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  1. I meet all 4 but wasn't going to make it tomorrow, now to try & figure out how i'll fit in the game tomorrow.
  2. It's been dry through here. Is the inspection just precautionary or do any locals think the game could actually be in doubt?
  3. A proud moment. Enjoy the game tomorrow & have a cracking weekend!
  4. Thanks for the feedback, very much appreciated. Much better than the political drivel.
  5. Heard on one of these football podcasts that he is coming. Hopefully it comes to fruition as been waiting for Beerman after reports he was spotted at the new Aldi but that hasn't quite worked out.
  6. Who cares? Not me anyway. Back to the football...
  7. Pretty brutal they’re trying to fire us on the grass. Our entrance is next to the steps at changing rooms. I suggest we all gather in that section!
  8. Clyde fans being encouraged to congregate to the right of the dugouts... from past experiences that is just a grass slope? Is there any solid ground in that section other than grass?
  9. No segregation & tickets sold by Bonnyrigg & Clyde are identical - so i heard anyway... Should be a cracking day out. Mon the fitbaw team.
  10. I’ve been disappointed by him, find him extremely frustrating & wasteful. Not to mention his inability to stay onside. Having said that he scored a cracker away to Falkirk to win us the 3 points & had another quality finish at your ground in the Scottish Cup. Hopefully after a promising sub appearance last Saturday he can kick on. Regarding your comments on Currie I noticed he let one in from about 3 miles away the other week & you’ve now signed a new keeper. Has he been dropped?
  11. Rhys McCabe expected to be named as a trialist for Saturday after being released at end of November from St Pats.
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