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  1. Credit to Hibs for a wildly shite home kit and an away shirt that's an uglier shade of green than their already green home kit. Genius.
  2. Doesn't Ecclestone have previous for essentially praising Hitler for "getting things done", or words to that effect? And I recall durting all the George Floyd protests and Hamilton's equality campaign he indicated the black folk were far more racist than white folk. He's a c**t.
  3. Some coup for the Well in signing Mauricio Pochettino.
  4. I still find it odd that Ineos continually Thomas forward as a GT leader. I think he's had his day and isn't particularly cut out to be anything other than a super domestique over three week GTs.
  5. Bennett misses the Tour again. Bora will be all guns blazing for Vlasov in the GC, I guess.
  6. Im happy with this effort, except for the sponsor, which looks a bit daft. The actual shirt though is very nice.
  7. Flynn played for Robinson at Oldham, then went on to play under him at the tail end of last season and after all of that has gone on to sign a new deal. I think the guy at the party was talking pish IMHO.
  8. Virtually half of every squad outside the OF have played for some other Scottish club at some point. Get over it.
  9. Now that’s a Stephen. Robinson signing if ever I saw one. Just because Stephen Robinson is our manager, and he signed him. Am I right?
  10. These same Rangers and Celtic fans moaning at having their allocation cut are the very same fans that lauded their own clubs for cutting away fan allocations for Old Firm games. I'm also willing to bet that 99% of them only ever watch their team on Sportscene, so it doesn't affect the vast majority of them anyway. I saw some roaster of a Celtic fan on Twitter claiming that it's not their fault that they started on a level playing field with every other club but had some marketing masterstroke to draw in supporters. If by "marketing msterstrome" they mean cashing in on and pandering to braindead bigots then I wholeheartedly agree. This seems to have upset both Celtic and Rangers fans equally. Lovely stuff.
  11. What's the odds on Hibs now paying Bushiri more per week than the original loan deal was worth?
  12. Isma Goncalves has signed a 2 year deal at Livi. I'd definitely have taken him back. Great signing for Livi.
  13. Absolutely outstanding tactically from Bora. Allowed Carapaz to burn all of his matches, then followed the wheel when Carapaz went, bridged over to Kamna and used him to set a ferocious pace to drop Carapaz and ride clear. I fancied Carapaz to hold on, but he really cracked in that final 3k. Hindley has been excellent throughout.
  14. Us being forced to play our under 14s against Celtic. I know we got an absolutely brilliant result, but the initial decision gave me a definite heads gone moment.
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