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  1. How much has Ramsey cost Rangers....other than one Europa League title. In pounds Sterling. Please and thank you.
  2. All of the Union Jack and Northern Ireland flags that were flying out of house windows yesterday all seem to have disappeared fairly quickly this morning. Surely not?
  3. Both teams have been playing for penalties from about the 70th minute.
  4. Bassey is comfortably Rangers best performer. A cracking player.
  5. Rangers are getting a penalty at some point to seal this, eh?
  6. I mean, that is ridiculous. A shame as well as Girmay has been looking very strong all race.
  7. McCarthy is a weird one. Excellent last year then he started this season fairly ropey. He picked up a nasty injury against Livi at home just before Christmas and never got anywhere near his form of last season. I don’t really know who would take a punt on him after this season. I can only think he could rock up at Aberdeen or in League Two down south. Gogic would be a brilliant coup if we could get the deal done, but I can’t see it happening. Fairly happy McAllister is away. Never rated him in his first stint with us and was surprised he got a move to the Championship. He did virtually nothing down there, due to injury, and when he came back I was less than enthused, despite the club and fans making a big song and dance about it. He’s done almost nothing since returning, I can probably count the number of good games he’s had on one hand over the last 3 years. He’s still only 23, but as his loan at Thistle showed, I’m not sure he’s even a Championship player. He may well be turning up at an Airdrie etc next season. Power was decent the first handful of games, but hasn’t really done much to impress overall. Coming up on 35, I’d have been ok to keep him as a squad player. No chance I’d have kept him as one of our preferred centre midfielders so not overly fussed that he’s gone. I wouldn’t waste my time trying to convince Jones to come back. He was pish.
  8. So will Strachan still be naming the next manager? If so, what is Eric Black up to these days?
  9. I wouldn’t mind McCarthy staying, but not as a first choice. He’s a back-up at best.
  10. I'm already dreading the thought of the Vegas GP. Fat yanks whooping and hollering, celebrities that only Americans know wandering around the grid like they own the place and fuicking American football helmets. Pass.
  11. I mean, I thought it was pretty obvious beforehand that this game had 0-0 written all over it? Anyway, a win at the weekend to get it right up Goodwin would be nice. Please and thank you.
  12. Verstappen is going to end up running away with the title, isn't he?
  13. Under Robinson I would be expecting Offord and perhaps Lewis Jamieson to get some minutes next season. Offord, having played this season on the Lowland League and done very well, may benefit from a loan to a Leage One of Championship side. Jamieson I think did ok at Inverness the first half of this season and it looks like he's done well at Clyde in the second half of the campaign. From the outside, it certainly seems that SR likes Offord so who knows if he will be sent out on another loan or if he'll be used as a squad player.
  14. Just watched the race highlights there and it was one of the dullest races I can recall. About the only piece of entertainment was Perez trying to make a move up the inside of Sainz and overcooking it and Sainz immediately diving back up the inside of Perez.
  15. Adam, at the stage of his career he’s at now, is a luxury player. He needs runners with big engines around about him to do the things he does well. When you’re in a relegation dogfight there’s no way I’d be playing him.
  16. I think we can all agree that Main and Erwin were comfortably our worst players this season. Erhahon has been poor, he's been dispappointing for the majority of the campaign. However, he hasn't come anywere near the levels of shite of the previosuly mentioned Main and Erwin and, certainly where I sit, has had absolutely nowhere near as much dog's abuse as those two have had either. I'd even add McAllister to the list ahead of Erhahon on both the levels of shiteness and abuse received.
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