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  1. It was Victor Valdes in goal for Spain when Goodwillie scored. Sitting high in the opposite stand with an auld boy rattling through a bag of pistachios & spitting them down the stairs did i think the Scotland goalscorer would be playing for my club side in the future. A great player.
  2. What would happen if the game was to be called off on Tuesday & Thursday due to flooding ?
  3. I can understand frustrations of other clubs especially at this time of season but ultimately JRG deemed the match safe to be played. East Fife didn’t want to which is entirely up to them but SPFL must go by the rule book. 3-0 Clyde. Roll on Forfar tonight!
  4. Only mini bus breaking rules was the Peterhead one bringing back their central belt players. No social distancing on that mini bus. As for Clyde if you are referring to the supporters that have travelled in last week no rules have been broken. No travel bans, no mini buses involved & no car sharing.
  5. Scott Brown turned down falkirk to stay at Peterhead so must be on a decent wage* * that was the story I heard after he’d been in talks with them. May have been another reason for not making the move.
  6. Is there any vantage points to see the pitch from outside the ground at Station Park ?
  7. St Johnstone to win by at least 6 today after seeing our lineup.
  8. I am of the belief that you should always start the strongest team possible in every match you play. In saying that i don’t think it’s worth risking anyone who is struggling due to number of games we’ve played recently. Thursday night is a much bigger game & so no point in risking anyone tonight that ain’t 100%. Any points picked up tonight are a bonus but essentially it’s our game in hand so it’s a free hit.
  9. Getting a bit fed up of constantly reading about our busy schedule. The management & players wanted games to return yet all they seem to do now is whinge about it. They’re in a privileged position in that they are actually allowed to play football & meet in groups. The supporters can’t so be grateful you have that opportunity. I want a win today, what’s the point in a team playing if they didn’t want to win or were worried about having to play another game of football? A win today could be the difference of having a semi competent player next season rather than relying on players such as Vajs, Bain or Jack. Get tore in about them Clyde!! Ps. Apologies for the rant. I just want to be able to return to midweek 7’s & for Clyde to start winning more often...
  10. A few Clyde supporters went through earlier in the season with ladders but continuously got moved on by a steward. It was before any Covid travel restrictions were in place.
  11. I read your clubs update & saw there is a 500 seated stadium. There was also talks of another stand on the North side which would be a combination of seats & standing accommodating a further 1,500. Is the north stand likely to be built come start of next season or is that expected to be further down the line? I preferred Clyde’s trips to Meadowbank a lot more than Ainslie Park although it was clear Meadowbank needed some upgrades. Hope you get promoted for selfish reasons... Edinburgh is cracking for an away day!
  12. Peterhead supporters... is your streaming service decent enough?
  13. With the carry on that surrounded the trophy presentation had we won the league in Cowdenbeath I’m glad we went up via the playoffs. The 2nd leg of playoff final was the perfect day from celebrating in the arria afterwards with staff & players to heading back into town to carry on the celebrations. Trumps beating Celtic. I think it’s worth adding as well that for all the years of dross or bad results it just makes those moments of success even sweeter. The days out & memories from following this great club are incredible and make it all worthwhile. Can’t wait to make more in the coming seasons as we eventually return to grounds across Scotland.
  14. Regarding 18/19 would you have preferred to win it on that last day in Cowdenbeath or go up the way we did via the playoffs?
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