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  1. Their chat earlier about how utterly incredible, heroic and downright splendid Gerrard is was truly spew-inducing. One massive wankfest.
  2. We will obviously go and lose both rearranged games 3-0 now. The St Mirren way.
  3. Still struggling to understand how ‘Well and Accies have been messed about.
  4. Would you also like to send this to the people whose friends and families have died of Coronavirus? Ooft.
  5. It's mental that folk still think you can just "call it covid" to get a match moved without having to provide any sort of supporting evidence.
  6. Celtic's position can't be defended now. They've ripped the piss right out of the rules and been rumbled.
  7. McAllister and Erwin should not be anywhere near the starting 11. They are impact subs. I couldn’t believe both started today.
  8. Our usual top performers have been pretty mince today - JDH, Erhahon and Connolly.
  9. There did seem to be contact, albeit minimal, with Erwin’s calf, but I’d be fuming if that was given against us. How is O’Hara still on the park here?
  10. Can’t get my head around how Erwin gets so much game time.
  11. Good signing for Livi. He should fit in well with their style of play.
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