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  1. RISE - The "Scottish Syriza"

    There should be a few more like her getting their eyes opened. Fortunately most of them have a newspaper column to admit their mistake.
  2. That was green yins. Some of them even posted it in green font to prove their staunchness.
  3. Good news. I thought Gillespie looked steady enough on Saturday to give us less to worry about if Carson was out for a while.
  4. Been poor since number 73 imo.
  5. You know you are big time when you start leaving a trail of broken seats behind you.
  6. Looking good first half then one slack back pass fucks it all up.
  7. Yet another US shooting

    That's them got another reason to blame the guy for his own death. He had a bit of dope in his apartment.
  8. Yet another US shooting

    NRA blaming the man for not having a gun for his own death. Right wing loons blaming him for not following orders. Murica
  9. Lester holt interviewed him on nbc. He admitted to sacking Comey because of that Russia thing. Probably obstruction of justice.
  10. The get fit, stay fit thread

    If you're a man eating less than that then you might not be eating that healthy. Go against the fad diets and up your carb intake if you are wanting to gain muscle.
  11. Tommy Robinson Yaxley lennon rakes around 4k a month doing his freedom fighting casual routine.
  12. Twitter

    Seems he was removed and spoken to for not showing enough enthusiasm for the dear leader. Triggered the troll on here calls it.