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  1. If memory serves, the Larbert turf accountants took a bit of a shoeing that day also!!
  2. I am not disputing that the average standard of the BDO compared to the PDC is less, but to call it "pub darts" is just stupid, if it is so shit why are you even interested about when it is on? BTW don't forget where the vast majority of the PDC players came from, they didn't just turn into great players as soon as they switched to the PDC.
  3. Pretty impressive pub teams you know then mate, if that's how they play. There are no pub players i know who could turn that standard in on a regular basis.
  4. At £195.00 that is a bit of a pisstake to be honest, a third of that would be a bit nearer the mark, and even then. Shame that some people are trying to cash in on the nostalgia factor, i can't see anyone meeting that price.
  5. Hankey would be a dream ticket for the PDC, he is the type of character they would thrive on. He constantly looks as if he is ready to explode with the crowd, which in turn makes them try to wind him up more. Depending on what becomes of this regime change in the BDO it would be good to see Hankey switching, but i can't see it happening any time soon. I hope Adams being on the board now is not going to throw a spanner in the works of any progress because he seems to be as stuck in the past as Croft was with a major dislike of all things PDC.
  6. So this is who has taken over from Croft? Hopefully this will open things up within the BDO and they can drag themselves into the 21st century, it would be good if we had a decent second force in darts, continuing the county & youth scene's and hopefully getting more TV interest for the BDO. The next couple of years should be interesting.
  7. That's a fair shout, i had forgotton all about that, and i don't even work for SKY!
  8. Anyone seen this before......
  9. There is loyalty & then there is blind loyalty, neither he nor the BDO are gaining anything from him not attending, quite the opposite really. If Adams was to win the Grand Slam, (he is the world champ after all), then that would be major kudos for the BDO, as he has stated he has no intention of leaving them they don't need to worry about him making a switch. Is it more the fact that he doesn't think he has the game to win it? surely not. The man has huge talent and could have been very comfortable by now if he had switched a few years back. Is he maybe maneouvering himself into position to take over from Croft when he finally pegs it? I cant fathom out any other reason for denying himself and his family the best possible opportunity to earn top dollar from his undoubted skill. I was reading a report from the first year of the grand slam in 2007 and apparently in the build up to that he was initially all for playing in it here is the quote..... Adams told BBC Sport: "My loyalty is to the BDO, but as long as it is happy I don't see why I couldn't take part. "If I did, if shouldn't be construed by anyone as me joining the PDC because that is something I would never do." Sounds to me that Olly squeezed his balls a bit and suddenly it was a shit idea to attend!!
  10. Fair enough, i don't blame them not giving him the opportunity to turn it down due to his undying love for the BDO, (what a guy!) The original point still stands though, he is a fucking bellend (IMO)
  11. Olly Crofts love child, Martin Adams is still playing the martyr then? What a fucking bellend of a man.
  12. Bored so i was looking throught he DRA site to see what the pro's have been up to, mostly quite boring but this one made me chuckle! DRA website "Robert Thornton at the Players Championship, Gibraltar on 7th February 2010 outside the sports centre venue was in possession of a bottle with an optic attached. This behaviour occurred in front of two representatives of tournament sponsors and therefore could be considered to be behaviour likely to bring the game of darts into disrepute". Mr Thornton was issued with a formal warning.
  13. It is kinda moreish, tried a few cans for the first time a couple of weeks ago. But tonight it's back to the standard Stella lager, only a couple mind!!
  14. Thats the very chap Naitch.
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