kelvingrove. Absolutely fantastic. My favourite live band and I was there with my eldest boy for his first gig. He loved it. Tons of Doolittle and loads of Surfer Rosa stuff. Nae encore but after 30 odd songs I can handle that.
  4. Yeah, the link up on the left hand side particularly was minging.
  5. The Thistle website ticketing link is currently taking you to the away tickets despite selecting the link for the home end.
  6. An asteroid strike wiped out the dinosaurs. Your earlier Kennedy joke was prehistoric. Cheery-bye ya daft auld fud.
  7. I know for a fact that Arlene wears Union Jack socks. What a gimptress.
  8. The UK and Great Britain are not the same and are therefore not one nation.
  9. You brought up the subject of national anthems being out of date matey.
  10. It seemed like a deflection to help out DAFty. I agree with you about FOS though. You could start a thread about the national anthems with the most up to date subject matter.
  11. Or was it a pish attempt to cover up for your pal DAFs flailing attempt to describe the reason behind Orange Parades. An attempt which, amazingly, made the whole thing sound even sadder than it is.
  12. Oh I raised a finger right enough.....
  13. I hear what you were saying. I've been on single tracks for years and everyone used to wave and show some courtesy. These were a couple of camper van gimps in a daft wee convoy in standard van-sized identikit VWs and they were acting the fanny. The convoy thing they were doing showed me they had know idea about etiquette. I flashed them to let them know it was under control and I'd do the difficult bit by reversing. I went into the lay-by bit and all they had to do was drive straight past me. The easiest bit was to give a simple wave of acknowledgement which neither of them could do. The c***s.
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