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  1. FFS can I not get my breath back from battling Clyde fans all season. Thank goodness Stenny aren't a big club lik they are. Fabregas. Bully_Wee. BTU. Axis of evil.
  2. Unlike yourself who'd shag the hind legs of a donkey. Your mummy left you watching a lot of cartoons, didn't she?
  3. Good luck to The Bairns tonight. Wee run in the top league well overdue.
  4. All you need here fella... http://www.queensparkfc.co.uk/?page_id=262 QP fans in the South stand West, Clyde in the South stand East.
  5. Because of this. http://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/teams/east-stirlingshire/who-remembers-es-clydebank-1-2476933
  6. Just in case there's still a match thread in here..all the very best Shire.
  7. Think it's about time the inner workings of Clyde FC were finally exposed. Snapshot smuggled out of a recent CIC meeting at Lodge Broadwood...
  8. Here's Clyde's strip from the days in Brigton. Anything in Hoops, eh?
  9. Zoomer alert. Meltdown started early Shaw? There again, your whole life seems to be a meltdown.
  10. The rascal in me is thinking a 1-0 win for Clyde would be epic on the meltdown-o-meter. But I'm going for a realistic 4-0 to The QP. South-East stand emptying at half-time. Any news on whether Duggan might get a run out?
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