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  1. From praise to abuse in one step. [emoji23]
  2. Would have liked a candy stripe away kit, even if the stripes were black as not allowed maroon as per SPFL. Both kits are dark colours.
  3. Be a pity to see Whately go. He has been a fantastic servant and captain. Two titles as skipper.
  4. Now we get to the horrible part of the season when players are released as no longer required. Who will DC tell that their time is over at the lichties?
  5. Reality check for us. Need to concentrate for all the game. Thought we were on easy street. Two tough games coming up as well
  6. Lot of teams have games in hand, but a win on Saturday could see us 4th if results went our way. [emoji2956]
  7. Probably agree but would like to see more of Lewis Moore. His step inside and shot near the end was superb. Deserved a goal imo.
  8. Hard to see Leagues 1&2 being able to complete their seasons now. Even if they get a go ahead in early March they have too many games to fit in unless they play over the summer months.
  9. Centre mid of Whately, Gold and Craigen all good solid players but not the kind to look up and see the killer passes. Swankie can find players with that kind of pass. Also our two wingers yesterday hardly put in any crosses. Maybe time to change with one wide man and some support for the front man.
  10. We need someone to create chances and pick out winning passes. Swanks?.
  11. Would like to see us have a pop now and again. We seem to want to walk the ball in unless it's free kicks. Edge of the box it's worth it as keepers often push the ball out and strikers can pick up rebounds.
  12. The board have done fantastic work selling the jerseys, bricks etc. PPV is just another way of getting money into the club. The Mo game could earn a few bob as Stirling did at £7.50 per ticket.
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