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  1. You’re officially the new mascot so you need to stay here.
  2. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    Are they the same experts that predicted all the doom if we voted leave?
  3. Can players get insurance for injuries?
  4. Morton v Queens - 14/04/2018

    Hmm.., need to think about that.
  5. The club could have another share issue.
  6. Queens v Inverness

    If I was interviewing a new manager the first question would be what is your preferred formation. Anything ending in one would get the reply “thank you, next.”
  7. Queens v Inverness

    The defence isn’t good enough.
  8. He should have been sacked after the East Kilbride game then.
  9. Apart from Dobbie who else in our squad would get a game for any other full time championship club?
  10. Queens v Inverness

    A cardboard cutout?
  11. The BOD should pay Naysmith off with their own money as they employed him.
  12. Queens v Inverness

    I wish they would change.
  13. Queens v Inverness

    It’s not difficult.
  14. Queens v Inverness

    He tries hard, he’s very trying.
  15. The X factor. Hopefully the ex factor.