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  1. Forfar are saying Stenhousemuir have forfeited the tie. Doesn't look good when two ties are off and you've got Dundee United banned due to forfeiting a tie last year. I'm attempting a double header. Going to Spartans-Aberdeen then racing across the city for Hearts-Raith Rovers.
  2. To be honest, I've no idea why I even put that question in. I suppose I thought at the time it was a nice introduction to the survey. Easing them in to the serious stuff. I shouldn't be allowed to launch surveys unsupervised.
  3. A new survey currently live ahead of the launch of a full-time women's football website. https://s.surveyplanet.com/f5fmro6XOT
  4. Latest episode of the Anyone's Game podcast dissecting the defeat to England. anyonesgame.podbean.com
  5. There is, but the fanzone is shut today. Open tomorrow. Dunno where it is.
  6. There's a Scotland woman's podcast that will be going on through the World Cup. First episode (of the World Cup, there are eight previous episodes) on Sunday night after the Scotland game. https://anyonesgame.podbean.com/
  7. Just saw this. Not entirely sure what pocket cast is to be honest - only just googled it there after reading your post. Based on my 60 seconds of reading about it, I think you just add the RSS feed yourself. I'm likely wrong. The podcast is on ITunes & Spotify if that is of any help. And episode three came out this week. https://anyonesgame.podbean.com/
  8. New women's football podcast focusing on the SWPL and Scotland now up and running. https://anyonesgame.podbean.com/
  9. Right, but Ryan Jack was never our best player, or even our best midfielder, and he's a first pick (when fit) for Rangers. Also, as shite as we've played against Rangers this season - a team that finished 9 points above you last season and is still level on points with you so far not having a single player that would get in your team? Behave.
  10. Aye it's an Aberdeen fan thing at the moment. If you back Kingsford or have the audacity to think McInnes has a decent record you're labelled a happy clapper. Apparently only the miserable c***s actually know their fitba. There was people losing their shit because Cammy Smith got some light applause while being substituted last week. As for Kingsford, in an ideal world it gets the thumbs up, we build a training ground, then before the stadium itself is actually built there we end up changing plans and building in the city. That would also mean we could then expand the training ground in the future on the spare land we'd have - an indoor facility for example. However, if the stadium does get built there, as someone who grew up in Westhill I don't think it'll be the disaster some think. If I can have a season ticket for Pittodrie while living in Westhill I'm sure those in the city can make it to Westhill without too much trouble. Pittodrie is a shite stadium (forget the history, it's shit) and we all go, and we'll all go to Kingsford. We'll moan about lack of bars and parking miles away but we'll enjoy moaning about it because we're Aberdonian and that's what we do best. The thing is, Loirston (which I thought was a fine location and didn't really understand the opposition to it), Kings Links and a redeveloped Pittodrie are only possible with extra funds, and it'd need to be the council chipping in. They have over £820m coming in as part of the city region deal - they could give Aberdeen just £10m, end the driving range's lease at Kings Links, and say "right, there you go, get on with it" in exchange for helping support the city centre businesses that benefit from the stadium there. Unfortunately there's as much chance of that happening as me becoming the fifth member of Little Mix.
  11. AC Milan have spent just a touch under €200m this summer on 9 permanent transfers and 2 loans, and they're still not finished, trying to get a guy from Torino. I don't know how seriously they'll take the Europa League this season as, unlike Man Utd, they'll be confident of qualifying for the Champions League through Serie A. It should be between them and Juve for the title, they may see the EL as a distraction. If Aberdeen get to the group stages though then that's the glamour tie you want. I noticed you didn't put Nice in bold. Apollon Limassol knocked them out a few years ago to reach the group stage. They also thumped Lokomotiv Moscow 4-1, in Russia, to reach the group stage again the following season. They've also had a couple of credible results in the group stage the past few years - drew with Lazio, beat Legia Warsaw away, beat FC Zurich. Two years ago they beat FK Trakai 4-0. That's the team who have just knocked out St Johnstone. It's a tough tie. They're probably as good as Rijeka, so winnable if we're at it, but we caught the Croatians cold really in what was their first competitive game of the season. We won't have that advantage this time.
  12. There is a fans five a side tournament in Glasgow on Sunday 23 July, 1-4pm. All the teams will be made up of fans of their club sides - so far have Aberdeen, Hearts, Partick Thistle, Ayr United, Celtic and Rangers. (Can have more than one team for each club though) I'm posting to see if there would be any interest from anyone in putting a team together for the other clubs. It's £35 per team to enter. If interested DM me.
  13. So.... If Man U finish 6th (missing out on Europe) but win the Europa League, the Scottish Cup winners go into QR1? But if Man U finish 5th and win the Europa League, the Scottish Cup winners go into QR2. Is that correct or does something else need to happen?
  14. So next season all three of our Europa League entrants enter in qualifying round one? The Scottish Cup final is 27 May, Scotland v England is June 10, and the qualifiers begin June 29.
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