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  1. The guys in the Hamburg office have been brilliant, emailing back and forward a couple of different folk then eventually phoned them and he spoke perfect English and was very helpful, even understanding a couple of my shite jokes.
  2. The consensus appears to be the Hamburg - Bayern Munich game on the weekend of 2-4 November. Now, to obtain a ticket we require to take a travel package from them which consists of guaranteed match ticket in second best zone, one night in a hotel (checked it's about 135 euros per night in one of their linked hotels), guided tour of the stadium, free entry into museum and 17 euros to spend in the club shop for 189 euros. We're planning on staying another two nights and that would cost 50 euros extra per night with them. 289 euros before we book a flight which is looking like £160ish from Newcastle. Checked a few hostels and cheaper hotels, can get private rooms for a group for less than 20 euros a night so we'll probably do that. Anyone have any experience of getting a ticket over there? I understand the profile of the opposition is making this more difficult for us to do this on the cheap.
  3. Looking for GTA Vice City Stories for the PS3 and GTA San Andreas. Will pay real money.
  4. I'm looking for GTA Liberty City stories for the PS3 if anyone has a copy lying round they'd rather have a few quid for. Might even be tempted by GTA San Andreas if anyone has that too.
  5. I thought you could buy beer within the stadium...
  6. See that's been mentioned about Oktoberfest, I was definitely up for that. The beer festival is at the start of the month? May aswell do as much as possible. Erotik Messe - a sex fair. I like sex and I like going to the fair, I think I'll like this. Obviously waiting for fixtures to come out before booking anything to make sure we catch a game.
  7. Fair point about the standard. A few of the boys have been to Barcelona for a game and piss up the last couple of years but fancied a change and Germany was suggested. A good team with a decent stadium will be a main reason for going but obviously a decent city with plenty boozers required too.
  8. Tell me more.... Tickets we're unsure of. Some teams in Europe allow you to buy or reserve tickets and pick them up there, others you need to be in the country.
  9. Myself and a few mates are looking to travel to Germany to watch a game in October and stay for the weekend. Would like a decent standard of football and a decent place for a booze up aswell. Any recommendations? Flights to Munich and Berlin seem reasonably cheap as well as accommodation in either city. I'll get these two jokes out of the way for you. "Oh a h*n wanting to travel to his homeland" and of course "because your team wont be in Europe/will be extinct next year".
  10. I've been looking to read some Oscar Wilde for a while now. After a quick search on Amazon recently it seems there are many 'complete works' and was looking for some advice on what is best to buy. I didnt want to start a new thread for a trivial matter such as this, thought some of the bookworms would perhaps have a look at my post and be able to point me in the right direction.
  11. I was pished when I posted last night, when I saw I had notifications on a thread about being caught with porn I was shitting a brick, wondering what story I'd told haha. A 'Phew' moment indeed. Not that there was ever anything to tell...honest.
  12. It is possible the nudeness started directly after it. I'd find it a little weird if she borrowed the tape on the suspicion of finding it was a titty tape in a previous life.
  13. Here's hoping they end up back in the Championship.
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