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  1. mjw


    The Hip hop Evolution series is outstanding. They've got a documentary up about the murder of Run DMCs Jam Master Jay which is worth a watch.
  2. mjw


    Working my way through 'Sunderland till i die' Main thing that has stood out is the collection of watches that Martin Bain owns.
  3. He's already argued he knew nothing about the payments to 'the birds' though personal or not.
  4. Score the same amount of goals as the other side and you've earned a point. There isn't a deserved points column in the league table.
  5. 40% of his deliveries could have been called according to Aggers on twitter.
  6. Judges and abortion laws is what they want. Lifetime appointments >>2/4 years of Trump.
  7. Sorry it was Sinn Fein but the PUL's don't normally see them as different organisations.
  8. They're proddies though. The SNP are a fag paper away from being the ira apparently.
  9. Not sure Curran will be risked with a side strain when the series is already won.
  10. 48 wickets in the match for spin bowling is a new record. I'd never have picked England to win a match with those statistics.
  11. mjw

    Making a Murderer

    Kathleen Zellner going after Scott Tadych and Bobby Dassey again on twitter.
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