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  1. I’ve resigned myself to us losing Erhahon and Baccus is the near future. If they were both sold in the January window though that’s be an absolute disaster for us. Baccus will be the big money player moving on. Strike while the iron’s hot and sell Baccus for a massively inflated World Cup fee in January and hang on to Erhahon until the summer and let him go. You’d have to think Baccus could go for £1m/1.5m without too much drama.
  2. Interviewer: "Gareth, football can be a very cruel sport at times." What was cruel about that? They were played off the park by Iran, who should have been about 3-0 up before they scored their first.
  3. Who the f**k is this ref? The booking he gave Seidu 5 minutes ago was a disgrace. For the penalty, Ronaldo definitely nicks the ball away but he isn't even touched. Outrageous that VAR hasn't overturned that.
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