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  1. Reminder that for the payment option over 10 months your season ticket must be purchased by next weekend. Regarding recruitment I would have liked to see a few more bodies added by this stage but not overly concerned. We will have a better squad than last season & at least we have identified the type of player we want. Last season we didn’t have any sort of focus & were signing players without thinking how they would fit in or how we would play. Can’t wait for the season to kick off. Hopefully the supporters can rally behind the club in a difficult season off the park as we look to build for the future.
  2. Took the game in as a neutral today. I enjoyed the match but if being honest the standard was woeful. If Barr’s early effort had gone in it might have been a different game but expected a lot more from Cowdenbeath especially given they were trailing so heavily from the 1st leg. I think the introduction of the pyramid has been great for Scottish football. Fully aware from a Clyde perspective that if we don’t get things right both on & off the park we could find ourselves in a similar position. Best of luck to both teams for next season! Ps. The pakora from next door was incredible.
  3. I can understand what you’re getting at with wanting to leave the ground with a victory but sadly that wasn’t the reality. I don’t speak on behalf of Clyde supporters but everyone I spoke to pre match had us down for a defeat by at least 2/3 goals. Nobody seemed bothered by outcome of the match but more on a wee trip down memory lane before moving on to our next chapter. We have been brutal to watch all season & certainly need to improve over the summer. The standard of the league is going to improve year on year. Promotion playoffs will be interesting with some good sides. The two best footballing sides this season I’ve had down as Airdrie & Montrose. Anyway we are safe & now have a big summer ahead where recruitment will be crucial.
  4. The result is exactly what I expected before the game had kicked off. Airdrie needing the win to have any hope of the title & Clyde with nothing to play for having secured safety the week before. I had no intention of attending until the announcement late on Thursday night. To me the game itself on Saturday meant nothing & it was just the case of being there for the last time for a home match. We have a poor side this season & Airdrie have an exciting side that plays a nice brand of football. Enjoy your victory as would I had my team beat another 5-0 but don’t get too ahead of yourself. We lost our first game at the ground so was only fitting we lost our last!
  5. Heading down to Gateshead vs Southport on Saturday...
  6. Walked down from town/city centre to the stadium on a number of occasions when we played Stirling Albion in the league. Anyway the football... after reading the match preview - are we going to have a goalkeeper available? 2-1 Clyde
  7. I’m afraid you’re unlikely to get anyone on the phone. Having a quick look you are right about U12 tickets not being able to buy online. I am a season ticket holder so don’t normally pay attention to the online store but U12’s appear to only be available on the day. Tomorrow for whatever reason there isn’t a cash or pay at the gate facility (not sure reasons!) I will ask a few people & see if there is a solution to the problem.
  8. I think it’s important we keep Cunningham & Jamieson in the starting team. The pace & energy they bring is crucial. Only change for me would be to bring Elsdon back into the side.
  9. Following the January window what are the thoughts on the Falkirk team? Better than before? I thought they were poor in our game against them on Boxing Day but see they’ve brought in quite a few players. The most notable being Griffiths, how has he been so far? Worth noting that you need to buy a ticket for this game in advance online. Normally you can buy on the day at broadwood but for this match that is not the case.
  10. It was scandalous that we got a point earlier on in the season up here. Montrose clearly wanted to score as many as they could once it went 2-0 & left themselves wide open. Spirits are high after the train journey north but fully expecting a 4-0 Montrose victory.
  11. How’s the weather looking in Montrose? I’m guessing no chance of it being called off?
  12. The only thing that sticks in mind regarding Waddell was a home match on the old grass pitch. A wet day so the park had turned into a bog. Every player’s kit was brown apart from Waddell who had a glistening white long sleeve shirt not a mark. I got major flashbacks of that in the midweek away game to Dumbarton just before COVID when Wylde didn’t get stuck in. Only player that night to have a clean shirt.
  13. The same way we made signings before wasting funds on the ‘recruitment’ team. The players you mentioned at start of your post were all signed or identified before Corr & Diamond got employed. Mitchell being identified through connection with Fahey. Recruitment has been poor overall but it’s only got worse since Corr & Diamond got involved.
  14. When Barry left Clyde we still had Bob in charge for next match as he hadn’t resigned. A grim sight with him on touch line looking totally disinterested.
  15. Heading up by train on Saturday for the game. Normally drive so would appreciate any pub recommendations?
  16. Cuddihy was out on the park running before kick off yesterday. Kenedy as well. I reckon Cuddihy will be back in the squad next weekend.
  17. Ignore me. Just found the following on the EF website: ”The stadium bar will be open to both sets of supporters from 12.15pm this afternoon for pre- and post-match refreshments.”
  18. Is there a supporters bar still at the ground for Home & Away fans?
  19. The video reply on twitter posted by The Lovat AFC who in their words “started the club to help with men’s mental health” is sickening. For a club that feel strongly about mental health it’s concerning they find the video they posted funny. The guy is walking alone through the car park. Anyway back to the football... a deserved victory for Clydebank, we can’t have any complaints. Best team on the day won. I wish them well & hope the team can do the business against Annan.
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