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  1. If you think Gayfield is cold, you want to try Methil or Cowdenbeath in winter. Never been so cold as there. [emoji3511]
  2. We need to remember where we are now and where we could have been if not for the Shire a few seasons back. The Championship was always going to be a hard shift for part timers and so it's proving. We should enjoy this season but expect to suffer a lot of reverses. With our support we might, just might manage to survive. Sent from my SM-G920F using Pie and Bovril mobile app
  3. IMO this was a knee jerk reaction picked team from DC. Last week against Ayr we were punished for not putting in a faultless performance. We needed experienced guys out there today. The young loanees certainly didn't let themselves down but their lack of experience showed at times. Agree we didn't show much up top but the first Dundee goal in off the post compared with ours which rebounded out is the fine margin between getting something from a game and not. Same at Tannadice with Campbell shot off the post. We had better get used to this type of game as it will be typical of games for us this season but it is what part time sides need to do. Wins might be few and far between this season and We need to make the most of home games as away points could be like hens teeth. Very rare.
  4. Only surpassed by Omar who deserved a 12 out of 10 for his in the box.
  5. If we needed a lesson that we need to be at our best all the time and almost faultless, we got it today. The difference between full and part time was a country mile today. Well done Ayr. Best team I've seen this season.
  6. This will probably be the norm for next season. We will be doing a lot of closing down and need to make sure we don't give away cheap possession. Promising so far but friendlies are just that. Getting the guys fit for the league games must be our priority imo.
  7. A top similar to this would be a seller imo.
  8. "No away strip has ever come close to the white with narrow maroon candy stripes." Would love to see this resurrected.
  9. With a pre season under him Spence and Doris and Donnelly might be better prepared. DC at the AGM was very positive about our squad for this season but no doubt he will add to it if needed. He has produced the goods so far and we need to support him or at least give him the benefit of the doubt to begin with.
  10. Signed for Partick. Let's face it guys. Players from full time clubs won't come to us unless there is a chance of a coaching/manager job or they want to wind down their football career and use the time to go to college, uni or a job they can fit in with part time football. If we can get a Lee Erwin type loan then great, but let's give Spence and Doris a chance as well. It is going to be a hard watch this season at times but that goes with the territory of being a part time team in a predominantly full time league. Main thing is the fans get behind DC and the team and support the club. C'mon lichties
  11. If we can beat QOS on week 1 we will have bettered the hedge trimmers. Let's do it. C'mon lichties
  12. Well said mate. Seasons not even started and already the negatives are starting. FFS let's support DC and his players. 2 titles in 3 and a bit seasons can't be bad.
  13. Congratulations DC and Bobby Bobby Linn. Na na na na na.
  14. Hammy side footing in the winner at Starks Park has to be right up there for me. Sent from my SM-G920F using Pie and Bovril mobile app
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