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  1. I must have been watching a different team from some others. Erwin is absolutely murder and should be nowhere near a Premiership starting XI.
  2. Obika was decent. Nothing more, nothing less. Gave us all he had, which the fans always appreciated, but he can be replaced.
  3. On a side note, hopefully this season has been a learning curve for Goodwin. As much as their have been definite improvements, some utterly baffling line-ups and subs have cost us in some big games this season.
  4. I really hope we get Durmus tied up to a new deal. That would be massive for us. As for those heading out, if JDH, Erwin, Quaner, Connolly all go then I can't say I'd be that arsed. Obika? If he stays then good, if he goes then meh. Dennis playing up top alongside the likes of a Chris Kane type player would be much more palatable than pish like Erwin and Quaner. Not sure I get the criticism of Erhahon. The boy has just turned 20 and has been one of our top 4/5 players all season long. Also, get McAllister out too. He's a Championship player at best.
  5. Starting Erwin, then bring on Quaner for Dennis. f**k me. Obika is surely away in the summer. If I couldn’t get in this team ahead of fucking Erwin and Quaner I’d chuck it too.
  6. And that is why Quaner hasn’t played much...he is absolutely pish.
  7. But Ted revealed to Steve that he hadn’t confessed that to her.
  8. All of this, plus what the f**k was John Corbett’s missus’ involvement with Ted? He just gave her £50k, no questions asked? Who killed Thurwell? Who forged the signatures on Davidson’s prison transfer?
  9. A tough game awaits. I looked at United as the easiest draw, but my 2nd choice would have been St Johnstone. I'm predicting the winner of this game wins it all. Hopefully we get a performance in a big game that matters. We've shat it in everyone so far this season - the LC semi, the final match for the top 6. Can we have one big match where our bottle doesn't crash please?
  10. I think it's pretty clear cut, there's not a chance either of them were penalties. However, nothing will happen to Robertson. He'll still be officiating in the Premiership somewhere this weekend.
  11. Re-watched the shoot out this morning. You get the impression Doyle is simply hoping someone misses the target rather than actually trying to save any of them. Madness. I'm not sure I'd be saying this had we lost, but even including the hoaching defending and shocking ref, that was a very good game of football to watch. I will never understand those Scots who hate Scottish football to the extent that they sit watching shite like Newcastle vs Burnely every other week. Scottish fitba is off its nut and I absolutely love it.
  12. I fancied our chances against either Saintees or Utd so content with the semi-final draw.
  13. That was a thoroughly entertaining game of football.
  14. Is anyone surprised that Robertson has made a series of terrible decisions? Abysmal referee.
  15. Wonderful, cutting edge camera work from the BBC as usual.
  16. Robertson with another refereeing mistake? I for one am absolutely shocked.
  17. The defending has been absolutely fucking hilarious.....if you’re a neutral. Broadfoot looks absolutely finished.
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