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  1. Having been part of the LL meeting that discussed the options available, I feel these minutes must be of a different meeting. All I can say is that all LL clubs had no real desire to favour any of the four options presented, but were heavily in support of a WOSL possibly under SLFL administration at tier 6. Thus ensuring similar constititution with LL, EOSL and SSOL. I certainly missed any sign of a dissident minority, whilst there was active and committed conversation.
  2. Best wishes to all involved at Berwick to ensure the future of their club.
  3. 20's at New Bayview on Friday night. 7.30pm ko.
  4. Would just like to add my congratulations to East Kilbride on winning the league. The level of consistency this season has been immense, and they showed again today why they are champions.
  5. No friendly arranged for this weekend.
  6. I'm sure you'll be made very welcome. Hope you enjoy your visit, minus result obviously...
  7. I'll take the bite on this one, as I should have made sure all players were elegible to play. However, once the issue was flagged up, I believe the club have acted with dignity and the statement pretty much sums things up. I can assure you though that we will emerge a stronger unit from the experience.
  8. I appreciate your response. But maybe issues akin to those referenced are better brought to the attention of club officials, who can the communicate directly with the club concerned, rather than have all sorts of unproven claims over internet forums. As club secretary I am always available to anyone wishing to pass any such correspondence.
  9. As a club official from Kelty Hearts I am mystified by claims of any misconduct by Shire fans in the social club either before or after the game. During the time I was in the club was busy but with no ill feeling at any time. I'd appreciate if the original poster could forward details firectly to the club or apologise to ES accordingly
  10. Kelty v Selkirk postponed tomorrow as Selkirk unable to field a team.
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