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  1. The guy is 23 years old. No wonder football has gone as soft as shite if that's true.
  2. Would happily take Kennedy as he has looked very decent each time I've seen him. I'd be very disappointed if McLoughlin wasn't here till thew summer. Wouldn't be fussed if Waters returned to Killie. I don't think he's any better than the likes of Erahon or McGinn at LB.
  3. Osman Sow is genuinely the worst footballer I've ever clapped eyes on....and I've saw some utter dross. Still can't quite believe Killie signed him. Hilarious.
  4. I wouldn't expect a barrow load of goals in this one as Saints and Killie have two of the meanest defences in the league.
  5. Too many kids give up all hope at an early age because so-called coaches only seem to want athletes and players who can boot lumps out of people rather than spending the time to actually coach players.
  6. One thing’s guaranteed, it’s a brass neck for anyone who loses this.
  7. "If one of these decisions is obviously wrong, it must be possible to correct that mistake. It is wrong that players’ livelihoods and careers can be impacted without the opportunity of redress, especially when the official responsible for the miscarriage of justice is allowed to continue as though beyond question or reproach. It defies belief that this same referee, who got it so blatantly wrong last Saturday, is awarded one of the biggest matches in Scottish football this weekend while Daniel Candeias is denied the right to go to his work. This, frankly, is unacceptable." Are Sevco paying Candeias by the hour now?
  8. I saw Stelios Demetriou being hit with a Bounty bar. The anti-Cypriot racism in Inverclyde is an absolute disgrace IMO.
  9. Nah, it's fine. We'll just work really hard on the training pitch. We should be sound.
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