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  1. Pitch has been in use since earlier this year, pavilion hasn't been in use since Selkirk FC closed the doors last August. Selkirk Vics/Juniors currently use the cricket and rugby club changing rooms. Keys have only just been handed over to the newly formed Community Club last week to take the clubrooms forward. Club was awarded funding recently which will be used to make repairs, reinstate gas supply etc. A squad went down last night with strimmers to tidy up the two bankings that have been left overgrown. There's plenty of people involved and keen to get it all back to scratch. The previous owners have left shite lying about everywhere but SBC are going to provide a skip to tidy the place up.
  2. In all honesty they probably will be looking to shift that. They've made a list of valuable items including physio benches etc that they are offering to the Community Club. Again, I doubt very much that this would be to pay off any money owed to external companies, they'll want to get some money back for the Secretary.
  3. I doubt very much that they are in any way trying to pay off their debt. The Secretary declared that she was due over £100k of her own cash that she ploughed in - I would imagine she is trying to get some of that back!
  4. There's no desire for a senior side to re-emerge in Selkirk at the moment. The amateur and junior setups have formed a community club to try and re-open the clubrooms and take over the facilities with the aim of building from the ground up. Down the line there might be players good enough to compete at EoS level but right now that certainly isn't the case. Lessons have to be learned from the shambles that has gone before. There's nowhere for the kids to get changed or even access toilets at the moment. Small steps need to be taken first. One thing is for certain, the people responsible for dragging the senior team down through erratic mismanagement can never be involved in the future.
  5. No chance Selkirk Victoria will apply for EoS. Not enough interest in the town for a senior side. Focus will be looking to keep the pitches and hopefully getting access to the changing rooms again for them and Selkirk Juniors.
  6. There's a huge amount of confusion over the whole situation. When the team folded, those at the meeting were under the impression the club would go into administration. It seems this isn't the case, assuming nobody came forward to "claim their debt". The clubrooms have been closed and all water drained. The Vics and Juniors have maintained the pitches and use changing facilities at rugby and cricket clubs. It now seems that the first team have found some sort of financial backing with plans to come back into the EoS league. Jaydee Sharkey and Secretary Shiree Davidson are behind it all. Shiree is the committee member from the old regime that is owed the massive personal debt (which explains the effort to secure investment). Again it had been suggested previously that if they ever made a come back it would have to be with a new committee following the amount of wrongdoings and cover ups previously - that seems to have gone out the window. APPARENTLY no charges could be made against the ex chairman (as had been hoped) as others in the committee were aware of the finances during his reign. Heard rumours that Hibs are planning to run some sort of side in the EoS through Selkirk. Part of the failure to attract support when it went belly up in the summer was down to no interest in the town, hard to see how this would help! Can't see there being any local engagement once again. A lot speculation and only time will tell. No idea how the SFA visit went this week and what is happening as a result.
  7. Can't see it. Selkirk Victoria have the best available players in the town and still play in the third tier of the Border Amateur League. The town isn't in the position to have a team playing at EoS level (never mind LL level). Can think of Tommy Patterson and Lee Stephen who play at Gala FR that are Selkirk lads but anyone else with footballing ability and doesn't play for the Vics plays rugby. The rugby team are so good and so well run and respected in the town that lads get to a certain age and have to choose a sport - the majority go to rugby.
  8. Exactly this. Many fond years at Ettrick Park as well and so many people in the town affiliated with the club in some way... but somewhere along the road Selkirk FC lost its identity in the town and there should be people involved in the committee over the past few years having a long hard look at themselves. Thinking back to 10 years ago...albeit struggling in the East of Scotland Premier and battling relegation most seasons, a team of Borderers won the Image Printers Cup. You had families down watching, Youths and Vics involved as one big committee and the bar in the club would run on a Sunday with the big screen up attracting plenty of punters. The Lowland League has turned out to be one slow painful death for Selkirk FC. Chased a dream that was never going to happen. Still can't believe that the committee didn't see it coming and put anything in place to stop this. From what I've heard they foolishly followed a chairman who seems to have been involved with the club to try and enhance his own personal business gains. Not sure if any action will be taken legally in regards to that. Anyway it's done now and fingers crossed there will be an amateur side and Youth set up going strong by the end of this season. It's always been a challenge competing with rugby in the town, but they and the cricket club have offered their changing facilities to help out in the current plight. Hopefully the community pulls together and we don't lose football altogether in Selkirk.
