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  1. Sanel Jahic, Madis Vihmann, Plamen Krachunov... all signed with no previous experience in Scottish football and all played / contributed hardly anything. I think a one year deal is fine. If he impresses, let’s not leave it until Easter to start talking about extending.
  2. At least Brogan the fucking Beagle had a cracking time at Scone Palace. Bring back Super Saint! (Or was it Super J?)
  3. Couldn’t agree more. The club do not have a clue when it comes to this. Ross Cunningham laid some really good foundations but those who followed him in the role have undone all his good work. Look at what Motherwell do. The difference it can make having someone who knows what they’re doing is huge.
  4. I wonder if Kyle Lafferty could be an option for our “15 goal” striker. Not sure if he would fit within our budget and is a bit of a divisive character, but given he’s approaching 32 and seems to be on his way out at Ibrox he may not be blessed with many options.
  5. Chris Kane is really really shite. Mid to low championship level at best. If Watt goes in the summer we have a big job on to get a couple of good strikers in.
  6. There is one main reason that our crowds are suffering - the club has done absolutely nothing to try and get people to come. The family deal is arguably the best deal in Scottish football, yet what do they do to try and sell it to people that aren’t looking for it? You walk around Perth and see no mention of St Johnstone. What are the club doing to engage with schools? What about the college / uni thing which is literally 2 mins along the road? What about any of the towns and villages north or Perth? Ross’ replacement seems to be an imposter as there’s been zero original or exciting content since he started. We’ve had some shoutouts to sponsors on twitter, a really shite #decadeofachievement thing (can’t really call it a marketing campaign or anything as it was really bad), a magazine (which would have been a shit idea 10/15 years ago) and nothing more than the usual post match interviews and a few ill-informed articles. Does this guy actually have any ideas? What is his marketing background? Is his creative freedom being restricted (I doubt this since Ross was so innovative). Engagement on social media is huge, we have 27k people “Like” the club on Facebook. 33k followers on Twitter. 7k followers on Instagram. What are we doing to entice these people to engage with the club? f**k all. Our social media game is boring and predictable. In Tony Watt we have a guy who is very active on social media and interacts with fans of our club, other clubs, players etc. Surely there’s plenty of things we can be doing there! The people who run the club have got completely complacent and it seems there’s nobody with any fresh or positive ideas since Ross left. The cost of getting one or two people in who can run marketing campaigns, create exciting online content, increase engagement must be minuscule in comparison to the playing budget. Bit of a rant here but f**k me it’s infuriating to see the amount of missed opportunity by our club and the blame lying with lapsed fans or apathy of people from Perth when there’s f**k all being done by St Johnstone. (Out with our exciting new magazine!)
  7. I think Kane was unlucky last season with the injury that kept him out of the last few games. He came back from Dumfries a completely different player and finally looked to be getting to the level that I think a lot of us had hoped he was capable of. He’s definitely not a natural finisher but his hard work and more physical style was getting him in some good positions. Based on the 2nd half of last season I’d have been happy going into this season with him as 2nd choice. He’s now fallen behind Watt and McMillan, with Hendrie keen to play his way into the first team rather than a loan it leaves you wondering how much game time Kane will see this season.
  8. Interesting target, what foreign premier league has he played in though?
  9. *apart from the last 10 / 15 mins after their red card.
  10. The chances we missed last night were chances which a competent professional footballer should be scoring, never mind a clinical goalscorer. If we can create similar chances over there then we will have a good chance of progressing.
  11. I think a lot of us were guilty of underestimating this team, which you simply can't do in these qualifiers. Pre game Tommy was banging on about how 1 bad half of football can cost you the tie, and how he's actually experienced it in this very competition in the Trnava match. Makes the first half performance even more difficult to take. They were technically decent, they knocked the ball about comfortably enough but I don't think I can remember seeing a team pass the ball straight out of play more than Trakai last night. We created a lot of chances and should have really scored at least 2 or 3, there's no way we should be in the position we are in chasing the tie going into next week's game. Their front 2 were as good a front pairing as anyone outside of Celtic. We struggled to deal with the big lad, and the number 11 Dorley was taking the piss. But they didn't create much. It was more our own ineptitude than their attacking prowess which was scaring me last night. I think we can go over there and get a result. Yes it's a huge ask on the plastic pitch, yes we've just been humbled by them at home but cut out the mistakes and actually take our chances and we will be in with a shout of going through.
  12. Thought we were excellent in the 2nd half today. Especially compared to the 1st, where Hearts were by far the better side. Seen a few different photos and the Alba highlights of the opening goal, still have no idea whether or not it was over the line. Can't deny that Hearts deserved it though. We scored through the only real quality we produced in the 1st. The run of games and freedom Swanson has been allowed this year has yielded an unbelievable return. The pass from Maclean and finish were so composed and a class above anything we produced up to that point. Into the second we looked a completely different side, whilst Hearts looked berift of ideas. Alston provided a buzz going forward and seems to be forming a pretty handy partnership with Foster going forward. Wotherspoon was unlucky with the free kick. There were strong calls of offside for our 2nd, however our play deserved a bit of fortune. Becoming a bit of a theme for us conceding from set pieces/ conceding late on. Really need to see games out. On a side note, interesting to compare Clark and Hamilton in the goals. Both at a similar stage in their careers however Clark again overlooked for an international call up. Thought Hamilton struggled at a few set pieces today, coming out but getting nowhere near it. Clark produced an excellent save at 1-0 which definitely kept us in it, getting down to his left and pushing it away from the Hearts player waiting to tap in. Obviously a slightly biased view from me, not sure what others views are. Good, competitive game between 2 sides who will be fighting it out for a 3rd/4th place finish.
  13. Bev has sorted me out, cheers. Usually get a decent game at Tynecastle, hopefully we can continue our decent away form and pick up at least a point.
  14. Does anyone know... can away supporters buy tickets through the Hearts website? As an Edinburgh based Saints fan who's just realised tickets have to be bought in advance of the game I'm feeling a bit snookered! Thanks in advance!
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