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  1. With the carry on that surrounded the trophy presentation had we won the league in Cowdenbeath I’m glad we went up via the playoffs. The 2nd leg of playoff final was the perfect day from celebrating in the arria afterwards with staff & players to heading back into town to carry on the celebrations. Trumps beating Celtic. I think it’s worth adding as well that for all the years of dross or bad results it just makes those moments of success even sweeter. The days out & memories from following this great club are incredible and make it all worthwhile. Can’t wait to make more in the coming seasons as we eventually return to grounds across Scotland.
  2. Regarding 18/19 would you have preferred to win it on that last day in Cowdenbeath or go up the way we did via the playoffs?
  3. This season has been horrible but from a personal point of view that is more to do with not being able to attend rather than the team not playing particularly well. I just cant get into it at all & have no enthusiasm towards football at the moment. Hated watching on a stream so stuck to updates on twitter & didnt bother with the highlights. In last 10-15 years we've had some horrendous seasons & some very painful results (8-1s, 7-1s etc) but i would still be there almost every match with enthusiasm. As for the last BF season, i couldnt even bring myself to celebrate staying up it was more anger at those responsible for getting us into that mess. A mix of anger & relief as that full time whistle was blown in Montrose. I will continue to help the club financially through the different streams such as lottery, 1877 rewards etc but just long for the day we are back in the stands with our family/friends watching the team we all love. Until then all i can ask is the team stay up & the club dont go out of business.
  4. I’d read that Clyde were planning on introducing a Tuna & Scampi pie for this season but obviously no supporters have had access. Intrigued to taste it. I remember thistle doing a cheesy bean pie not idea if it still exists? On to more relevant things... pie huts. Forfar is decent for in this league. From the league two days always quite liked Stenhousemuir & the chips down in Berwick.
  5. Going by the comments on the thistle Facebook page they want the game off. Or certainly their supporters. Even if we have a weakened squad I’d want the game to go ahead. Get rumped into them Clyde & play with some passion. If we don’t win then so be it but leave everything out there. Unless the game is called off then we know that thistle have bricked it. Get the undersoil heating on & the game on.
  6. Unless you are absolutely essential to the game going ahead you should not be in attendance. Why should the supporters miss out when others attend due to being friends or ‘guests’ of directors. When the club needed our support financially we helped them & now we are desperate to be in the ground don’t slap us in the face.
  7. I can’t get into it at all. Not watched a match since Peterhead game whereas had supporters been allowed into the ground I probably wouldn’t have missed a match since then. Continuing to put money into the club via the likes of 1877 Rewards, Bully Wee Fund etc but can’t get into it at all. Doesn’t feel like we’ve got football back at all. No enjoyment whatsoever this season & very little interest. Just can’t wait for this to all be over & hoping we are still in league one when supporters are allowed to return.
  8. First game with Nicoll back in the squad & we win. Coincidence?
  9. Worst manager I’ve witnessed at Clyde, totally clueless. Showed his true colours when he returned as guest in Arria. Wouldn’t want him anywhere near my club never mind in dugout.
  10. Great debut from the lad. Hope the injury isn’t too bad, looked painful running off.
  11. £10 to eventually watch the game through a free stream on YouTube.
  12. Think of all the pies we can eat if any supporters are allowed in before end of the season... Regarding the game, no idea of the standard of thistle's squad but you'd imagine they'll give us a tougher match than Dumbarton did last Saturday. We are currently looking good going forward but work still needing done at the back. Both teams will score & fingers crossed for a Clyde victory. Just wish we were there to see it, horrendous feeling having the new league campaign kicking off & not being in the stands.
  13. Quite interested in how many people streamed the match & from how many countries. I would guess 5/6 countries.
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