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  1. Given his current form, and predictable injuries in the national team, this was inevitable.
  2. That'll be Carapaz, Yates, van Baarle and Porte all out the door for Ineos. I think Amador is following Carapaz at EF as well? In terms of GC, who does that leave them? Thomas is finished as a GT winner - he's just competing for podiums. Geohagan Hart is not a GT contender for me - his Giro victory in one of the most fortune GT wins I can recall. It remains to be seen how Bernal recovers from his catastrophic crash - I wouldn't be holding too much hope if his injury list is correct. Martinez is not a serious GT contender. Rodriguez is an interesting prospect and as such is one more for the future than the here and now. Is Ineos done as a serious GT contender in general? In Pidcock and Hayter, I see them more as a GT stage chasing team now.
  3. Just imgine how good we would be if we gave them no stands.
  4. I tuned in at half 2 on a Saturday to hear the line ups around the grounds ahead of kick off. I was met with an empty-headed dumbfuck chat between Neil McCann and Tom English about which Rangers players would get in to an "Old Firm select". They were debating it in all seriousness and getting faIrly worked up over it. Yes, just mere minutes until 4 top flight matches, a full fixture list in the Championship, L1 and L2 as well as Scottish Cup fixtures, and these morons are sitting debating about which millionaire footballers will get into a fictional squad of fellow millionaire footballers. They then rattled through the Rangers line up, debated Rangers' squad depth and tranfer policy in the summer. 2.45pm and I still had no clue what the Dundee Utd line-up was, or any of the others across the top flight. It's unlistenable. I can manage maybe 10 minutes,. maximum before I'm reaching for the dial to switch to Superscoreboard. Radio Scotland was a laughing stock for the dinosaurs and/or fucking idiots it's employed over the years, but this season has gone to a new level. As I said in the summer, they had the perfect chance to chuck cash at Gordon Duncan, give him carte blanche to completely overhaul the show with fresh blood and get rid of the old boys network that has held the show back for so long. The BBC absolutely fucked it in the summer.
  5. I see Steve Clarke was at the game yesterday. Declan Gallagher can't be far off a Scotland recall. If absoulte shite like Porteous can get in the squad, then Gallagher must be knocking at the door.
  6. Ryan Strain is an absolute pler. He’s way too good for us. Robinson has played an absolute master stroke in convincing him to come to us. I can’t see him staying with us long on this form. I’m just enjoying him whilst he’s here.
  7. Celtic’s support have strongly out booed us this afternoon. Unacceptable.
  8. Mooy played about a dozen games for us over a decade ago - scoring a memorable Christmas eve goal against Ranger in a 2-1 win. I like to think of that as the day the “Banter Years” officially started. I look forward to booing him loudly every time he touches the ball.
  9. From what I've seen so far this season, Porteous has been absolutrely dreadful for Hibs. Aside from him, the squad actually looks ok to me.
  10. Raw is an absolute chore to get thorugh because of those adverts. One matxch on last nights show, I forget which, had THREE fucking adverts in the space of a 15 minute match.
  11. I agree. Which is a shame, because he should 100% have a Tour de France title on his palmares. That 2020 Tour will haunt him I feel. He was in total control of the race and the absolute beast of a time trial was completely unpredicatable. As for him crashing out of thr Vuelta, at the time it happened I immediately thought it was just a racing incident. If anything I'd it more down to a momentary lapse in concentration from Roglic. I don't see anything Fred Wright did at all wrong. The statement from Roglic/Jumbo is a nonsense and totally uncalled for. As for Fred Wright, he has been in outstanding form all season long. He can't be far off that first big breakthrough win. He must be worth an outside punt for the Worlds? He and Ethan Hayter will co-captian GB.
  12. Roglic and Jumbo are full of shit.
  13. If Ricciardo ends up at Merc then that would be absolutely hilarious. He'll get absolutely blown away week-in-week-out by Russel.
  14. That was brutal crashes for Jay Vine and Carlos Rodriguez. Anyway, Evenepoel has won the Vuelta. Congrats to him, I genuinely didn't think he'd have what it takes to win a GT. Granted he had a mid-race wobble, he has been comfortably the best rider. It's a shame Roglic crashed out. Things were shaping up to be a brilliant finish to the race until he abandoned.
  15. That was a brutal crash for Roglic. Mad how a tumble 50 yards from the finish was the difference between hiom taking time and have to abandon completely. It's a mad old sport.
  16. On Sunday, Quick-Step were drilling the lead into the final climb and that may have taken a biot out of Roglic. I did wonder if that was a tactic to try and force Roglic's hand a bit.
  17. That's 2 bad days oin the bounce for Evenepoel. I had a feeling that he'd have at least one bad day. It'll be interesting to see how he goes in the final week, he simply can't afford to keep shipping time to Roglic, Mas, Lopez etc. Only having 1.34 to defend in the final week could be trouble with 2 big mountain stages and a medium mountain stage still to go in amongst 3 flat stages. You'd expect Carapaz and Vine - at +18 mins and +38 minutes - to go hunting for more stages.
  18. It would be nice to bring in a but of defensive cover, especial a left FB/WB, as Tanser is quite injury prone. Tait has been very good there, but I’d rather a naturally left sided player there. That being said, if we do no more business then I’m actually very happy with our squad.
  19. Did anyone actually believe that Sunderland weren’t a complete basket case of a club that would ultimately end with JR getting sacked. He started out as a good, promising young manager and since then has lunged from one calamity to another.
  20. I mean, wasn’t it obvious that a team with Harkes, Middleton and McGrath would lack a bit of steel and fight? I don’t see a single player in the United squad who would show a bit of fight.
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