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  1. Not really bothered about Connolly leaving. I'd have been more pissed off if it was to another Scottish side. He only started about every third game anyway. He can run very, very fast and that's about it. He was good when he was unknown and eased past defenders. Once they all had a look at him and knew what he was about he was less effective. JDH if he goes to United would be a decent signing, but to be honest, not overly fussed if he leaves at this point. He has been dicking us about for more than six months, it's clear he has no intention of staying. Pull the deal off the table and let him go. He's hardly irreplaceable.
  2. Hanley, Cooper and Hendry vs Kane, Foden and Streling should be some laugh on Friday.
  3. I still think the Czechs are bang average and won't do much in the tournament. Goes to show how shit we are. Not a hope we take anything more than a point now for me. Oh well. It's been real. See you all in 25 year.
  4. Mental how someone like Forrest has had so much success when he plays football like he has 2 left feet.
  5. I thought we were decent first half, but have been absolutely shite the entire second half. The subs we've made have been mental.
  6. And that'll be curtains. Never going to go anywhere with the current standard if strikers and centre backs we have.
  7. I'd have Adams on for Christie at half time. A draw is no use and the Czechs are pretty pish.
  8. Is it resumed or restarted? It happened just moments before half time, presumably they won’t start the whole match again
  9. Well that was absolutely terrifying. I had to get out of the house and take the dog for a walk to clear the head. What relief to come back to the photos of him conscious and hearing he’s in hospital. Horrific to watch.
  10. The cherry on top would be if we somehow bagged Middleton on loan. He’d be absolutely pish all of a sudden.
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