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  1. Get shot of him TBH. The most overrated player among the Saints faithful in recent memory. He’s a decent Championship player at best.
  2. Gogic is such a good signing for Hibs. I liked the look of him at Hamilton and he was absolutely class yesterday.
  3. That decision not to award a penalty for the handball was absolutely hilarious. It wouldn’t have made a blind bit of difference to the result right enough, but absolutely mental that it wasn’t given.
  4. St Mirren “da” types are forlorn figures who get all weepy eyed at the mere thought of Gus MacPherson’s spell as manager, who constantly hark on about his win record with us and who want him to replace every Saints manager who has had the boot in the past decade.
  5. Is there a reason MacPherson can’t get in the team? I’d have had him in before both Sheron and Erhahon?
  6. Hopefully we can sort out someone better than Zlamal for the next match. Sheron also needs dropped. Also, Gogic is quality.
  7. The club won’t be appealing, they have confirmed. Any appeal would have been a massive waste of time and money.
  8. That Saints backline looks immense, but we still offer almost nothing going forward. We’re going to need another striker and a winger or we’ll have to grind out 1-0 wins all season long. Has McAllister ever been any good? I’ve yet to see him have a good game.
  9. Oh no you don’t you sneaky sausage. Get BUMPED. Jambos get doon.
  10. I'm by no means a legal expert, but is that latest statement not contempt of court?
  11. The guy is 23 years old. No wonder football has gone as soft as shite if that's true.
  12. Would happily take Kennedy as he has looked very decent each time I've seen him. I'd be very disappointed if McLoughlin wasn't here till thew summer. Wouldn't be fussed if Waters returned to Killie. I don't think he's any better than the likes of Erahon or McGinn at LB.
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