  9. Selkirk FC have completely folded, no membership will be retained. Suspect it will be a long long time if ever again that the town has a senior side. With administration imminent there is definitely uncertainty over what will happen with the clubrooms and 3 pitches but the Juniors and Vics are desperate to keep the rooms and pitches functional if the opportunity presents itself. IMO the statement from Selkirk FC doesn't do enough. You'd think the club only existed when the Lowland League started. This is a club founded in 1880! Suppose that sums up why the town and the club have been so divided for years.
  10. I heard that it costs between 30-50k a season to run a team in the LL. Not sure how accurate that figure is. When Selkirk have one man and their dug down watching and the referee costs are around £200 they are automatically at a loss. Can't help but think that down the line all Borders side will be down the bottom end of the EoS once the ex Juniors make their way through. Don't get me wrong the LL is a great league but you need to have money to compete. Otherwise you'd be as well dropping out and surviving elsewhere. I'm sure Gala and the Vale will be on top of their finances though! Selkirk ultimately is a rugby town and if you want to see how a club should be run you just need to hop over the fence to Selkirk RFC.
  11. All the lies and deceit have ended any realistic chance of Selkirk FC going forward. Nobody in the town wants to back them, no player wants to sign for them. With no money (and ridiculous debt) it's impossible to compete in the EoS league never mind the Lowland League. The open trials have been a disaster and the desire to link up with Edusport (and laterally another side who had explored the option of buying the club over to take Selkirk's place in the LL) was hardly going to appeal to the "locals". IMO the only reason they haven't folded yet is due to the huge sum of money due to one of the committee members as eluded to in an earlier post. The amount of debt racked up is crazy and what makes it's even more crazy is the fact this was allowed to go on for the past few years under the noses of the committee members, even though it was glaringly obvious to those on the outside that there had to be some dodgy dealings going on financially. Going forward, it's essential that the Youths don't end up folding. They have a great hardworking committee who manage their own finances and have the backing of local sponsors etc. The same goes for Selkirk Vics. What happens with the clubrooms and pitches is anyone's guess really but there's certainly the desire to ensure the Youths and Vics carry on. Should add that it appears Jaydee Sharkey done everything he could to fix the mess and should be commended for his efforts. Perhaps if he'd been chairman 6 or 7 years ago things might be different.
  12. No. Assuming the manager who started the season (from Stirling?) must've brought players in when he took over after last season's bunch had moved on. As previously mentioned, the local amateur players are nowhere near the standard for lowland league football and there lies part of the problem. Entry to the Lowland League has resulted in the club moving away from using local players to focus their efforts on signing players way outside their budget to try and compete. The new chairman has been convinced to stay on to try and fix the mess so let's see what happens over the coming days. No idea where the players are coming from for the game against CSS. Gordon Rae still interim manager. The Border Amateur League starts a week today and there is a 14 day rule in place which ultimately stops any player from being able to help out from time to time. Expecting some sort of statement from Selkirk FC over the next few days.
  13. The club is crippled with debt, the amateur team (who sit independently) would have to take that on which won't happen. Plus the fact that they play in the third tier of the local amateur league and would get walloped every week - no player in that team would give up a Saturday to be hit into double figures in Glasgow, Stirling etc every week. The youth set up is a big concern too. Although they are technically a separate entity (not members of the club due to concerns over first team finances), Selkirk first team have used the juniors to secure additional funding and may have dragged them under as well. Fingers crossed that doesn't happen as around 100 kids would be left with no football!
  14. The way things are going it looks like Selkirk will go the same way as Kelso and end up with no senior side so I wouldn't waste time wondering what level they will fall in to.
  15. New chairman resigned last night. Became clear once he had looked into the state of the finances that it was pretty much an impossible task. Gordon Rae had been appointed as interim manager, but ultimately with no chairman there is no club. Game off tomorrow. How on earth do the club expect to attract a chairman, manager and players with the reputation they have now never mind the financial state they are currently in? Tried to punch above their weight and paid the price. Just hope the Juniors and Selkirk Vics don't get dragged into the mess as well.
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