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  1. This is Collum. There’s another red card in this game.
  2. Jenks’ second yellow should have been a straight red TBH. This wee boy Ronan is very good.
  3. Not quite sure what McGrath’s job was supposed to be there.
  4. I tuned in for the first time in ages on Saturday. The woman on the panel said something along the lines of the Scottish men's game being miles behind the English women's game because "we still see pies and Bovril up here" and that this was at odds with the game south of the border where they flog pizzas and salads and all sorts to punters.
  5. I rocked up to the turnstile at 2.30pm and got in to the ground in seconds. Bit baffling that folk who turned up at 2.58pm are moaning about not getting in on time. Show up earlier next time?
  6. I’d been calling for Flynn to come on in the first half. We were mostly bypassing the midfield and when they did get the ball they were incapable of stringing more than two passes together. A midfield of McGrath, Flynn and Ronan could be very decent.
  7. He’s a blood and guts sort of player. Strong in the tackle, always looks to drive forward and loves the occasional worldy. However, games tend to get away from him. He can go missing for large spells and generally lacks that bit of quality you’d expect in the top flight. A proper 100% effort sort, but in terms of quality can be found lacking at times. I’d like to see Cammy go on an do well at Saints, but in all honesty I think he’s a lower Premiership/very good Championship player at best. That said, I would certainly have preferred to keep him over punting him to a rival.
  8. Never a good thing losing two of your best players so late on. However, anyone who thought they’d get anywhere near £3m for Ali McCann is delusional.
  9. This is looking like a long old slog until at least January.
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